Made for each other update Thursday 8 October 2020

Made for each other 8 October 2020: Anurag asking Prerna about their friendship and relation. Nivedita insists and takes him for breakfast. Anupam asks Prerna how are you. Prerna says I m fine and happy also.

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She gives prasad to Anupam. He says I m sure that his memory will come back soon. She says yes, I m awaiting the day. Mohini asks what’s this bottle doing here, I asked you to throw it. Moloy says its your sleeping pills. She says I wasn’t with Anurag at the hospital because of the pills, throw it away. Anurag hugs her. She cries and says very sorry.

She sees Prerna. They all sit to have breakfast. Anurag asks Debu to serve sweets to Prerna. Moloy gets a call. He says Nivedita you didn’t tell me about the new year party. Nivedita says don’t worry, all arrangements are done, relax. Moloy asks Prerna to get her entire family. Mohini says and Viraj also, he is also part of your family. Komolika says yes, you should get your family and future husband, they should be here, right Anurag. He says yes, Prerna get Viraj, it will be good.

Shivani says I have provoked Komolika, Anurag remembers what he feels for you, so Komolika will get angry, we have to be cautious. Prerna says don’t worry, I m ready to face her, I will go with Viraj, Anurag may recall his memory, I won’t lose any chance, I will put everything on stake. Komolika says before Prerna reminds Anurag anything, I have to kill her, Ronit just kill her. Ronit says done, if Anurag panics and sees Prerna in bad situation, then what, we won’t like to trigger his memory, we shouldn’t kill her in the party. She asks what will I do. He says relax, we will kidnap her and then Prerna’s the end….

Anurag thinks of Prerna. He says I feel like losing something. Viraj sees the tilak rasam pics. He sees Anurag and Prerna. He says I have to talk to Prerna, I can’t go ahead because of the family. He thinks to break relation if there is anything more than friendship between Prerna and Anurag.

Nivedita welcomes guests. Anupam goes to her. He compliments her. Moloy says come here…. Anupam asks what. Moloy asks why are you flirting with my daughter. Anupam says there are few times when she gets happy. Moloy says I asked you since I don’t get such chances. Moloy welcomes Prerna and family. Veena wishes him and Mohini for the success. Mohini says Prerna, you aren’t allowed here without Viraj, I m joking…. Prerna says he would be coming.

Mohini says Veena you are lucky that Viraj is your son in law. Veena says I know. Moloy takes them along. Mohini stops Prerna and says focus on your husband, not on someone else’s husband. Prerna says I m focussing on my husband, I hope you got your answer. Mohini thinks she is answering me, I will get peace when she leaves from our lives.

Komolika stops Prerna to taunt. Prerna says you always think of me and Viraj, you are trying to make Anurag away, but you will make me more closer to Anurag. They argue. Mohini calls Sonalika. Prerna looks for Anurag. Anurag goes to Mohini’s room. Prerna’s saree gets stuck. She tries to pull it. Her blouse hook gets torn. She goes to Mohini’s room. Anurag asks Prerna do you want something. He sees her blouse hook latch tearing. He asks do you want a needle and thread. He says I can help you, you can depend on me, I like to help you, I feel I told this before, this happened before. He recalls. Mohini and Komolika come there. Mohini says your mum is calling me.

Prerna goes. He says I need to talk. Mohini says I have imp work. She takes Komolika along. She says Sonalika, if Anurag discusses about Prerna, avoid him, I didn’t tell you about his past, it didn’t matter before, there was something between Prerna and Anurag, he shouldn’t remember it, else he will get feelings, let this be hidden.

Komolika asks what do you mean to say. Mohini says they were not husband and wife, just something was there. She goes. Komolika thinks the matter is also old like your age, tell me something I don’t know. Viraj compliments Prerna and gives her flowers. She says you should give the flowers to Moloy. He says I have already given it to him. He thinks I wanted to say I can’t marry you, now I feel I can’t say this. Anurag sees them.

Viraj says I have to make a phone call, I will just come, can I say something, your smile is very pretty. She says Anurag also says this. Anurag thinks why do I feel so jealous. Viraj says I m sure. He goes. Prerna gives the flowers to the waiter. She says ask Debu to put these flowers in a vase. Ronit takes the waiter’s disguise. He says be ready, I m reaching to kidnap Prerna.

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