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Married Again 28 May 2022:  Ansh and the kids leading the camera into the house…..Happy Birthday is playing in the background… The kids sing Happy Birthday in their room in front of Yash’s pic. Palak says “It’s dad’s birthday today.” Payal says “we’ll have a lot of fun today.” Ansh says “And there’s a party tonight too.” The trio says together “we’ll have lots of fun tonight.” The kids are jumping with joy.

Yash walks out of the bathroom in a towel…..Oh, Teri! Sanju’s. Plays….. Yash who is busy checking himself out in the mirror gets a call from Ranbeer (from a different series). Yash says “who’s this?” Ranveer says “It’s Ranveer. How are you? Happy Birthday.” Yash says “Ranveer? How are you? Thanks for the wishes. Are you still in London? Is Sahiba with you? Give her the phone.” Ranveer changes the topic by saying “Leave that. you tell me what you want? Shall I send you tickets to London for you and your family?” Yash says “No I’ll be very much happy if you come here for my birthday.” Ranveer says “Oh so there’s a party tonight.” Yash says “I think there’s a surprise party. Where’s Sahiba? Let me speak to her.” Ranveer says “She’s not available. Anyways I’ll speak to you when I come to India, I’ll bring your surprise along.” Yash cuts the call, Ranveer all sad.

Yash is brushing his hair, suddenly he notices Aarti’s towel drying her hair. Yash can’t help but adore Aarti. Aarti looks at Yash adoring her…Yash’s towel unwraps itself, Yash quickly grabs it before it falls off, and aarti immediately looks away. Yash runs off to the bathroom, aarti says “I’ll miss all this yash Ji.”

Aarti is packing her bags, and ansh comes and asks “Mamma why are you packing our bags? Are won hon holiday again?” Aarti is in thoughts. ‘Tell me, mamma? Let me go and tells dad.” Aarti stops him and says “Don’t tell dad.” Ansh says “why mamma? Is this a surprise for papa?” Aarti says “hmmm.” Ansh assures her that he won’t tell anyone, Yash walks in and sees Aarti’s packed bags. Yash says “Ansh? What won’t you tell?” ansh runs to yash and wishes him happy birthday. Yash pecks a kiss on ansh’s cheek and tells him to play outside.

Yash sees the packed bags and looks curiously at Aarti. Yash says “Aarti Ji, are you going somewhere?” aarti mumbles with words and says ‘I wanted to go to peer baba Mazhar. I wished for something.” Yash says “wish?” aarti says “I can’t tell you. One never tells what they wish for. But you’ll understand when I leave.” Yash is confused; he gets a call so he excuses himself. Aarti is all sad and says ‘I didn’t know yash Ji that I would get such huge punishment for loving you. I have to leave you…I wish we could be together forever and make our life even more beautiful than it already is. I wish.”

MUST WATCH. (this cannot be described. Seriously…too much passion and love are involved. Completely indescribable…just feel the love) Aarti starts dreaming. (Damn this can’t be described…how on earth am I supposed to describe the sensuality in this sequence. It’s a killer!) Passion at its peak, the scene shifts to the next song sequence which is Raabta. The sequence shifts to Ishaqzaade. Aarti finally snaps out of her dream and says ‘They say not everyone gets the world they wish to have…I never knew this would happen to me too. But today is to celebrate and I will live all my moments today. I’m very lucky to celebrate this birthday of relations.”

Everyone is ready for the party at the SM. Vidhi says “Bauji and Pankaj are already at the venue. Guests have probably started to arrive…Where’s Aarti? She hasn’t come yet.” Aarti arrives, and Yash is stunned to see Aarti. Vidhi says “Aarti, let’s hurry up. Everyone has left already.” Aarti says “you guys go, I’ll join you in a while.” Yash says “Aarti Ji, why later? Come along with us.” Vidhi says “leave her, maybe she has some surprise planned and she wants to prepare it.” Aarti is quiet, yash agrees and leaves with prateik. Vidhi says “Aarti come soon okay. The guests have probably arrived. Dad has planned a grand event tonight. He said there’s going to ing different. Come quick.” Vidhi too leaves, Aarti too leaves.

Suraj is welcoming all the guests along with Prateik. Suraj says “Not only Yash’s friends will be here but we have some special guests.” Prateik says “who?” Suraj says “Just wait and watch.” Suraj leaves Pratiek thinking.

Aarti gets a camera and pours her feelings out. Aarti says “I can never gain the courage to say this in front of you therefore I am saying this through this video. That night whatever happened between us in Mumbai, the night that is a sin according to you, is nothing but love for me. And now I am taking this symbol of our love, your ansh, and our aayu along with me. Yash Ji, I am Pregnant. I know that you will never accept this and therefore I am leaving you forever. Don’t worry about me. I am not alone, I have ansh and our child with me. The only thing that I will regret is that I could never get your love. People say remarriages aren’t easy and today I saw it with my own eyes. I tried a lot but I could never succeed. Today I want to tell you for the one last time. I Love you, yash Ji. I truly love you. Happy Birthday.”

Aarti gets a call, she quickly shuts the camera and answers the phone. Ansh says “Mamma everyone is here. When will you come? We have to cut the cake too. Come soon mamma, you know I am going to dance here. You’ll miss it if you don’t come.” Aarti says “I’m on my way.”

Laali makes her entry and dances on hua Chokhra Jawaan Re. Prateik starts dancing, and paridhi takes him along with her. Laali drags prateik again and then gets yash to dance with her. Yash sits back with the kids again. The kids come in and dance to Papa Toh Band Bajaaye’s song. Yash is cheering for the kids. Dubey joins them as well and brings Suraj along. Yash joins the kids. Laali gets yash to do Disco Deewane with her. Yash leaves, and vidhi and Bhavani join Laali. Prateik, yash, and the kids join along.

Yash comes to an immediate stop when he sees Aarti bring the cake along with her….. Tum ho…. is playing as Aarti brings the cake.

Yash cuts his birthday cake, and Yash feeds the first piece to Aarti. Aarti feeds him back. (Has Has anyone else noticed a changed yash Ji? He just can’t seem to take his eyes off Aarti) Yash feeds the cake to everyone around him.

Mrs.. Kaushik arrives at the party; Archana’s mother is there as well. Shobha meets them happily with Aarti. all the aunties arrive one by one. Aarti says “You all have to dance tonight.” Shobha takes them along with her. Aarti’s smile vanishes the minute she’s left alone.

Aarti applauses for the performance, bhua arrives and says “saw the performance?” the way you are enjoying this party I don’t think you’re leaving. You promised aarti but that’s okay. I’ll tell yash that the mistake you both did conclude your pregnancy. Watch that happiness disappear from Yash’s face.” Aarti says ‘firstly stop calling my child a mistake and 2ndly I’ll leave. Let the party be over and I’ll go. Bh, ua Ji, I thought that I could change you but that’s impossible. I want you to do one thing. I don’t want yash Ji to find me after I leave so can you please give this Cd to him? He’ll understand when he watches this and perhaps this will lessen your sins.” Aarti gives her the CD and leaves.

Scene from a different series: Bhua says “you think I’ll give this to him? I am not dumb Aarti. I cannot bear to see the happiness of the other widow being a widow myself.” Aai arrives and says “Oye! You jealous one.” “what? What are you up to now? Don’t glare at me. It’s Savita Tai. What are you up to?” Bhua is all confused. “I know I am no less than a heroine. Why are you stunned? Tell me what are you up to?” Bhua says “what’s it to you?” aai says “I’m an expert in such cases. Now I am here to help you. I came to train you.” Bhua says “Mere bhagwaan Ki Kasam, I don’t need training.” Aai says ‘Mere Bhagwaan ki Kasam? Since when did God become hers? “Look, it’s up to you. But the new plan you’ve come up with is amazing.

Now throw this CD, I did something like this with Archana, you do this with Aarti. one has to add spices to life.” Bhua is irritated aai leaves. Bhua says “I must throw this CD away.” Vidhi arrives; bhua startles and throws the CD away. Vidhi takes bhua along with her saying her favorite contestants from DID are about to perform.

Sheila shares her concern about Gunjan and Mayank with Shobha and Mrs.. Kaushik. Shobha agrees with Mrs. Kaushik and solves Calleja’s problem. Archana’s mother asks if they found the CD yet. Everyone is out to find a CD. Archana arrives at the party along with Krishna. Shobha tells them that they can’t find the CD. Zara in her police mode starts enquiring about the CD. Archana, Krishna, and Zara are left to enjoy the party. Zara sees a CD on the floor and wonders if that was the CD they were looking for.
Zara calls out to Shobha and says that she found the CD. Shobha says “no I’ve found it.” Zara is curious about what’s in the Cd that she has. Krishna and Zara decide to watch it.

Purvi is alone in one corner at the party, and Arjun arrives. Dubey welcomes the two and is all praisededor how much he loves their couple. Arjun clarifies that he didn’t marry purvi but someone else. Dubey apologizes and leaves.

Sacred Ties Scene: Manav asks purvi if she’s seen Archana. Both share their concern about Archana. Varsha too is at the party.
Zara, Krishna, and Archana watch Aarti’s confession video. Aarti bumps into pintu and says “Pintu, you’re here? Where’s Krishna?: Pintu says “I don’t know. Did you see her?” Pintu and Aarti look around for Krishna. Aarti says “we should go. Vidhi bhabhi is performing tonight. Let’s go.” Aarti leaves with pintu.
Krishna says “Aarti Ji has decided to leave yash Ji.” Archana says “that will never happen. They can’t separate…we won’t let them.” Zara says ‘and we have to do this noble deed.”

Archana and Krishna and Zara confront Aarti. Aarti says “I’ve decided.” Krishna says “why do we women always have to go through tests.” Zara says “times have changed Krishna. Women have changed, Aarti how can you keep such orthodox thinking?” Archana says “Aarti I can understand what you are going through. I stayed away from a man for 18 years.” Zara says “as long as I am here, I can’t see another Archana in the making. Times have changed therefore we should change.” Archana says “we will not let you separate.” Aarti says “I have decided. There’s a lot of difference between a normal marriage and a remarriage. It’s not easy to adjust.” Archana says “then make it easy.” Aarti says “please Archana. My husband’s happiness matters to me the most and as a wife, it’s my responsibility. If he’s happy without me then that’s it. You all are under my oath, you will not say anything to anyone.” Archana, Zara, and Krishna are left in a dilemma.

Ranveer makes it to the party. He bumps into Aai. Ranveer takes Aai’s sunglasses off and says “can you not see?” Aai says “Who did call aai? Call me Savita.” Ranveer says “If I had time I would’ve flirted but I don’t have the time.” Savita says ‘I’m bored I need time to pass.” Ranveer says “watch my performance.”

Saloni & Naahar dance on Second Hand Jawani. Jazz and Ranveer join in, and both do a jugalbandi. Radhika and Ravi Dubey (Sid from the king of hearts) dance on mashallah. Arjun and Purvi join in. a jugalbandi between the two.

A couple performs in Dil Garden garden (I cannot remember this couple) Mayank and Rachna (from young dreams) join in. and a Jugalbandi is done between them. all the couples dance on Jhoom Barabar Jhoom together

Aarti is headed but she gets tangled in some strings. Aarti struggles to get out, she loses her balance and yash holds on to her….. Saiyaan… Plays… Zara, Krishna & Archana watch the two from far. Aarti and Yash share an eyelock Yash slightly moves back her hair and helps her out by untangling the strings around her. Aarti is about to fall again but yash holds onto her. He grabs her by her waist…Archana says “such love is seen very rarely in remarriages.” Yash says ‘are you okay?” Aarti slightly nods.

Krishna says “I have an idea on how to save this couple.” Zara asks “how?” all the Zee characters decide to reveal aarti’s pregnancy to yash. Archana says “we have to make sure we don’t break the promise made to Aarti.” Zara gets an idea and shares it with all. (she didn’t exactly reveal it.) Pintu says “we have to make this grand.” Shobha is pleased to see everyone’s concern for Aarti and Yash. Shobha says ‘Aarti needs yash in this phase of her life.” Everyone assures Shobha not to worry; Aai supports them in this decision too.

Aashiyan is playing, and Zara, Krishna, and Archana look at Aarti who is too busy adoring yashhavingd g a conversation with pintu Yash catches Aarti alone and asks her for a dance. Aarti and Yash dance, but aarti walks off after a while. Right now is playing as Archana gifts yash a small chalkboard. Yash looks at it and sees a family of 6 drawn on it. He’s confused, Krishna gifts yash a baby bottle leaving him more confused than he already is. Zara gifts him a baby photo. Aarti is tensed as she looks at the curious yash

Jaata hai to Kahaan plays, Yash is trying to join all the pieces together, and Dubey gifts yash a teddy bear. Yash looks at all the gifts and tries to figure it all out. Aarti just looks on at yash. Savita finally announces that SurajPratap is going to become a grandfather. Aarti is scared and tense. Suraj is delighted, Yash is still pretty much confused here.

Yash looks on at Aarti, he slowly walks towards her as she takes her steps backward. Yash says “why did you hide such big news from me?” lights go out for a second and Aarti runs off. Yash looks around for Aarti but she is nowhere to be seen.

Archana says “Yash you never understood Aarti. she’s gone.” Yash is quiet. Zara says “she got scared thinking whether you’d accept this baby or not.” Krishna says “she had high expectations but she had to leave in the end.” Archana’s mother says “Yash relationships aren’t meant to break. You got a chance, don’t let it go. Stop Aarti.” Sheila says “Yash doesn’t behave like the way you behaved with Aarti until now. You have to change yash for yourself and your family.” Mrs. Kaushik says “It’s not easy to find a life partner like her yash. don’t let her go.” Pintu says “show them that even we men are emotional and we aren’t heartless.”

Yash is all in thoughts. Thakur says “not only that but even we can love and can to any extent for our love.” Zara says “stop her yash.” Krishna says “stop her before it’s too late. Stop aarti and ansh.” Archana says “Yash it’s not easy to find true love. And trust me aarti loves you. Stop her.” Savita says “what are you thinking? I told this bhua of yours to throw the CD away but that CD revealed the entire truth.” (haha but you’re GONE!) “Look if I can change then why can’t you? Go and tell her that a tough man like you has a soft heart.” Yash is all in thoughts. He finally runs to stop Aarti. Special Episode ends.

Married Again continues with Ansh talking with arti in sign language.When arti asks the reason he says that he is angry at her for leaving dad at his bday party with him. She distracts him saying that they are playing a game of hiding and seek and that ansh will have to support her if they want to win. He says that he would but he knows that dad will win, to which arti says that even she fervently wishes the same.

Location: On the road
Yash in his car frantically searching for arti and remembering every incident of his rude behavior towards arti and then her indifference, her sympathy towards the extra toy and her lie about going to dargah when she was leaving and how finally all the members of the zee family convinced him to go behind her and get her back. He gets a call from prateik saying that the others are looking at airport and railway terminals. Y ash tells them that he’s headed towards the bus terminal.

Location: Yash’s house
Yash’s father is super angry at buaji for knowing the truth and still not telling them. She concocts up a lie saying she ddidn’twant to hurt anyone on his anniversary he says that he is almost certain that she must have had a role in forcing her out of this house in such a condition. Meanwhile, pari is consistently getting a call that she is ignoring. Vidhi says that she believes yash would get arti home as even god would not want to separate a couple when the wife is in a delicate condition. He is angry when a person blankly calls on the home no. Bhavani gets scared. He leaves with a warning to buaji that if anything happens to arti, she would have to face the consequences.

Bhavani (Pari) locks herself in her room and takes the call and tells the produces that she has nothing to do with him anymore and that she doesn’t care for his shooting and he can drag her to court for all she cares as she gives more importance to family and prateik over anything else. He then sarcastically reminds her that she searched for a companion in him that night she is reminded of that incident where she got drunk worrying about prateik and he took advantage of her despite her feeble attempts to resisthimhe woke up the next morning and reprimands him for taking advantage of her when she was vulnerable and drunk and that she feels sorry that she betrayed prateik. He tries to calm the situation by saying she can’t prove that he raped her, as it happened with her full consent even though she was drunk and that in today’s times it’s casual and okay.

She slaps him in says that it’s not okay and she is not that type of girl and leaves. She remembers the incident and is all the more tense when he tells her that he has a recording of that night and that if she didn’t comply, he would send it to her house and blackmails her into meeting him. She is shocked to hear this and is in tears as to what has she done that is irrevocable.

Scene 4: Bus station
Arti takes tickets for her and yash and while walking gets a dizzy spell when ansh asks her what happened she ignores it and takes a break by sitting on the bench. There she is lost in thoughts about the good moments between yash and her in Mumbai. She is interrupted in her thoughts when ansh asks to sleep in her lap.

Meanwhile, yash reaches the bus stop and asks everybody to show them arti’s photo and screams her and ansh’s names. After many people do not recognize her, one lady guides him to the bench where she was sitting with ansh. He spots the bench where a part of her saree can be seen in between the crowd standing in front of him. He is surprised and disappointed to find it empty.

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