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Married Again 27 May 2022: Arti thinks that since she is unable to tell yash about the pregnancy she thinks about letting the file do the talking and places the reports with his other files.

Just then yash gets a business call and is asked to send a file that happens to lie on the table where arti has kept the reports. He is about to approach the table when he is called urgently by vidhi from outside along with arti. arti is wondering after yash leaves, that every passing second is causing heavy damage to her and her child. She goes out after being called again by vidhi.

Vidhi calls them out and tells them about the sacred thread that Gayatri has sent for them. yash again gets a call and is distracted. She ties it on arti’s arm and tells her of the significance that it would bear them a child by the sanctity of the thread and in laws’ blessings. But yash counters it by saying that it’s never possible. What happened that night was a mistake and would never happen again. He penances for it and has been forgiven by God and Arpita. He says that he would not tie the thread. And asks arti too to take it off. On vidhi’s doubts, he says that he clarifies his stance to Gayatri himself and leaves. When he’s gone,arti wonders how is she supposed to take it off, when this thread is an indication that their child is meant to be safe.

Yash is roaming in the house when he sees a pot lying down on the floor. After not being answered, after having called for servants, He does it himself and stains his hands, and rushes to the bathroom to clean his hands.

On the other hand, arti is shown to be in the bathroom where she’s closing the taps left open by the children. Yash enters the bathroom unaware of his presence and bolts the door and as a result, it gets jammed as it had happened previously once. He apologies for not having noticed her in the bathroom. She is behaving awkwardly and starts shouting for vidhi again and again after being told by yash that the voice does not go outside. She asks him to call the house phone from the mobile. but when he tries to take the phone out of his pocket, it breaks. He suddenly notices the thread tied on arti’s arm still. And asks her why has she not taken it off still.

And tells her that what his mother wants will never be possible as it happened just that one night and it was a mistake.on sensing her silence, he asks her the reason for her silence and her awkward behavior. He asks her to face him and tell the truth. Finally, arti loses and says that if she faces him, he would see the love in her eyes for him that he doesn’t want to see and she would search for love in his eyes that he doesn’t have for her. When yash tries to talk, she silences him saying that she knew that they have married for the sake of their children, but what is she supposed to do now that she has fallen for yash. The night that yash considers to be a sin is a mark of pure love for arti and she would always see it like that. Yash asks her to stop. But she continues saying that now that he wanted the answer why is he shutting her up. Now that she is ready to face him, why is he looking away. Their argument is interrupted by vidhi who comes in. and senses a tension but takes arti to the hall for a webcam chat with Gayatri.

Location: Yash’s house and hospital
Gayatri and her friend are chatting in the hospital when she gets a notification for starting the webcam chat. Once both vidhi and arti on one side and Gayatri on the other side are online, Gayatri asks about their health and exchange niceties. After that, she asks if both of them have tied the thread which makes both vidhi and arti uncomfortable reminding them about Yash’s words. After that, she comes to the main point of asking her daughter in laws’ to observe a fast tomorrow for the health and protection, and well-being of their kids.

Arti thinking of her unborn child says that she would keep the fast for the protection and well-being of all her children. Gayatri then goes on to explain the rituals to vidhi and arti about observing a nirjala fast, bathing and preparing idols with wet sand and also preparing the blog for tomorrow’s fast. When Gayatri asks about Bhavani,vidhi says that she is not at home and is also uncertain if she would keep the fast. Gayatri’s friend butts in saying that she would keep it when she knows its’ the mother in laws order.

She then goes on to introduce herself and tell about the provisions that Gayatri has forgotten s to hw a pregnant lady is supposed to keep this fast. Vidhi says Gayatri has not forgotten but hasn’t told since no one is expecting in their house. Her friend seems startled to hear this and says I have never been wrong, but when I looked at the two of you, I immediately came to know that arti is pregnant.

Arti is surprised at what Gayatri’s friend preeto aunty tells her and wonders how to tell yash and keep the fast tomorrow.

Location: Dr.Kurian’s Hospital
The doctor is talking to arti’s mother warning her about arti’s recklessness and that every second that she delays the decision she poses threat to her and the baby. Shobha embraces herself that she would do the needful to save arti’s life. The doctor gets a call and leaves leaving Shobha wondering what to do next.

Location: Yash’s house
Vidhi is preparing for the fast the next day, when she finds a helping hand and thinks it to be arti says that she doesn’t need help.on seeing it persist she looks up to face Bhavani who has come to apologize for the rude behavior that she has been showing to vidhi for the past couple of days. Vidhi calms her down and then asks her if she has had a fight with prateik and is therefore sad. She tells her that prateik’s temper is short-lived and if she keeps the fast tomorrow he would forget everything and will be normal again. Bhavani gets happy to hear that and knows all the rituals of the past from vidhi. She happily leaves determined to keep the fast leaving vidhi wondering what caused this sudden change of behavior on pari’s part.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti is wondering what should she do to get yash to tell the name of their unborn child when he doesn’t know about the pregnancy even. She finds Palak and Payal playing family with their teddy bears and an idea strikes her. She joins them to play and also asks them to call yash and ansh so that the complete family can play. The kids run out to call them.

Meanwhile, yash is playing with ansh who keeps asking him the reason for their parents’ anger at each other. He promises always to listen to his mom and never fight with or be angry at arti again. Therefore he is not able to say no when all the kids come and request him to play family along with their mother. Arti is happy to see them, she unveils the veil and displays two big teddy bears along with four young teddy bears. She starts the game by making each teddy bear sound like a member of their family. So after the kids have recognized Yash’s,arti’s, and the three kids’ teddies they notice that one teddy bear is left but there is no spot left in their family to accommodate him. So thy are about to throw him out when arti stop them saying that he is equally deserving of the same love that the other toys in the children’s imaginary family get as he is alone and doesn’t have anybody else in the world. The kids look at yash who agrees and says that from now on this teddy is also a part of their family. Arti is very happy to hear this.

Location: Dr.Kurian’s Hospital and Yash’s house
Meanwhile, arti’s mother decides to take matters into her own hands and despite knowing that he might be with arti and the kids, she decides to call him anyway. When he picks up the phone she says that she has to talk about arti. He gets alerted and instructs the kids to keep quiet with the phone in his hands, and is therefore unable to hear when Shobha tells that arti is pregnant. However Shobha hears the kid’s voice in the background and changes the topic and after enquiring about Gayatri’s health, puts down the phone.


after yash keeps the phone,arti picks up the topic of a name for the new member of the family. The kids say that their names were kept by their parents. so they ask yash to keep the name. Arti too instructs yash to give a name for the kids’ happiness. he agrees and gives it the name AYU. The kids agree and arti is very happy that she got the name for her child. yash leaves.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani is sitting and gets a call from the producer which she angrily cuts. Prateik comes in a happy mood that she is observing a fast for him and in the hope of a child. He chatters super excitedly about their unborn child and how he loves her too much to see her in trouble so he wants twins and get it over with. he talks about the names of their child but sensing Bhavani upset and in tears, she asks her what’s wrong to which she just replies why does he love her so much and leaves leaving him wondering what got her so emotional.

Location: Yash’s house
Everybody is busy preparing for the fast when arti steals into her room to take her medicine as she is pregnant and can’t afford to go without water for the whole day. yash finds hr with the medicine bottle. She is scared that yash will now know. he starts by saying that he should have known after she visits the doctor and her mother’s call that she has a health problem and therefore her taking medicine with water will not hamper her fast and makes medicine for her and gives it to her to drink.

He leaves when the kids called him outside. Once alone she is shown talking to her unborn child to be exactly like his father, strong yet caring. She looks up to find her mother, Shobha listening to all this. She angrily tells her to talk to yash about hr condition or she will, but she restrains her by saying that she hasn’t yet found the time, but would soon seek an appropriate moment after the puja to tell him. After she is gone, Shobha prays that yash after knowing helps her in saving her life.

location: Yash’s house
The puja starts with the married woman making their idols and beginning to pray on being instructed by the priest, along with their partners. While Shobha prays for arti, her husband prays for their son, Prashant,arti is praying for her kids,vidhi too whereas Bhavani is taken back to an incident where she got drunk for a role and then when she was alone and drunk with the producer of the show, how he took advantage of her drunken state and spent the night with her. She is brought back from her flashback by the priest instructing them to tie the golden coins, given to each of them by buaji, in their sarees, one each for each of their kids.

They start tying. Arti ties three in front of yash. But when everybody closes their eyes to pray, she picks up a fourth coin and ties it for her unborn child. Buaji sees her doing this and wonders what she is up to.

Location: Yash’s house
The scene starts with all the ladies dancing in joy and gaiety. Vidhi gets arti to dance too. Yash notices four coins tied to her saree and takes her from mid-dance to another room. Her mother sees this and is hoping and praying that he would accept the truth and help her in her decision about the pregnancy.

yash questions arti that ever since that night, she has been to the doctor and has been trying to tell something but is unable, then Shobha too calls her up. he asks her what’s the matter and whether she is pregnant. She looks up at him surprised.

yash asks her if she’s pregnant and there’s a shock registered on her face. She remembers Yash’s angry behavior since that night. He continues asking her the same and asks her the reason for tying four knots when she had three children and tells her that they can never fulfill Gayatri’s wish and hope she supports him in this decision. They have sinned once and would never do it again. Saying so, he leaves. Finally, she musters up the courage to think that she let go of such an opportunity to tell yash and that she would have to tell him asap.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti is brought by prateik in the kitchen to discuss Yash’s surprise bday party and is teased that they should do it this time or else next year arti would be too busy with a kid to be handling a party. Prateik takes up the menu and decorations,vidhi the guest list, the children take over the food, and arti is given the responsibility of choosing the gift. When vidhi tells her to give the most precious and invaluable gift, she goes on to tell how Arpita had told yash about her pregnancy with Payal on his bday and that he had been very happy. Arti is thinking about the similarities in the situation and contemplating.

Just then they see yash in the kitchen and they are dreading that he must have heard of the whole plan and would say no to a party but he goes on to say that he had come searching for the maid and prateik sends him to his room. Vidhi tells them that he had heard but pretended not to have heard. All of these changes. she credits arti and thinks that the misunderstandings between them should vanish.

Location: Yash’s house
While the servant is taking files up to Yash’s room, buaji stops him and accidentally notices arti’s medical file after letting go of the servant, she sees the file and is surprised to see arti’s pregnancy and immediately brightens with an evil plan.

She enters arti’s room and asks her why she hasn’t told anybody yet about the baby as the whole family is waiting for Yash’s child. She asks her if she is thinking of abortion and she vehemently denies saying that she has nothing like that on her mind and she loves the unborn baby far too much to think o killing it. She then asks if arti’s scared that one night caused yash to be so upset, that this pregnancy news would trigger his mad behavior again.

Arti seems to b finding solace in buaji as she thinks, even if buaji hates her she loves yash and would mean no harm to his child. Once arti reveals her thoughts about Yash’s concerns over the pregnancy she reveals her true colors by saying that before arti can cause any more damage to Yash’s life and brain, she would have to leave the house along with the menace, that’s ansh. She stops her midway saying that she loves yash too much and has always loved and will always continue loving him and has no intentions of leaving the house and Yash. But then buaji reminds her of Yash’s temperament over one the night of passion between them, she puts the idea that this news might just unsettle him so much that he might also want to take his life. This has an unnerving effect on arti who says that she would leave with and ansh and this child if that is what it takes to keep him sane and healthy and hearty.

She decides to leave after the bday party tomorrow. But buaji tells her that since she had the responsibility of getting the gift, what better gift could she give but leave yash and his life along with ansh and this child for the better on his bday.

Saying so she throws the file on her feet and walks off. Arti picks up the file, clutches it, and looks at Yash’s photo on the mantle with teary eyes.

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