A Magical love story Wednesday 22 September 2021


A Magical love story 22 September 2021:  Phupi getting under the spell. She forgets everyone and gets angry on them. Roshni looks on worried. Phupi doesn’t remember them. Mahira asks who has ruined my good plan. Phupi asks Roshni to get back.

Roshni sees the mark on her hand. Roshni says no need to call a doctor, I will find a solution, just keep an eye on her. She goes. Shayari whistles. Rehan asks seriously, I think you lost your mind, why are you whistling.

She asks him to shut up if he doesn’t know. He says stop it, I know I m handsome, it doesn’t mean that you will whistle. She says you think I m whistling seeing you. He nods. She sees Hamlal. Tabeezi says Roshni is right, Mahira and Phupi are behaving strange. Roshni says yes, its the second lamp doing it, the same symbol of lamp is on their hands, its like opposite triangles. Tabeezi checks the book. Roshni says this mark. Tabeezi says this is the mark of Saaya jinn, he works like a mirror, one who sees in the mirror gets his evil amplified. Roshni says that’s why this happened, he will kill the family. Tabeezi says he will make all of us enemies.

Roshni says we have to do something. Tabeezi says yes. She takes her ring and prays. She sees some juice appearing in a cup. She says we will make the juice and then none can see Saaya Jinn after consuming this juice. Shayari catches Hamlal. She says I was whistling to get him, its Natasha’s weapon. Rehan says its useless for us. Shayari says you should use others’ sense if you don’t have, Hamlal always stays with Natasha, it records everything, we can use him to get info. Rehan asks do you know using it. Hamlal flies away.

Sara and Saima start fighting. Phupi and Mahira fight. Roshni stops Phupi. Dadi pulls Salma’s hair. They also fight. Tabeezi and Roshni get shocked. Roshni sees Saaya jinn. Hamlal shows the video. Natasha meets Kaala jinn. He asks her to send the three dangerous jinn to Aman’s house. Rehan asks why didn’t you catch Hamlal before.

Kaala jinn says they don’t know my name, none knows my name, they can find it just at the fire mountain. Rehan and Shayari gets shocked. Roshni says I just saw Saaya jinn. Tabeezi says he would have gone to target someone. Roshni says Armaan is alone in the room. Tabeezi sends her. Roshni comes to Aman and says thank God you are here with Armaan, there is a big problem here, talk to Tabeezi, go, I will stay here. Aman gets into jinn avatar. He pushes Roshni back. She gets shocked. She asks him to drink the juice, he will be fine. He throws her out of the window. She falls near the pool. He smiles and takes the baby. Roshni gets hurt. She worries and gets up.

She shouts no. Aman says I m enjoying doing this, I wish to tie you all with a rope and throw away, I will give the baby to Kaala jinn. He goes. Natasha comes and says sorry, the fire mountain secret will just be a secret. She tries to take Hamlal. Rehan uses his powers. She attacks him and gets Hamlal back. She disappears. Shayari asks where will we find the fire mountain. Roshni runs after Aman. He asks her not to come after him. She says you are going on a wrong path, don’t worry, Tabeezi and I will find a way to make you fine, please don’t let Saaya jinn win.

He says you have changed me, I m not like this, its enough, I have become what I m for real, I don’t have a heart of angel, you get your crying face, I will be as I m, I m fed up of you and your goodness. He asks her not to come ahead. Everyone fights and comes there. Mahira asks shall we play catch catch with baby, it will be fun. Aman says we will play. They all get happy. Roshni says no, don’t do this. Roshni gets the baby. She is hurt. Aman turns normal. She looks at Aman. She says please stay the same. He gets evil again. He says you can’t change me now.

with Aman challenging Roshni for a fight. Saaya jinn looks on. Roshni agrees. Dadi says the one who stays alive will win. Everyone gets happy and dances. Saaya jinn goes. Roshni cries and sees her baby. Tabeezi comes. She asks how will you face Aman, he is much powerful than you. Roshni says I know he will understand when he listens to me, Aman is alive in him, my fight is with Saaya jinn, not Aman. Tabeezi says you don’t even know the power of him, if he sees in his eyes, then you will also become evil, I have to make someone to protect you, I will try to see how to kill him, take care. Roshni gets worried seeing Saaya jinn.

He says none can kill me, I have sown evil in your family, it will never end, better come towards the evil like Aman, its not tough, you

just have to turn and look into my eyes, I don’t look so bad. He insists. She doesn’t look into his eyes. She scolds him. He goes. Rehan calls Tabeezi and asks about fire mountain. Tabeezi says I don’t know, you can know it from the blue parrot. Shayari asks about the other lamp. Rehan asks shall we come. Tabeezi says no, Roshni and I will manage here, take care.
Tabeezi asks Roshni do you really want to take Armaan with you. Roshni says yes, at least Saaya jinn can’t target him. Tabeezi says it can be risky. Roshni says I know, but I trust Aman. She blesses Roshni and gives Armaan. Roshni gets blindfold. She comes to fight Aman. Aman gets Baazigar.

Tabeezi says stop, no one will use magic, so that fight is of equals, if you use magic, then it will be injustice with Roshni. Aman says let injustice happen, everything is fair in love and war. Roshni says it means a man needs to use his magic to fight a woman, when she is blindfold and carries a baby, I didn’t know you are such a big coward. Aman keeps his stick down. He says I m not a coward, I don’t need magic to defeat you. Roshni says I want you to listen to me, you won’t hurt me, you have Aman alive in you. He steps back. He goes to attack Roshni and falls on the sofa. Roshni says please don’t force me. She uses her magic and chains him.

Rehan and Shayari come to a market and look for the blue parrot. She goes to ask a man about the blue parrot. He repeats her words. Rehan says I think he is mad. Rehan says so you are the one. Shayari asks are you blue parrot. The man repeats their words. Rehan asks will you tell us about the fire mountain or not….. The man says come after me. He turns into a blue parrot.

Aman sees Saaya jinn. Aman says its a cheat, magic wasn’t to be used. Saaya jinn says you cheated to win, it means you are also evil. Everyone catches Tabeezi. Saaya jinn says your family will get more evil. Roshni says evil will always lose. She removes the blindfold. Saaya says you and your faith will lose today. She says we shall see. She asks Aman to keep her trust, he can’t change, he has inner goodness, he can’t lose to evil. He says you can’t be evil, you have a father’s heart, you were ready to fight kaala jinn for your child. Roshni sees Armaan. Saaya jinn says now you will see what Aman does. Aman gets freed from chains and runs to Armaan. Roshni worries.



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