Made for each other update Tuesday 27 October 2020

Made for each other 27 October 2020: Anurag saying Viraj is a cheater, he has three identities. Prerna says Sonalika is giving such medicines to Anurag and risking his life, she has to answer me now.

Made for each other 26 October 2020

Anurag thinks Viraj cheated Prerna, why, who told him to do this, he has to answer my questions. Viraj is on the way. He speeds his car. He says you did big mistake Anurag, you will realize it soon. Anurag calls him. Viraj says I was going to call you. Anurag scolds him. He says I know your truth, your name isn’t Viraj, how did you lie to us, how dare you, I will tell the truth to Prerna, I got you in Prerna’s life, I will remove you from her life.

Viraj gets angry and calls his fake parents. He says stop Anurag from leaving. The man stops Anurag. Anurag says please don’t stop me, I respect you, don’t get into this marriage. Servant gets Viraj’s call. Viraj says fake mom and dad are useless, I will give two lakhs, attack Anurag and stop him at home. Anurag fights the man. Servant attacks Anurag with a knife. Anurag beats him too. The lady worries. The servant falls down. Anurag picks his phone. He asks do you have Prerna’s number.

The lady says no, we just have Viraj’s number, we aren’t his real parents. Anurag asks what, what do you know about Viraj. The man says nothing. Anurag leaves. Viraj calls Komolika and says Anurag called me and threatened me. She asks why. He says he reached my home and got my IDs, he got to know my truth, I m not at home, I didn’t invite him, I asked my man to hurt him and stop him. She says you won’t get spared if anything happens to my Anurag.

He says you won’t get spared if he goes out of the house, I will kill him. She says you kill Prerna. He says your plans failed again and again. She sees Prerna. She says before Prerna meets him, you marry Prerna. He says he may call Prerna any time. She says he won’t tell her on phone, he will meet her and tell her, you marry her, reach your farmhouse. He asks why will she come there. She says I m an expert to play with people’s mind. He says okay, I will reach there.

Komolika says congrats, Veena is more sensible, Viraj called to say thanks, he is preparing for the marriage at his farmhouse, your marriage is happening tomorrow, Veena agreed for it. Prerna is shocked. Komolika says you didn’t tell anything to Viraj, you have used him, you are like me, you use people for your motive. Prerna says no, we are very different, I m going to talk to Viraj. Komolika tells the address and says you won’t have any excuse now that you didn’t had address. Prerna says thanks, I will come back with good news, Viraj and I won’t marry. She goes. Komolika smiles and calls Viraj. She says Prerna is going to farmhouse. He says good, I will call you to give good news of marriage.

Prerna leaves. Anupam asks shall I drop you. She says yes, I was booking a cab. He asks why. She says I m going to tell Viraj that I can’t marry him. He asks her to take his car. She thanks him. He says I can pick and drop you. She says no, it won’t be easy for him, I think I should talk to him alone. She leaves. Nivedita comes. She asks why did you give your car to Prerna. He says she is going to break her marriage with Viraj. She asks are you mad, Sonalika is upset with us, because we are forgiving Prerna, we will lose Anu if Prerna comes back, I will always regret that I married you, its my life’s biggest mistake. She goes. He gets sad.

Anurag comes to Prerna’s house and calls her out. Veena asks what happened. Anurag says I have to tell Prerna that she can’t marry Viraj. Veena asks why are you poisoning her life, there is just friendship between you both. Anurag asks do you also feel that I have feelings for Prerna, like Viraj thinks. She asks did Viraj say anything, he is such a nice guy, he came to take permission that he wants to marry Prerna tomorrow, stay away from her. He says trust me, I can’t see her future getting ruined, let me talk to her. She says she isn’t at home. He says sorry, you can’t stop me, I will fix everything. He goes upstairs. She says I m not lying, she isn’t at home. He shouts Prerna.

Komolika asks did you reach there. Viraj says yes. Komolika says Prerna will reach, marry her. He says there won’t be time to negotiate, marriage will happen in some time. He gets the gun and asks goons to stay ready. He asks them to get a pandit soon. Veena says Prerna isn’t here, I m not lying, I will not let you care for Prerna and her baby, a married man can’t leave his wife and roam around another girl, its bad, I want Prerna to marry Viraj, you got that alliance, I didn’t come to ask you to find a guy, thanks for everything, now please stop it. Anurag says I m sorry, okay, I thought to talk to her first, I will tell you.He shows Viraj’s IDs. He says Viraj’s fake identities…. Veena and everyone get shocked. Veena cries.

Anurag saying I don’t want Prerna’s life to get ruined, I have to save her, sorry for the trouble. Shekhar says you don’t feel guilty. Mahesh comes and asks what’s going on. Anurag asks where is Prerna. Mahesh says I dropped her to Basu house. Anurag says great, I will talk to her there. He asks Shivani to give her phone, his phone got broken. He calls Prerna. Prerna sees Shivani’s call and disconnects. He calls home. Anupam takes the call. Anurag asks for Prerna. Anupam says Prerna went to Viraj’s farmhouse. Anurag says she isn’t answering, its urgent. Anupam says she told me the address. He tells Anurag. Anurag thanks him and leaves. Viraj welcomes Prerna. Anurag is on the way and calls Prerna.

Prerna says I have come to talk about our marriage. Viraj says we can talk inside. She says just a min, Shivani is calling me, I was driving, I will take the call. She answers. He says Prerna, you reached there. She says Anurag, yes. He says don’t go inside. She asks why. Viraj and goons stop her. Viraj says good bye Anurag and drops the phone. He points gun at her tummy. He says you thought I won’t know about you and Anurag, you love him, I know you came to say this. She says I don’t get scared of guns, move it away, you are doing this since Komolika told you that I m coming to refuse for marriage.

He laughs and says Prerna, sorry for this, I know you love Anurag Basu, this child is of Anurag, I know everything since day 1. She tries to go. He says don’t run, I will show the gun, don’t make me do that, you feel its wrong, Anurag asked you to leave fast. She says let me go. He says I knew all this and agreed for marriage, I wanted to marry you.
She asks who are you. He says maybe Navin’s brother or your enemy, I want to marry you. She asks why.

He says why people marry, for love and family, no way, its for revenge, I will tell you everything once we marry and leave this city. He calls and asks where is pandit. He says good, marriage preparations are done, come in. She signs no. He points gun and says come in. Anurag is on the way. Prerna tries to find some way to go out.

Pandit comes. Prerna says I don’t want to do this marriage. Viraj throws the glass and shouts. He says just marry me and leave this city, Anurag is useless. She scolds him. She says you know about Anurag, Anurag doesn’t know its his child, we both love each other a lot, don’t ask the reason, you will be tired hearing it, Anurag will surely come here to save us, let me go from here. Anurag calls Viraj. He says listen, leave her, its a request, she is pregnant, if you forcibly try to marry her, I will kill you. Viraj says you are right, she is here, I will marry her, if you have courage, then come and get her.Anurag says no.

Viraj says it was Anurag’s call, he was angry, if he comes, he will die by my hands. She slaps him. Anurag comes there and shouts Prerna. He doesn’t see anyone. He sees the blood marks. He gets shocked and goes to see. He calls out Prerna. He sees the red bottle. He thinks they did this to mislead me. He catches a servant. He asks where is that girl, tell me, where is Viraj. Servant says I don’t know. Anurag beats him. Goons catch him and faint him by chloroform. He calls Viraj and says Anurag had come here, we fainted him.

Viraj says good, get him. Viraj gets Prerna to the cliff. She tries to run. He says I was trying to marry well, you slapped me, husband is like Lord, you want to see a bad person, come. She picks the car keys and goes. He says run, where will you hide, I will never give up.

She says I felt you are a nice person, I wanted to give you right reasons so that your heart doesn’t break and you… He asks why did you agree, will you marry anyone. She asks why are you marrying me, when you don’t love me and my baby. He says Anurag is finding my truth, none will know. She says I don’t care, I m leaving. He says none will touch her. She sits in the car. He points the gun. He says Prerna, I won’t kill you, we are getting married. He shoots at the tyre. He takes her to the mandap. She says I told you, Anurag will come. He asks how do you know. She says heart to heart connection. He says fine, we shall see. Goons get Anurag. She shouts Anurag. Viraj says he didn’t die, don’t be scared. She says let him go. Goons take Anurag with rope.

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