Married Again update Tuesday 21 June 2022

Married Again 21 June 2022: Shobha tries to stop taiji saying that prashant might have lost his mind but asks her to think sane and that she wont let anything come in the way of arti’s happiness and stops his way. but taiji and prashant too dont listen to her and prashant refusing to budge, grabs shobha by the hand and taking her to her room, locks her in the room while she keeps protesting that prashant shouldn’t be so selfish and should not force arti for loving her since she doesn’t and instead only has feelings for yash and is happy in her marital life.

Taiji tells prashant that shobha would tire herself and they shouldn’t bother about her and leave for yash’s house while shobha keeps shouting at them from behind not to do anything wrong for arti. After they have left, shobha thinks to herself that she cant let arti’s marital life falling apart. She prays to the goddess to show her a way so that she can prevent the damage that would incur when prashnat and taiji reach yash’s house.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti is busy with the kids. while she is tying payal’s hair, palak is busy with her painting and ansh is playing with a remote operated motorised car that he accidentally collides into the glass of water kept beside palak’s painting. palk is very upset to see her painting spoiled. she accuses ansh of deliberately spoiling her painting. Arti too scolds ansh for being so careless and asks him to apologize which he instantly does. but palak is still unconvinced. Seeing this arti explains to her that ansh might have been wrong but he apologized too. And that when the person apologizes with a genuine heart, then the other person too should forgive and forget, because a heart felt apology always brings a sweetness into relations ssince it signifies that the person making the mistake regrets it truely.

Yash is hearing this from a distance standing at the entrance of the room. Listening to arti, palak forgets her anger and forgives ansh for his mistake and patching up with him, decides to make another painting.arti promises to give them chocolate when they finsh their work and proceeds to leave the rooma nd finds yash standing in the doorway. She says, that while talking to kids, she has realised that she has been too late in apologizing to him but not anymore. She says that she would unburden her heart and her soul with the guilt of keeping her past life and her lies as a secret and tell everything to her family since she has besmirched the trust that yash’s family has placed on her. Saying so, she leaves. yash is affected but doesnt say anything. While arti is approaching towards the drwaing room, Prashant and taiji enter yash’s house with a SHAGUN thali. Yash after some time, follows behind arti.

In the drawing room,as arti reaches she finds that the whole family is happily involved in some saree shopping. Gayatri seeing her also, tries to engage her also into it while she is visible upset about something. Arti addresses everybody and tells them that she wants to tell them something about herself.Just then, the doorbell rings and vidhi goes to open the door. She greets parshant and taiji and gets them inside. She announces their arrival in the house. arti is shocked to hear this. The scindia family is cordial to them and gayatri tells taiji that she should have invited them over but she got busy in work and hence didnt get the chance, but sh’s happy that they came to visit them. After excusing the saree salesman at his promise of coming another day, when she asks them to sit, taiji says that she has come here for taking a prized posession of theirs thats in yash’s house and not for sitting.

buaji retorts back saying that they ont have anything of tiji’s as they arent thieves. Suraj calms the situation saying that they dont understand what taiji is hinting at and what do they have of hers that she’s referring to them as a thief. she says that she doesnt knwo if they are thieves or pretentious, but she’s come to take her daughter in law, arti and gives her the SHAGUN thali that she had got,containing all the essentials of a married woman. They are all shocked to hear this. gayatri says that arti was their daughter in law but now she belongs to the Scindia family.taiji bursts their bubble saying that arti had in fact betrayed and lied to the scindia family. She tells them not to go on arti’s innocent face as she had cunningly lied her way into their hearts and house by keeping her past life as a secret from them.

when gayatri turns towards arti, she says that she had wanted to tll them, but her sentence is cut short by taiji blurtint out that arti is not a widower but a divorcee and that she was prashant’s wife and they had a divorce. She goes on to say much to arti’s displeasure, that since she was married to prashant, she would always be his wife and its her shamelessness that she married again into the Scindia family. suraj now almost on the verge of losing his temper, says that he wouldn’t tolerate such a sick joke. taiji says that arti has infact made a joke and insulted them, prashant’s love, the institution of marriage and the sanctity of vows. Gayatri, and vidhi too ask arti agitatedly to speak up and say that everything that taiji said is false, and that they would stand by her, she doesn’t have to feel scared or anythign from them.

yash is silently watching everything happen. arti finally opens her mouth to say that taiji iss tlling the truth. Buaji gets her chance to express her horror at the fact that arti lied and shamelessly married againa and that now she’s indecisive who to call arti’s husband. taiji says that rightfully prashant is arti’s husband and they have come to tak her and ansh. Arti is shocked to hear this while gayatri says that she wont let arti go since she’s bearing yash’s child and their grandson. Suraj stops her by saying that he wont let a woman stay in his house, who lied and cheated her way in. he says that they always trusted her and gave her respect and this is how she repaid back. He says that she has always been forgiven for her mistakes but not anymore. He says that he wont have her leaving in the house anymore. Everyone is baffled how to react.

Suraj says that they clearly stated at the time of marriage, that they want a widow, not a divorcee. He accuses her of lying to them all this time all the while meeting prashant serectively and god knows what else. arti stops him saying that its entirely wrong and that she never did anything with him. Dubeyji too joins in to ask suraj to stop talking like this. And says that it was on their command that arti kept this a secret from them. Suraj says that he doesn’t want to argue unnecessarily and wants her out of the house. shobha too tries to convince that they deserve punishment and not arti, since arti has only kept a relation of humanity with prashant. suraj says that all of them would get punished and he wants them out of his house. Gayatri reminds suraj that arti is pregnant with yash’s child.

He says that they have to leave and when she delivers, then they would get the child back and no one can stop them from doing so. arti is shocked to hear this. He asks arti to leave and never turn back to look at this house, that would be her true punishment.yash comes forward and tries to convince suraj that she might be at fault but she truly regrets it too. It was her helplessness to keep this secret. Everyone in the family knows, has seen and also praised how nicely she has done her duties for this family, as a wife to yash, as a mother to his kids and as a daughter in law to her in laws. They cannot neglect that she never let her past overshadow her present. She deserves punishment but not being thrown out of the house as after all she’s a part of the scindia family.

Gayatri too supports yash saying that any punishment he can give her, but not leaving the house. She says that she knows he has a big heart and that just like the instances where he has given arti another chance, she hopes that he will still forgive her and give her another chance. suraaj replies that he wont give her another chance anymore and that she has to leave the house, since she broke their trust and he would never be able to trust her again.Arti says that she has indeed committed a big sin and that if he thinks, she deserves this punishment, then she would respect that and leave the house. Yash again intervenes to say that he took a vow with arti when they got married that he would be with her in good times or in bad and therefore, he cant leave arti alone in this punishment.

Gayatri is shocked and buaji too tries to talk him out of it saying that he’s willing to let go of all relations in the famiyl for this one woman. yash says not to refr to arti as a woman, ince she’s his wife and the mother to his kids. Prashant and taiji watching all this with mixed expressions while the dubeys are feeling very sorry for having put arti through this. Suraj declares tht if he has decided to stay with arti, then he should also know that eh would have to sever all ties with everyone in the family and not talk to them ever again. He also retorts that for one relation, he is willing to let go of his blood and birth relations. Yash agrees to this.

Ansh comes in and asks yash, addressing his as father, why are the grown ups fighting. He then taking example from what arti taught her in the morning that day, to say sorry and then patch up wih dadaji. While Suraj does not budge, taiji comes forward and holding ansh’s hand tries to tell him that prashant is his dad and that he should come to live with them. Seeing her coaxing ansh, yash asks her to let go of his child’s hand and leave. She says that she wont be scared by his threats. He goes on to say that His chidl is Ansh Yash Scindia and therefore, if anyone tries to take him from them, he would not spare them. Taiji lets go of his hand. yash asks ansh to go to his room.

Shobha takes this opportunity to teach a lesson to prashant that the world is not just full of selfish people like prashant but also with good ones like yash, due to which the world goes on. Otherwise he and taiji had left no stone unturned today to strip arti today of her marital bliss. She says that she hopes he realises how to be a good life partner like yash. a frustrated prashant leaves with taiji in tow. Shobha then turns towards suraja dn again pleads him to forgive arti and punish them instead and says that they are also ok if he never wants to talk to then ever again. yash steps in and asks shobha to go home along with dubeyji since anything said right now would only aggravate the anger. He asks her not to worry about arti since he’s with her. They leave. while the whole family is worried, suraj too retires to his room with gayatri in tow.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
arti, entering her room, finds that yash is packing their suitcases and asks that why is he doing this and facing the wrath of his family an hurting them for her since its her mistake and hence only she should face the punishment. He says that to live without her would be a punishment in itself for him. The fact that he has to leave, angering his family is bad, but what’s worse is if he had left her in the midway to fend for herself. he knows that blood relations are more than life but he also has a certain responsibility towards this relation with her. He tells her that now they have to give their kids the love of both the parents and asks her to promise that she would be with him always.

He sys that he knows if his parents hope that he has the responsibility as a son towards them, then they also know that he has a responsibility towards arti as her husband. He says that he mistook her love for helplessness that she didnt want to get into this remarriage. He wipes her tears and says that from now on, no one gets a place in her eyes other than him, not even tears. Arti looks up at him with gratitude.Arti says that she is proud of him and happy that the heart that is capable of forgiving such a big lie has a place for her too. She says if she could ask something from him.

On his permission, Arti coaxes him to say those 3 words that his eyes and his heart always scream out to her, but he has never said it aloud to her. Yash finally says I LOVE YOU to arti. They have a romantic eyelock. Arti is overwhelmed with emotions as yash holds her, she also places her hand on him.Vidhi comes in ansh’s room and wiping her tears, caresses him. He asks her about the truth behind his real dad and if its true that his real dad left him. She is unable to answer on his repeated insistence and tries to leave the room. Yash and arti are standing at the door. she gives a spiteful look at arti and leaves. yash comes up to ansh and distracts him engaging him in a conversation about who helps him do every small thing in his life.

When ansh answers yash as the person with him all the time. Then yash asks that who becomes ansh’s true dad. He enthusiastically replies that yash is indeed his true father who is with him in every work that he does. Yash then sends him off to palak and payal and asks him to get ready as they have to leave soon. When ansh leaves, he comes upto arti and asks her to come along with him. He leaves with arti in tow.gayatri is very upset and sad, sitting in the drawing room and is startled when she sees yash and arti coming out of their room with luggage. Buaji and suraj maintain a stoical face. yash says that he’s sorry that he would have to leave them. He had no intention of angering them but he cant refrain from his responsibility towards arti also, therefore he has to leave.

Suraj stops him and says that he has a high reputation in this society and arti has shredded their reputation to pieces and now yash wants to leave and give the people another chance to mar his reputation. He sarcastically says that yash has made him proud today. Suraj says he has earned more respect than money and cant compromise with it at any cost.Therefore, he cant let them leave and become the laughing stock of the town. But he says that they would break off all relations with yash, his wife and his children. He says that they would live on the first floor and have no contact with anyone on the ground floor.

Their happiness wont affect them, nor will yash and his family participate in their happiness. They would live above as strangers who they would have no affection with. He alos warns that if anybody tries to maintain contact with them for any purpose, then he would break off relations with that person too. All are shocked and gayatri is devastated to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Prashant’s house
Prashant is looking at Arti and yash’s wedding album in disgust. taiji brands yash as his biggest enemy who turned the game for him. She says that till now he hated arti but today stood up for him. Shobha says that he who stands by during adverse times is a true life partner. taiji retorts that she has lost her mind. shobha says that she’s thankful to her, no matter what happened today since it brought yash closer to arti. The family might be angry but they together, will very maturedly, win over their hearts and bring the whole family together again.

She turns to prashant and says that she and dubeyji have thought about prashant and that ist better for him to start his life afresh just like arti. He stands up to leave, but she stops him saying that the past can only give wounds and hence he has to move on and start his new life with a new life partner. She says that he would find that life is not that bad if he tries to start his own family again. She says that she and dubeyji as parents would only want good for her. taiji asks him not to fall for shobha’s words since if she had wanted his good, then she would never have remarried arti and let her leave the house and made him beg for his rights. Shobha says that her son might have committed a mistake but he is not the person who would settle his life at the foundation of unsettling somebody else’s. Prashant doesnt respond and leaves. shobha is worried for him.

Scene 3:
Location: First floor on yash’s house
As they enter the room on the first floor, they are tensed since the kids find it very strange from what they are habituated to. However yash finds a way to distract the kids, by talking to them as to how beautifully they can decorate the room. Arti too follows his cue and engages the kids in choosing colours for the wall.They set up a make shift study table for the kids with their suitcases. then as a final effort, yash engages arti in a game of run and chase to try and show the kids how much they can play. Arti asks the kids also to join in. They forget their reservations about the room and engage in play. Arti hugs all of them and gets emotional.

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