Married Again update Sunday 22 May 2022

Married Again 22 May 2022: Gayatri turns sympathetic towards arti asking her to spill if she did anything wrong with Aman as she would understand as a woman and she knows that she entered into this marriage with hopes and dreams that yash shattered by not being able to detach himself from the past and Arpita’s memories.

she said that she would stand by her even if she has committed the lowest sin possible and given in to her desires that night when she was alone with Aman but just urges her to confess it and put everybody out of this misery. She also commends her for being so strong and that even her son does not have that strength.

But arti, with folded hands, denies having done anything wrong. buaji calls her a liar and demands proof that even Goddess Sita had to go through fire to prove her innocence.

She determinedly says that she is ready to go through anything to prove her guilt-free.

Buaji keeps Gayatri instigating that if she’s right then why has yash been constantly reminding them of her betrayal. Arti motions her to stop and says that the mere fact that she’s talking to them with a brave face is proof of the fact that she’s innocent.

She says that she might have committed mistakes but no si and that she felt happy when Gayatri said that she would support her come what may, then she has to believe her now that she is telling the truth.

She says that she understands the importance of her identity as a married woman and she knows how to respect and protect it. But Gayatri demands her how could she believe her after seeing the pics with aman, Yash’s anguish and hatred against you.

Yash comes in saying that they have to believe her, if not her then him, he says that he would never stoop so low as to doubt her character or her friendship with Aman, and he’s a proof of their pure friendship and hence urges everyone to keep this out of their mind that something happened that night between two friends. Arti and Gayatri are relieved to hear this.

He’s about to leave when arti stops her. She thanks him for acquitting her of the sin as a big favor to her that she would remember all her life but also demands another favor to know the truth behind Yash’s anger towards her as she and the family are sick of trying to remember or analyze what could have gone wrong between them.

Yash is reminded of a happy arti enjoying the rain and he says that they both should be silent about this as this truth could threaten the foundation of their relationship. they are destined to lead parallel lives that never meet because they are not a couple with a common destination.

Arti says that she did not remarry to live parallel lives but to be together as a couple and without knowing her fault, such a life of loneliness is an injustice to her. Just like he has the right to be angry, she too has the right to know her mistake. Yash then asks her to stop asking him, and instead look into her soul and heart to find out her sin and leave from there.

Arti is shocked and says what possible sin could she have committed that she doesn’t have an idea or remember anything about. She again pleads with gayatri to believe her and even swears on her kids. Vidhi thinks that a mother would never falsely swear on her kids and also she sees the genuinely in her pain and wonders if arti might be right.

Arti’s mother prays to Lord Ganesha to solve her daughter’s problems in her marital life. Because if that is not done, no parents would even consider remarrying their sons and daughters and the whole institution of remarriage shall become redundant.

Arti is also praying to Lord Ganesha that when he came into the house, her father-in-law stated that he has come to take away all their miseries. but how can he leave tomorrow with his immersion, leaving her all alone behind in this misery. She says that he would have to tell her mistake. she’s willing to do any penance required to win yash back again. She threatens and swears of leaving Yash’s life and house to never come back if she doesn’t know her mistakes by tomorrow.

Arti is trying to put the kids to sleep by telling them her own story with yash by disguising themselves as the main characters of the story, king and queen. Almost done with the story, she notices that the kids have already dozed off and she starts thinking about the recent events. She remembers the way yash had been treating her ever since they returned to Bhopal. Meanwhile, yash is also shown thinking something.

Gayatri wonders what happened to yash and her house and says so she sprains her knee in walking. Her sons rest her on a seat and Pankaj reprimands her for ignoring herself at this age and is going to fix an appointment for the doctor in Delhi right away when Gayatri stops by saying that she needs to be here for yash. He however dismisses her concern saying that she has to stop ignoring herself for her son and leaves to get the tickets done. she is still unconvinced and does not want to leave yash in a state like this when vidhi comes and takes full responsibility for the house for the two days that Yash’s parents would be in Delhi.

Bhavani (Pari) is listening to prateik worried about his mom when she gets a call from her director asking hr for a night shift. She tries to talk out of it but then gives in. Prateik is angry that she took this decision without consulting with him.

She gives the logic that just one night and since mom and dad are also not here she didn’t say no. But she would go today and clarify that she can’t do night shifts anymore.

Prateik reluctantly agrees but vidhi overhearing the entire conversation reprimands her for lying to the family about going to classes and going for shooting instead. Bhavani rudely responds by saying that she places equal importance on her dreams with her family and is not too willing to compromise them for being a housewife like vidhi.

When prateik tries to stop her, she fights with him too saying that she has done nothing wrong and that when mom and dad return she would tell them the truth. However, vidhi still tries to explain that she considers Bhavani her younger sister and therefore was just trying to advise her and not trying to take advantage of her responsibility of the house being on her in Gayatri’s absence. But she classifies her as poky and interfering and says that is what she does in other people’s lives and that she would tolerate being bossed around by everybody just because she is the youngest of them all.

Prateik again tries to show his anger, but Bhavani rebukes him for siding with his family when he should be supporting her and her dreams and also tells vidhi that the responsibility of being an elder is not to always be interfering but also to support the cause of the younger ones and leaves from there. Pratiek apologizes on her behalf n breaks down in front of cidhi that he and his weakness is to be blamed for pari’s behavior that he has not been able to control.

Vidhi however consoles him saying that he is a good son and a loving husband and she has the fullest faith in him that he would make Bhavani understand that she has to mend her ways and adjust according to the family, then maybe the family would also take her hobbies seriously. Vidhi says that she is not hurt but surprised by pari’s behavior and tells him not to fight with her over this and leaves leaving him worried.

Arti after getting the kids ready for school comes for breakfast at the dining table when the kids overhear their grandparents talking about prashant who had just called with his intention of taking over their house. Ansh immediately responds saying that he knows who prashant is and it’s his dad. Everybody is shocked. When a stunned arti asks him where did he know about this, he responds that he knew when Sunita aunty approached them in Essel’s world during their stay in Mumbai. Arti is shell-shocked hearing this and having remembered something rushes back into her room. Her mother after serving breakfast to the kids runs behind her.

Aman is trying to talk sense into yash saying that even though he says he doesn’t love her, he still couldn’t tolerate one word against her. Yash clarifies that he supported the truth even if it had been anybody else he would have done the same. Aman asks him to accept arti who’s such a beautiful and well-mannered wife that she has accepted his family like hers and has never once complained, is the mother to such lovely kids, and that she loves him deeply and would not think about giving her life for him if there’s ever a need. Yash says that is his problem.

Aman comments this is the first time he has seen somebody having a problem with love. he says that he has seen his liking for arti in Mumbai and how he cared for her smallest things and that he loves her. Yash denies that saying he hates her vehemently and goes leaving aman confused.

Art and her mother are discussing that yash now knows the secret that they had been hiding from him since the remarriage and that is the reason for his anger. They deduce that he must have known about this during his meeting with the kids and Sunita at the Essel world. She goes into a flashback, where they enthusiastically enter Essel’s world,yash is the kid’s guide explaining to them everything about the area. Arti seeing the dangerous rides is scared and constantly keeps telling the kids to go on the safer ones.

But sensing their excitement for the big dangerous ones,yash convinces arti of their safety and takes them to a giant swing. She is still scared but gives in to the kids’ pressure. However when the swing starts, though the kids are enjoying arti is scared, and in her fear, she instinctively wraps her palm around his arm with her eyes closed. he also looks on.

Arti in scare of the rides holds his hand, they share an awkward moment after which yash takes the kids down from the rides and along with the kids instigates a fearful arti to sit on a ride with him. When she constantly refuses, he tells her to place her trust in him and that he won’t let anything happen to her. She agrees and sits and enjoys the ride with yash. Meanwhile, Ansh slips away to drink water and their art college friend recognizes him and asks him about arti. when he says that he’s here with his parents, she assumes that arti and prashant, her first husband have patched up and considers this a sort of miracle that prashant is happy now with his wife and kids. she takes ansh with him to meet arti and prashant. Meanwhile, arti takes the kids to the bathroom. And Sunita is shown approaching yash with ansh.

He calls out prashant but he doesn’t turn back. However, he turns when ansh calls papa. Sunita is confused. just then. arti comes and understands the confusion and tries to leave from there before yash gets to know the truth about her first marriage. However,r Sunita insists on talking to yash too boggled by arti’s hurry and he gives Sunita his card and tells her to drop by some time at the farmhouse. And then they leave. The flashback ends and her mother is boggled that when they did not talk any longer than how could yash have known the truth from Sunita.

To relieve the mystery, she calls her up and asks Sunita if she talked with yash. she says no but wants to know what happened that led her to talk like this with Sunita. Her mother tells Sunita the whole story, the fact that they have kept arti’s status in front of her in-laws’ as a widow and not a divorcee, and how they are trying to figure out what’s bothering yash since Mumbai.

She says that it must have been the message that she left on the farmhouse phone.

She then goes on to explain that she felt that she had talked too sarcastically with arti that day at Essel world so to apologize she had called at the farmhouse but since nobody picked up, she decided to leave a message saying that she was sorry for her behavior that day and she feels responsible for her first marriage to succumb as she introduced arti to prashant who had left his wife and kid for another woman.

Aarti and her mother are shocked to hear this. when asked about the date of the message, Sunita says that she had left the message on the 10th of august,arti recalls that that was the day when he had abruptly and angrily decided to return from Mumbai and she is now sure that this was the betrayal he was talking about. her mother cancels the call and asks her to calm down.

But arti says that it was all her parents’ fault when she had time and again wanted to tell the truth about her marital status to yash and they had tried to hide and even silenced her when she wanted to go tell him.

She decides, despite her mother trying to stop her, that she would not waste another minute and would apologize to him and the entire Scindia family for this lie so that yash can be relieved of his misery. She also praises him for not telling the truth to his family even after knowing it. She hastily leaves with her mother in tow. After arti is gone, her mother tries her father’s phone and when he picks up she tells the entire story and asks him to come asap so that they can go to Yash’s house and be with arti as they are responsible for this lie.

But before putting down the phone, she hears Prashant’s voice and is worried as to what her husband is doing meeting their son prashant. She is anxiously waiting for him to return home and when he does, she reprimands him for meeting Prashant and reminds him of what he had done to arti and how he had called his son, Ansh arti’s illegitimate child. He says that he remembers but seeing his own son’s condition he’s moved. he says that things are not going well between him and his second wife and they are living separately and that he is sad and completely broken down. She curses her son saying that he got what he deserved for deserting his wife and kids for another woman.

And says that obviously, he doesn’t have the right to be happy when he gave arti so much sadness in her life. Her husband stops her and says that he admits that their son made a mistake but right now they need to think with a clear mind as to what would arti do and how will she lead her life if after knowing the truth yash and his family are not willing to accept her anymore. Hearing this, she is worried and set to hiking. Episode ends.

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