Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Thursday 23 September 2021


Mariam Khan Reporting Live 23 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Sarfaraz coming to meet Aijaz. He scolds Aijaz for getting Rihaan killed. He says you first snatched my brother and now my son. Aijaz says you are mistaken, I also regret for him. Sarfaraz says you can’t know my pain, your son is still alive, I m sure that Rihaan died because of Majaaz, he fell in love and didn’t know he will get such punishment, I will get justice for him. He aims at Aijaz. Everyone looks on shocked.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 22 September 2021

Zain stops Sarfaraz. Sarfaraz says I will ruin your family, your happiness is over forever. He curses Aijaz. Servants take him away. Majaaz and Mariam are on the way with Nawaaz. Majaaz says we will reach in some time. Mariam says when we reach home, I will tell friends about the ship, everyone will be happy seeing me. Nawaaz smiles. They see the barricade. Cops come to check the car. Nawaaz acts ill. The man says we are taking him to hospital, its an emergency. Majaaz hides his face. Cops let him go. Mariam asks Nawaaz why did he go this acting. Nawaaz says we are playing this game, we have to make the other team lose. Mariam laughs and says I will tell everyone about it.

Aijaz worries for Majaaz and Mariam. Meher says I will call Nawaaz and find out. She calls Nawaaz. Aijaz talks to him. They get emotional. Aijaz asks him to send Majaaz and Mariam back. Nawaaz says don’t worry, its my responsibility to send them. Farhaan comes in front of the car and stops them. He points gun at them. Nawaaz says Farhaan…. He gets down the car and asks Farhaan did he go mad. Farhaan says I don’t want to hurt you, I want Majaaz and Mariam. They fight. Nawaaz asks Majaaz to run with Mariam. Farhaan asks him to move. Aijaz hears their argument on call. Nawaaz gets shot by Farhaan. Majaaz gets shocked.

Aijaz hears the gunshot on call. Majaaz also gets shot. He runs away. Nawaaz tells Aijaz that Majaaz and Mariam are fine, they will reach him soon, he has fulfilled his promise. He bids bye and dies. Farhaan gets worried. Aijaz cries for Nawaaz. Farhaan says I have shot my Nana, what did I do. He cries. Mariam says let Nawaaz come. Majaaz says he will come, you come with me. They run. Farhaan’s boss scolds him. He asks why did you shoot at Majaaz, what if anything happened to him. Farhaan cries for Nawaaz.

His boss reminds their motives. He asks Farhaan to not think anything, and get Majaaz to him. Farhaan and goons go. Madiha and Meher ask Aijaz what happened, why is he crying. Aijaz says Nawaaz has given his life to save Majaaz and Mariam, Nawaaz is no more. They get shocked. Mariam sees Farhaan coming. Majaaz gets dizzy and signs Mariam. He asks her to go. Majaaz falls down. Mariam says I won’t go without you. She shouts. Aayat gets a call and gets shocked. She says how can this happen. She cries for Nawaaz. Meher says I will call Aayat. Meher asks where are Mariam and dad, we got the news about Nawaaz’s death.

Aayat asks who informed you. Meher asks is this true, don’t lie to us, how are Mariam and dad. Aayat says cops are after Majaaz, knowing he has come here illegally, don’t worry, they are safe. Madiha says make me talk to Mariam once.Aayat agrees. Aijaz says Nawaaz gave his life, his blood won’t go waste. Farhaan looks for them in jungle. Hamdam cries for Nawaaz. Junaid consoles her. Hamdam says I m worried, that we won’t get anything now, property will go to Jibraan. Cop asks Aayat if there is anyone who wanted revenge from Nawaaz. Aayat says I will tell you who is the murderer, Majaaz….. Mariam sees Majaaz’s arm bleeding.

She asks him to get up. Majaaz asks her to leave. She asks him to get up and win the game. Mariam recalls the old moment and ties the dupatta to Majaaz’s arm. She says your wound will also get fine now. She worries to stop his bleeding. She hugs him and cries.Mariam recalling Majaaz’s words. She sees Farhaan coming and hides. Aayat says Majaaz has killed Nawaaz, save Mariam some how. Inspector says we are trying, murderer can’t get saved. She gets Jibraan’s call and says I m coming to you. She asks Hamdam not to do this drama. She says I know Farhaan killed Nawaaz, I know just he can get Mariam.

Farhaan asks men to find them. Mariam hides in dry leaves. Farhaan goes. Mariam gets out and hits a honey bee hive. Farhaan and goons get bitten. They run away. Mariam asks Majaaz to get up. He asks for water.Zain makes food. Fawad says Zain is cooking for Mahira. Rifat asks Zain to at least think for them. She asks him to end his relation with Mahira by giving her divorce. She says I know you love her, but she loves Rihaan, you can’t hide this truth. He cries and agrees. He says my relation with Mahira’s family can’t break, I will divorce Mahira, but can’t get away from her family. Mariam gets water in hands. Water falls down.

She asks Lord to help her and dad. She hears a sound and says I heard this sound in Gurudwara near school, I should take help from them.She sees some people going and runs on the road. She asks them to stop. They go. Mariam prays and hugs Majaaz. A lady’s drum falls down and rolls far. She goes to pick it. She sees Mariam. Mariam says my dad has much wound, please help. The lady goes. Aayat calls Farhaan and asks why did you kill Nawaaz. Farhaan says he was stopping me from reaching Mariam. She says I will tell your truth to police. Lady says there is much blood loss. She checks his bullet wound.

Mariam gets shocked. She asks the lady to help. The lady asks her to close eyes, till she removes the bullet. Mariam gets scared seeing the knife. Rifat asks lawyer to get case in her favor. Zain comes there. She worries. The lady removes the bullet. Majaaz feels pain. Mariam says you will get fine. Lady says don’t worry, he is fine now. Farhaan and goons look on. The lady says my people will come and help, don’t worry. Zain hugs Rifat and says you are doing much to save Firdous mahal. He smiles. Mahira says we are going to court. Rifat asks what’s the need.

Mahira says its about haveli. They leave. Rifat says my game will end, I have to stop them from reaching court. The lady says I m your Biji, I m from India. Mariam gets glad and says I m also from Bhopal, India. People come to help.



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