Married Again update Tuesday 24 May 2022

Married Again 24 May 2022: starts with a flashback of Yash carrying Aarti and taking her to the bed. and then there is a romantic scene between them. He kisses her on her hands. And then the lights turn off.

Back to the present. Aarti realizes that and is shocked. Shobha Ji tells Aarti, that the kids have gone to sleep and Aman also left. Aarti says it’s good that kids slept because I have to go somewhere. Shobha Ji asks where? It’s 11 pm. Aarti says I have to go today, let me go. Shobha Ji asks, to meet Yash? Aarti says yes.

Aarti says I have figured out everything why he is angry at me. I know whatever happened that night didn’t happen the right way but that was love. It wasn’t any betrayal. Shobha Ji says you are right and Yash didn’t do any mistake either. This is a natural thing. Aarti asks, then why Yash is not understanding. I have to take this guilt out of him. I can’t see him punishing himself like this. Shobha Ji says, no.. he won’t be able to take it right now.

Yash is not accepting this even after knowing you two are married.. is upset with you, and Aarti says that’s what I want to explain to him that we didn’t do anything wrong. Shobha Ji asks her to wait for some time. Aarti says, how much more time?.. after knowing about my pregnancy, after finding out why Yash is angry.. you expect me not to say anything? No. I need to tell Yash that he can’t leave me because of what happened that night between us.

He doesn’t have the right to do injustice to me. I am a human being, not luggage or anything that he can throw it out whenever he wishes. He is not talking with me because he still likes Arpita.. but I had no problem with Arpita. But today I won’t be quiet. I will tell him whatever happened was because of love and this child is a symbol of that.

Shobha Ji asks her to think once again.. she says do you want this child to be the reason for Yash’s anger? The child grows up without his father? Aarti stops now. Shobha Ji says, it wasn’t easy to grow up Ansh but you still did it. This time you will have to wait for some time for this child. You will have to make Yash understand that what happened between you two was not wrong. it’s a natural thing. And the day you succeed in that will be the right day to tell Yash about your pregnancy. Then you will see how Yash will accept this child. Shobha Ji says, usually, this is good news for most people but in your case. Yash is still living in past. That’s why you need to make decisions after thinking a lot. Aarti and Shobha Ji hug.

It’s morning now. Yash is thinking about that night and is angry at himself.

Yash’s father calls Vidhi and asks how is everything in the home. Vidhi says not to worry, everything is fine. He then asks about Yash and says, the faster he gets out of all the problems.. better it will be for the whole family. He now asks about others and after hearing Pari’s name, Vidhi gets quiet. She says Bhavani is also fine. And hangs up.

Bhavani is right behind Vidhi. She thanks Vidhi for not telling him about her shoot. Vidhi says, he is already Bhavani worried about other stuff and I didn’t want to give him more tension. Bhavani says I will talk with bauji as soon as he comes. you don’t have to worry about me. I at least have that many guts. Vidhi says, there is no question in that.. everyone knows.. you can question when it comes to your rights. Vidhi then asks Bhavani to help her in the kitchen but Bhavani says she has to go for the shoot. Bhavani says to her if she could keep her lunch ready as she is not used to eating at shooting places. Vidhi says, then get used to it. I mean, God knows when your shoot will last and I also have to take care of the entire house so it may not be possible for me to do everything on time. Bhavani says, fine. I will order food from outside. Why should I bother you for myself? Vidhi says thank you for thinking that much about me. Bhavani leaves.

Vidhi is in the kitchen, talking to herself. I am sorry Bhavani but it’s my responsibility to keep everyone together in this house. And I can’t see problems in Prateik’s life because of what you’re doing. I will bring you on the right path, no matter if I have to be rude to you for that.

Aarti comes to Yash’s house. Prateik and Vidhi get worried about seeing her there. They ask what’s wrong.. why she looks tense. Aarti says I have figured out why Yash is upset. I know why he is so angry. She says, please tell me where he is. I want to talk with him. Vidhi says he has gone outside. Aarti asks Prateik to take her to him. They leave.

Prateik brings Aarti to a boxing stadium. He tells her that she thinks he broke someone’s heart or he couldn’t fulfill his promise.. he comes here and hurts himself. Aarti asks him, what do you mean? Prateik takes her inside and Yash is boxing there. He’s not defending himself nor attacking his opponent.

Aarti gets worried seeing that. She asks Prateik to do something. Prateik says, no one can stop him. if there is anyone who can stop him then it’s only you.

Yash’s opponent is beating him very badly and Yash is not doing anything. Aarti shouts Yash Ji. Yash falls. Aarti asks him if he’s fine.. she asks why are you doing all this? there is no need to do all this. Yash is in Aarti’s lap. He sees her face and gets up. Aarti asks him to listen to her.

Aarti goes to a men’s changing room where Yash is packing his stuff. Seeing Aarti, the other two people who are there leave. Aarti tells Yash, I want to talk with you. Yash doesn’t seem to be interested. Aarti says I have remembered everything. I have figured out why you are angry with me. Prateik is standing outside and listening. Aarti asks Yash, you’re angry because we came closer that night right? Yash says, so finally, you found out the reason. In the name of friendship, you came closer to me, and even after remembering about it.. you still came to me? Aren’t you ashamed? Don’t you have any guilt? Aarti goes closer to him and asks, guilt.. ashamed for what? I am your wife. I understand, it all happened all of a sudden between us but somewhere we both agreed to do that. Yash says, WRONG. You’re wrong.. you’re lying. I didn’t want to do anything. You had planned everything and you created such a situation. I told you on the first night of our marriage that I am not marrying you because of my personal needs. I only married because of the kids’ happiness. I told you not to expect anything from me either. there can’t be a husband-wife relationship between us.

Didn’t I tell you? Aarti says, yes. Yash says, then why did you come closer to me? You’re responsible for everything that happened that night. You made me do all that.. because you started loving me which is a mistake as well… when you knew we married because of our kids.. how do you dare to love me?

Aarti says I didn’t try to love you.. it just happened automatically. Yash asks her to stop. He says it’s my mistake. I couldn’t see your true intentions. I made you my friend. I trusted you and you took advantage of that. You started believing that I like you, but you were wrong. That day in Mumbai, you said “I love you” to me.. that was the truth but you said you were just kidding. I believed you and that was my second mistake.

And after that.. to try to win me… you called your friend Aman there and made me drink bhang forcefully. And after that whatever I did.. was a sin. Aarti is controlling herself and not saying anything. Yash says I did this big sin just because of you. I can never forgive you. never. Because of you. I betrayed so many people. I had promised Arpita that no one else can come into my life.. then why did you take her place? Why did you make me do that mistake? I will regret this forever. Tell me WHY? I cannot even face Arpita’s photo now.. and that’s why I moved all Arpita’s memories away from my room.

He asks her again, why did you do this? You also liked someone before marriage and you are still married. I thought you would stay loyal to your first love like me but no.

. I was wrong there once again. You forgot your first husband and betrayed him which means you never truly loved him. Aarti is still quiet. Yash says, love only happens once in a lifetime… and I just loved Arpita. But you made me break my commitment to Arpita. He says, don’t think that you won because love cannot be one-sided.. and you can’t win it forcefully. There is no way to correct the mistake, that I have done, but still I will keep punishing myself for my entire life. Maybe by doing that. I will be able to face Arpita in my next life. Yash is leaving and Aarti finally speaks.

Aarti says to him, at least tell me what will be the future of our relationship? Yash says, there is no future in relationships that are based on sins. There is only one future which is the end of a relationship. He leaves. Aarti asks herself, the relationship of sin? She puts her hand on her stomach and says, neither my love nor sign of my love is a sin. Prateik goes to Aarti. He says I hope you’re okay.. let me drop you at your house. Aarti says, till now I wasn’t fine.. but now am fine. I am a woman and I will have to fight for myself. She says I will go home myself.. you go to your brother and take care of him. She leaves.

Yash is talking with someone. Yash says, sir, I have already decided. That guy says, but your life can be at risk. Yash says, not a problem.. only those who love their life worry about it… I will see you here tomorrow. Guy asks, what about your family? Your people? Will they agree with you? Yash says, no one like that can come in between this decision. Guy asks him to think one more time. Yash says I told you .. my decision won’t change. I will see you tomorrow. Yash leaves. Prateik says to himself, I didn’t bring Aarti and Yash together so they get separated in the future. I will have to do something to save this ‘second marriage’. How should I find out what’s going on in Yash’s mind?

Vidhi says to her husband, but in this what’s Aarti’s fault? Whatever happened between them is natural between a husband and a wife. Buaji is listening to all this. Pankaj says I agree there is no fault of Aarti but we all know that Arpita is still in Yash’s mind and heart. And in that this relationship between Yash and Aarti makes Yash feel like he betrayed Arpita. Buaji comes in and says, I knew from the beginning that Aarti’s intentions are not right. It’s all nonsense that she married Yash for their kids. The truth is, she married for her personal needs. Vidhi says to her, that being a woman and saying this about other women is like insulting all women. Both males and females have needs, but a woman only does this when she truly loves someone. Buaji says, when your Aarti makes Yash like before with her love then I will accept that Aarti truly loves him. Vidhi says, only time will tell. I am sure Aarti will pass her test of love.

Aarti back to her house, and tells everything to Shobha Ji. She asks her, why every time a woman has to suffer? First, Prashant left saying I can’t keep him happy. And now, Yash.. he blamed me for everything. Aarti asks, why a woman has to adjust every time? why does everyone blame a woman all the time? Shobha Ji says you’re right.. don’t be sorry for the mistake that you never did. You will have to make Yash realize that he’s also responsible for what happened between you two. Kids come there.

Ansh says you went to meet papa right? He didn’t come with you? Palak and Payal also ask where is papa? Shobha Ji tells them, your father didn’t come. It will take a little more time for your papa and mama to become friends. Kids now go to Yash’s house.

Shobha Ji tells Aarti, you will have to take this out from Yash’s mind that you two did a sin.. a mistake. You will have to do this for your future, for your child. It’s not about your rights anymore. It’s for all women out there.. who are dying for their husband’s love.. for their lights. You should talk with Yash again and have faith in your ‘mangal sutra’.. everything will be fine.

Aarti and Yash remember that night. Yash is feeling guilty for betraying Arpita. Aarti is thinking about how Yash said there is only one solution to their relationship which is the end of it.

Prateik comes to Yash’s room but he cannot find him there. He asks the servant and the servant says, he left the house in the morning.

Aarti is lost in some thoughts. Shobha Ji goes to her and asks, when are you going to talk with Yash? For how long you will suffer? You know you have to properly take care of yourself during pregnancy. Aarti says I will talk with him today. And at the same time, she receives a call from Prateik.

Prateik tells her to come to the boxing stadium. He says, I can’t tell you much right now but only you can stop him from what he’s going to do. Aarti is leaving to go there. Seeing Aarti so worried, Shobha Ji says, you love Yash a lot from inside. I never saw such true love in you for Prashant. I am very happy and confident that you will pass this test of your love. Aarti leaves from there.

At the boxing place, an official is telling Prateik and Aarti that we warned Yash but he didn’t listen to us. He filled out the form and it is a very dangerous competition. His life can go in this competition. Prateik says, yes he got hurt before. Official says, and if he gets hurt in the same place again then anything can happen and this competitor is very dangerous as well.. he’s a title champion.

No one can beat him in the last 3 years. once he gets in the ring.. he destroys his opponent. Aarti tells him, please do anything but remove Yash from this competition. Official says, sorry we can’t do anything.. this is an open competition and anyone above 18 can participate. Only Yash, himself, can withdraw now. Aarti says, but you know how risky this competition is for him, and still? Official says, we tried a lot but he didn’t listen to us. Now you can try to talk with him.. but whatever you want to do, do it quickly. The competition is tonight.

Pankaj gives this news to Vidhi and says, they will have to talk with Yash’s father now. Vidhi asks him not to tell him as Yash’s mother’s operation is tomorrow and she won’t do the operation if she finds out about this. She says, and you know how important operation is this. Now we will have to do something. Panjak says, but he doesn’t listen to us. Vidhi says we will have to do something. Pankaj says, okay.

Yash is talking on the phone with someone and he says, I know Kareena Kapoor is coming for the inauguration and that’s why I have done all the arrangements. But if there are any problems then please feel free to call me. Pankaj and Vidhi come there.

Yash tells them, please let me do what I have decided to do. Pankaj says, look you will have to listen to me today. Vidhi says you promised Arpita as well that you will never fight. Pankaj then says, why do you think what you two did is wrong? Aarti is your.. Yash interrupts and says, I am sorry brother. I always listened to you but this time I don’t have any other option. Aarti Ji is not my wife. I can never allow her to be my wife.. she is just the mother of my kids. And nothing else. Aarti comes there now with Prateik. Pankaj leaves.

Aarti says, I know you don’t want to give me your wife’s place and you never gave before. But I take you as my husband. Yash says I told you so many times not to come in front of me. I don’t want to see your face.. leave from here. Vidhi tells Aarti, now only you can stop Yash. I have seen confidence in your eyes. Vidhi and Prateik leave from there. Yash is also trying to leave from there but Aarti closes the door and says, YOU WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE. UNTIL NOW YOU WERE SAYING AND I WAS LISTENING BUT TODAY I WILL SAY AND YOU WILL LISTEN, yash Ji. Because marriage gives the same rights to both husband and wife. And you can’t take away these rights from me.

Yash says, let me go. Aarti says I told you na that you won’t go anywhere.

Yash now goes back to his room and is running away from Aarti. Aarti follows him and stops him. She asks him, where are you running? What guilt do you have? For what you’re blaming yourself? I don’t think we did anything wrong. Yash is leaving from there. Aarti says I AM NOT DONE. Yash says I said let me go. Aarti is holding his hand and says, I won’t let you go. Until I am not done talking, I won’t let you go anywhere today. Yash says I am telling you one more time else I will get angry.

Yash picks up something of glass in his hand. Aarti says, even I can be angry. I also got angry that day when you said, I had planned everything that happened between us. But it was nothing like that. Aarti takes that glass piece from his hand and throws it… and says.. it was nothing like that. She continues, what did you say? whatever happened between us was a sin? For me, it was pure love. And that day whatever I said to you on the beach wasn’t a lie or a joke. I will repeat that today again. I LOVE YOU YASH JI. Yash gets angry and throws stuff around.

Aarti says, seems like you didn’t hear what I said. I said that I love you. I love you a lot. Yash gets even angrier now. Aarti doesn’t give up and keeps saying, I love you a lot. She says, I never tried to win you forcefully or using any tricks. I love you a lot. Yash is going crazy and destroying everything in his room.

Aarti says, I just wanted to see you smiling and happy. My God knows, I never wanted anything else besides that. My intentions were never to love you or win you. I never tried to make Arpita’s place. I was happy because you came to Mumbai and did everything on I said. You were happy with kids and I was happy in looking at you happily. Love is not just about making someone yours. Seeing someone happy and being happy is also love that I have towards you. What did you say? Love only happens once in a lifetime? I also used to believe in that but what can I do? I wasn’t aware when I fell in love with you.

She joins her hands and requests him, please don’t punish yourself by saying sin to love. Yash says I have done a mistake… I have hurt Arpita. Aarti says, if it’s like that then there is always a way to correct your mistakes.. go and apologize to Arpita. But have you ever thought by punishing like this to yourself, you’re hurting your family? They love you so much but you? You’re hurting yourself and with that, you’re hurting your family, kids, and me.

Have you ever thought if anything happens to you then what will happen to your family? From what your kids will have to suffer? Do you want your kids to live without their father? That’s why. please don’t do all this. Yash says, yes I will have to apologize to Arpita. I can’t bother anyone else now. I had promised Arpita that I will never go to the boxing ring but now I will have to go and fight till my last breath.

I have to fight till Arpita forgives me. If Arpita forgives me, then I will come out of the ring fine. Else I will go to Arpita.

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