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Married Again 20 June 2022: Arti reaches prashant’s house and calls someone on the phone. seeing this, yash fervently hopes that arti proves him wrong that she has indeed come to meet shobha. but his hopes are shattered when he sees prashant coming towards her. he starts playing with ansh and then they all get into the car and drive off. yash is left thinking why did arti lie about going to shobha’s house. He follows arti.

Scene 2:
Location: In Arti’s car
Arti asks prashant as to why the doctor called ansh so late in the evening today. He says that he had to run some urgent tests on ansh.Yash is thinking about the romantic poetry that she had said for him and also how she has kept on trying to show that she loved him and also how she had confessed that day in the hotel thinking him to be prashant. All this boggles him bad and he gets distracted in his driving and swerves and hits the car on a building wall. He hits his head on the steering wheel but then gets up with vengeance in his eyes.

scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
Shobha and dubeyji are already in the hospital. They are happy to see ansh coming with arti and prashant. The nurse takes ansh inside to run some tests. Prashanta nd dubeyji too follow them. Arti and shobha are left behind. She asks arti about her mangalsutra. when arti doesnt reply, she asks Arti that she seems upset and asks the reason for it. arti sys that she didnt want to trouble her with her own problems but now thinks that its better that shobha knows. she says that what happened in the hotel that day was not good. Shobha, thinking she’s talking about yash’s declaration of love, says that she should be happy as this is what she had always wanted to happen. arti is boggled to hear this. shobha continues saying that she’s happy that finally happiness made a reentry into arti’s life. arti reprimands her saying that she cant believ that shobha too was involved in all this all the while thinking that she helped prashant.

Shobha says that this was to happen someday and that is wher her hppiness should be. Arti reprimands her saying that she cant believe that shobha is talking like this when she doesnt love him at all. shobha tells her not to talk like that since he may have taken some time in his declaration but he sure did come around it. Arti says that she only loves yash. shobha says that she too was talking about yash only and asks arti who was she thinking about? while shobha chants about how yash lights up at her smile and goes to any lengths to make her happy and the strange innocence and restlessness that she had seen in him when he told her that he would say everything to arti thaat night, arti is shocked and finally the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle start falling into place.

She recalls whatevr she had told him thinking him to be prashant, how he had behaved indifferently later on at home. She is shocked to know that she had accidentally told yash the entire truth about her past. shobha sensing trouble on arti’s face asks her what happened. Arti tells her vthat yash knows everything. She goes on to tell shobha what all she had said and everything that happened since then. She too is upset to know how this happened that the secret they had been trying to hold for so long was finally out before yash.

But arti regains herself and thinks that yash had to know it someday so its good that he did, but the one problem was that the way he knew about it must have broken him down and pained him a lot. She decides that she ould immediately leave to talk to yash. Shobha tries to stop her but she begs her not to. shobha says that she too should go with arti since its under their pressure that she was forced to tell this lie to yash and his family. And that if yash has told his family, then she wouldn’t be able to face them alone. Arti says that if yash had to say, he would have done it already. She sys that she has betrayed his trust and that only she would talk to him. She turns around to leave while shobha is worried. Arti thinks that she has to ask for forgiveness for what she did even though she doesnt know how she would face him.

Aarti returning to Sindhia’s house. She gets worried as she sees everyone gathered in the living room. Gayatri tells her, if you had came to me and told me about this, then I would have given it to you.. but why did you stay quiet? Vidhi then says, we all know about 3rd person that’s between you two and now Yash will tell you more about this. Gayatri then smiles and says, you have doubled Yash’s and this family’s happiness. Prateik says, all tension and issues will finally go away today, on last day of the year.. and in upcoming year your and Yash’s relationship will get even stronger.

Aarti says in her mind, you don’t know Prateik bhaiya.. my past has came in between me and Yash ji.. and I am afraid that it might affect our relationship. Everyone is asking Yash to say something to Aarti, but he stays quiet. Both Aarti and Yash seem to be worried. Gayatri laughs and says, nothing will happen with these two. Gayatri then tells everyone, report is here.. and my grandkid is absolutely fine. Vidhi tells Aarti, there are no more complications in your pregnancy. Aarti is happy now and smiles, but Yash is still serious. Buaji says in her mind, everyone is going crazy like she (Aarti) is the first woman to give birth to child. Prateik asks Yash, at least say something now to your beautiful wife (Aarti).

Yash finally speaks and says, Aarti ji.. congratulations. For the happiness which you were waiting since a year, you finally got it, right? Aarti says, it’s you who brought happiness in my life. Before she says anything more, Vidhi says, you’re absolutely right Aarti. Yash bhaiya took care of you so much in last 6 weeks and that’s why all complications are gone now. Yash says, I didn’t do anything.. it’s all because of Aarti’s destiny. She found her lost happiness. Buaji is confused a bit. Yash’s father comes and congratulates Yash. He says, this year really brought lots of happiness for our family. Gayatri gives a dhaga to Yash and asks him to tie on Aarti’s hand which will protect her unborn child. Yash ties it very hard.. Aarti is in pain. Yash tells her, Aarti ji, now realized how much it hurts. Prateik says, finally 2012 is ended.. and 2013 started.

New Year function starts and all guests come to Sindhia house. In the function, Aarti tells Yash, please say something.. please ask something, but don’t stay quiet like this. Yash says, we question-answer with people who are own, not with random people. Aarti says, I will tell you everything.. at least give me a chance. Yash says, there is nothing to explain now and walks away.Now there’s some dance performance by a lady on song “Fevicol Se”. Yash is drinking alcohol on a side. Aarti notices that and gets surprised and worried. Yash keeps drinking more and more, and Aarti keeps looking at him from a distance.

Aarti finally goes to him and says, Yash ji please don’t drink more.. you have had too much already. Yash gets up and walks away. Aarti follows him and tries to take the glass away. Yash tells her, till now I have listened to everything that you said. You said smile and I did.. you said to go out with family, and I did. Everything happened the way you wanted. But today, I won’t listen to you. Aarti says, I am saying for your good. She says, it’s not good your health. Prateik comes there and asks them if everything is fine. Yash says, everything is fine.. and it’s good that you came here. Please tell Aarti ji to let me drink today. Prateik requests Aarti to let him drink just for today. From tomorrow Yash will listen to what she says.

Another song “Rani Tu Main Raja” plays now and another performance starts. Yash again starts drinking. Aarti doesn’t like seeing him drinking like this. She keeps looking at him, but it doesn’t have any effect on Yash. Two of the performers take Aarti and Yash on the stage and dance with them, but Yash and Aarti don’t dance. Suddenly lights go off, and Aarti holds Yash’s hands. Lights come back. Everyone wishes each other happy new year, and here Yash takes Aarti’s hands off his shoulder.


Yash starts walking away again. Aarti follows him and asks him to give her one chance. She says, I want to tell everything to you. A guest comes to them and asks Yash to sing a song. Yash says, Aarti has given happiness so she will sing a song. Aarti says, what are you saying? Yash says, please don’t say no.. He holds her hand and takes her in the center. He announces that Aarti will sing a song. Aarti sings an old song called “O Mere Sanam..”. While she’s singing.. Yash is laughing quietly.

Yash again starts drinking and joins her in singing that sad song. That song reflects to current situation that’s between Yash and Aarti.They finish the song. Everyone claps for them. One of the Guests tells Aarti that your voice is very good. All guests say that this is what is called made-for-each-other. Yash walks away.Aarti follows him and now they are alone in that place. Yash is about fall down, but Aarti catches him. Yash says, it’s so amazing Aarti ji, you don’t let me live and don’t let me die. You don’t let me smile and don’t let me cry. Why? Aarti says, may you get all my happiness.. may you get my age.. and may your all sadness come to me. I always want to see you happy. And that’s why please give me one chance to justify myself. Yash says, no.. I don’t want to listen to you. Aarti says, no.. you will have to listen to me.

You can’t ignore me like that. Everyone gets chance to justify their mistakes. They get chance to explain the situation and explain why they did the mistake. She says, I want to tell you the truth.. everything else I won’t be able to live.Yash again starts walking. Aarti keeps requesting him to listen to her. Yash stops.Aarti says, I accept that I lied to you.. not once, but many times.. I hide my past from you, but today.. I will tell you everything. I was not a widow.. I was a divorcee. My first husband was Prashant.Arti says that she would say everything to yash too and confesses that she is a divorcee from her first husband, prashant. She goes on to say, that the dubeys had hidden the truth from yash and his family, for the sake of arti’s happiness since they had estimated that yash’s family wouldnt like a divorcee for their daughter in law.

She says that she was helpless as the dubeys wanted to see her happy with a settled marital life with a new life partner who would also be ansh’s father, as ansh too as a child, had the right to have a father. Therefore, for their happiness and ansh’s future, she was sworn by the dubeys to not talk to yash about this till their marital bond grew stronger, as she had no other option.Yash comments that he thought they hd reached the maturity to understand each other at the temple that day. she too agrees that he had truly accepted her and their child that day and says that she too had decided that she would tell everything and not keep anything hidden from him. But then to cast a shadow on her aspirations, prashant returned with a deadly disease, cancer that had only one solution which was ansh’s bone marrow transplant.

Yash surprised to hear this. Arti goes on to say that this fact kept forcing him to lie one after the other, since the dubeys had asked for ansh’s bone marrow and she couldnt refuse them after they had supported her and ansh when prashant had left and she doesnt know what would have happened if they had not cared for her and her child then.but there was one truth that prevailed throughout and thatw as that she had started loving yash more than her own life. yash asks her repeatedly to say louder and louder till she starts screaming out her love. Yash then blatantly says that all of this confession of love is a lie since love means having trust and that she couldnt have a relationship of trust with him, else she would have shared with him. Therefore, their remarriage stands hollow and unsuccessful and that he finally lost.

As he turns to leave, arti, who’s in streams of tears, composes herself that she lost not him, since she couldnt muster up enough courage for saying the truth to yash. She asks him to punish her howsoever he feels like for the wounds she inflicted, the pain she gave, and the betrayal she did with him. He calmly says that he has already told her earlier that she’s not under any complusion to be with him and that she can leave anytime to go back to her first love, prashant.She confronts him saying that does he actually insinuate that he wouldnt be affected if he sees her with someone else, or he would feel no pain if she left him, and would he be able to see ansh calling somebody else father after all these years and also to give his son away to someone after he has grown habituated to fulfilling his every wish.

She accepts that she did love prashant but god knows that today the only person in her heart and her life is yash and that her existence and identity is with him. She says that he might hate lies and now her too, but she fobids him to ever even suggest that she leave her and go to someone else. She tells him that she’s ready to prove her love for him, just like Goddess Sita had to prove to Lord Ram. she then turns to the deity and prays to her to help her in her quest to be able to prove her love to yash. while she’s praying, the deity’s holy dupatta flls upon her astounding yash and filling arti with gratitude seeing the goddess’ blessings on her.

Scene 2:
Location: Prashant’s house
While prashant is discussing his horoscope describing his good luck in the coming year with taiji, shobha comes with prashant’s bag packed. Baffled, he asks her to which she says that he needs to leave since arti is going through a tough time in her life and that his presence in the house would further worsen matters for her.She asks him to leave the city too. When prashant shows reluctance, she says that arti’s life and her marital happiness is at stake and therefore, she would do everything possible to ensure that her relationship with yash grows stronger. when she’s asked by taiji as to why she cares for her so much over her own son, she replies that arti is more than a blood relation to her since she has always performed her duties towards them as a daughter without any complaints or demands.

And also recounts the extent to which she had gone to lying to yash, so that their son could live. She grabs him by the hand and tries to drag him out of the house when he frees his hand forcibly and pushes her in turn towards the table.He then retaliates back saying that he wont go since he has aright on this house as he is their son and also arti has done no favour on him by giving him ansh’s bone marrow since ansh is his son too and terefore, he has aright on him. Shobha is shocked to see this side of prashant and reprimands him for returning back to his original self, forgetting very easily how he couldnt stand on his feet when he first came and how his parents nursed him back to good health and arti practically gave him a second shot at life. taiji, too despite shobha telling her not to, interferes saying that what arti did was very normal for a wife, but they branded her and her act as that of nobility.

If shobha is going to stand for arti, then taiji resolves that she would stand for prashant’s rights and happiness and promises him that she would bring back his wife and child to him and that too today.

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