Married Again update Monday 23 May 2022

Married Again 23 May 2022 starts with arti’s mother being surprised at what her father said and can’t believe that he would reconsider arti getting back with someone who betrayed her so bad. Her father tries to talk sense that if arti is disowned by yash and prashant realizes his mistake then arti would reconsider him as he was after all her true first love and nobody forgets that.

Her mother tries to talk sense that even though he was her first love, that doesn’t exist anymore and now she loves yash their relationship started with compromise but the foundation is stronger than that.

She believes that they would come out of their misery and soon embrace the love they have for each other. He still tries to show her that yash has still not accepted arti as his wife and that she had said that without love marriage cannot survive. But she puts forth her point that yash and arti’s relationship would survive. The kids come in asking for arti. She tells them that she has gone to meet their father and that she would take them too. Arti’s father joins in with them.

Location: On the road and Yash’s house
Yash’s family is doing the pre-immersion Ganesh puja. Arti watches a procession of Ganesha’s immersion and thanks lord Ganesha for taking her out of her misery by showing her the truth and that now all she has to do is apologize to yash and his entire family for her lie and then he would be alright. She thinks that yash should not suffer for her lie and that she would say sorry and he would have to forgive her as she can’t stay without him. While thinking this, she suddenly has a dizzy spell and finally faints on the road. Her parents are shocked to see this and along with onlookers take her to a nearby hospital, where she is told by the doctor that she is pregnant and asks her to take special care and not worry her mind about anything or take the stress.

She is happy yet shocked that something like this happened between her and yash. her mother hearing the news is overjoyed that this child would bring them together and be the bond between them that no one can break. Also, it would be the answer to all their miseries and all the troubles that their relations are going through. Arti confesses to her mother that she is not sure whether to be happy or sad at such a big phase in her life. When questioned about her reason by her mother, she says that yash ad decided never to give Arpita’s place to anyone and this is the distrust and betrayal that he was talking about in his sleep under medication. She is confused about whether when he comes to know of this, will he accept the child and how would he react.

Despite her mother trying to make her understand otherwise, she is baffled as to when did all this happen, and how could she not remember something like this happening, Her mother tells her to remember and not be sad. She says that yash should not regret this coz they are legally wed and have done nothing wrong. The child is now the identity of their marriage. Arti agrees that it is proof of her love. But leaves the room saying that can she be sure that yash also thinks the same?

Location: Arti’s house
Her mother tells the news to her father and is elated that finally her daughter and her marital life have found a stand and the couple now have something to rejoice about. she stresses the importance of something like this for both of them o build a solid base for their relationship. She decides to make something sweet for the occasion. But she warns him that prashant will no longer be allowed to mess with arti’s life or her marriage and that the doors to this house are forever closed for him as was jointly decided. He raises his doubts but is silenced by a knock on the door. She opens the door to find Yash’s parents and invites them in.

They inform me that since they have to leave so they wanted to see the kids once before they started. The kids come running to their dada-dadi on being called by arti’s mother and are pampered with utmost love and gifts by his parents. Gayatri then enquires about arti and her mother tells her that she’s inside and is about to go inside to call her when Gayatri stops her saying that she would herself go and meet her inside. Inside arti is shown thinking deeply, sitting in a chair remembering the doctor’s words and her mother’s happiness and advice in the hospital.

Gayatri enters the artist’s room sees her lost in thoughts and pats her on the head. She instantly gets up, touches her feet, and offers her to make tea but she stops her saying that she wants to talk to her and apologizes for having raised doubt about her relationship with Aman to be anything beyond friendship. And says that this is the reason Mothers-in-law are tainted all over the world as they see their daughter’s happiness but not their daughter-in-law’s sadness.

Arti tells her not to insult her by saying sorry and says that she understands her anxiety as she too is a mother. Gayatri tells her to return home and bring the house’s happiness along with her as yash misses the children a lot as he’s never been without them. She says that she doesn’t know what went wrong and how and why but she knows that arti can keep a relationship bonded. She urges her to do this before her operation and also goes on to tell a surprised arti all about her knee pain and the surgery required. She wishes that arti would be back and welcome her along with yash and the kids at Scindia’s house when she returns. Arti wonders how to tell Gayatri about the baby and it is the reason for Yash’s worry as he thinks they made a mistake.

Outside Yash’s father asks the kids to be nice to each other with gifts. Arti comes and seeks his blessings. They leave asking her to take care of herself and the kids. When they are gone, the kids take arti’s mother inside to see the gifts. Arti is sad thinking about the baby and wanting to find out how it all happened and resolves to meet yash and tell him about the baby only after she knows the truth. Thinking this she walks out of the house.

Location: Yash’s house
yash hears the servant singing a song and thrashes him badly. Vidhi seeing this, dismisses the servant and again asks yash as to what’s bothering him that he is behaving so strangely and getting angry at the slightest of things. She says it’s the family’s concern that they want to know what’s eating him from inside and reminds him that he too would have done the same being compassionate for others that he is, she also reminds him of his promise to Gayatri that he would take cr of himself. She reminds him of how he had stood up for arti when she was questioned about her relationship with aman. She says that happened because he trusts arti and for the sake of that trust, she wants him to tell the truth or her mistake at least to arti and relieve her of this misery. She motions for her to talk again and again. But he apologizes for not being able to tell and walks off leaving vidhi disturbed.

Location: On the road
Arti is walking disturbed on the road when she meets Ranbir Kapoor who asks her why is she sad. When she doesn’t respond, he asks her if she is pregnant and she replies yes to which he tries to cheer her up by dancing with the kids. He also plays a song on the radio to cheer her up. Listening to the song, she immediately is startled and thanks him not only to cheer her up but also to clear her mind. A happy-go-lucky Ranbir leaves asking her to keep smiling.

Location: Arti’s House
Kids talk among themselves about their dad’s anger. Arti’s parents hear them worriedly. Arti comes in and assures them that their prayers would never go to waste and that God would very soon befriend mom and dad. When ansh asks how she begins to wonder.

Location: Shiv temple
Arti remembers the whole incident now that they along with Aman had gone to a shiv temple to seek blessings on Shivratri and the couple had been blessed by the priest with a happy and married life. Yahs holds a feeling arti, by a stranger’s push and they share an awkward romantic moment, with aman amused. He instigates arti and yash to drink bhang and succeeds in getting them drunk after a couple of drinks. They start dancing under the alcohol’s influence and come closer and hug each other.

The couple is dancing with yash completely losing control of himself being drunk and aman recording all of this on arti’s mobile.

Location: Arti’s house
Aman tells her and her mother how happy she was with yash and yash with her and that he had never seen him like this. he looked truly happy without any complaints and regrets. Arti was happy to hear this and smiled. But he goes on to say that when he met yash now, he had returned to his old arrogant self and denied ever having cared for arti in Mumbai that aman had seen and went away. He tells her that when they returned to the beach house she had given him the mobile to record Yash’s happy and cheerful moments. She asks him if he still has it to which he replies that it’s either mobile only. She frantically searches for it and her mother motions for him to come out with her and leave her alone to watch the video. She connects the laptop to the mobile and begins watching.

Location: Beach House in Mumbai
They both are lying drunk and exhausted on the sofa and are trying to have a sane conversation while aman is amusedly recording them. Yash says he has something to tell her. On her repeatedly asking what and aman also waiting to hear his response, he says nothing. She too says that she has something to say and says that his nose is very pointed. He tries to concentrate on his nose making a funny face and they both end up laughing.

Aman is watching and having fun and also recording it. When she hears him laughing, she reprimands him for laughing at yash and tells him never to do that again as her husband is the best and the most handsome and the perfect husband that can be. Aman is watching her with admiration for her love, Y ash too is listening. She jokingly tells Aman to find a flat-nosed girl for himself and throw him out of the house but he accidentally leaves the mobile on the chair in video recording mode.

After he goes, the power also goes and she lights up some candles. then it begins to rain and she starts enjoying the rain. Yash wakes up from his slumber to drinking and finds her enjoying the rain and approaches her. when she sees him, she apologizes for enjoying the rain and says that she knows he doesn’t like the rain and begins to leave when he holds her hand and stops her. She feels a wave of excitement and shivers down her spine. He then turns her around and she hugs him. After a while, he too holds her tight and hugs her. She is very satisfied and content in her arms.

Out of shyness, she breaks the embrace and starts walking but yash catches the flowing half of her sari and slowly drapes it around her with her dying of shyness and barely able to make eye contact.

He then goes on to grab her by her arms and carries her in his arms and slowly starts moving towards the bedroom, her eyes on the ground shying in anticipation of what’s to happen.

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