Brave and beautiful update Monday 26 October 2020

Brave and beautiful 26 October 2020: Anand drops jasmeet. She makes Anand meet her mum. Anand greets her mum. She says you have changed. He says tell me about you, how are you. She says I m fine. She says I m worried about jasmeet’s marriage. jasmeet says Anand is married. Her mum says its great.

Anand says find someone else for jasmeet. Both of them have a laugh. jasmeet’s mum says now it looks like my Anand came home. She asks what you will eat. Anand says halwa. jasmeet says if you are talking about my marriage, then leave. Her mum stops Anand and says atleast Anand worries about you. Her mum says when will you marry and asks Anand to explain this to jasmeet. Anand thinks about it.

Mummy and Papa are discussing about the court and lawyers. Mummy says I trust jasmeet, she will not let us down. Papa says I agree but Bobby is adamant. Dhruv comes there and Papa sees his drawing. Mummy praises him. Dhruv says I have no drawn my dad in it. Mummy hugs him and asks why. Dhruv says because you all are worried because of him. Dhruv goes to play with Ishaan. Mummy and Papa think about Dhruv’s feelings. Mummy says if Ishaan used to question me, what would I answer him. Ishaan comes there. Papa says I will play with Ishaan.

Mummy thinks about her divorce. Anand comes home. Kittu asks where is my real Anand. She asks are you real or fraud? Anand asks what are you saying Kittu. She says what should I say and does some shayari. Kittu says I m reviving your past. Anand says explain me. Kittu says I m telling you about your college life. He says did jasmeet tell you this.”this update is a copyright content for Blasters Series”

Kittu says why are you so boring infront of me. She says I saw your photo in jasmeet’s phone. Anand says I was young that time. Kittu says are you old now. Kittu gets a call from Kamini. Kamini asks Kittu to come with her as they have to go to see a girl for Kunal. Kittu tells this to Anand. Anand says do you find fun in this. Kittu says yes. Kittu says is jasmeet married. Anand says why. Kittu says I was thinking can we fix Kunal and jasmeet. Anand thinks about it and gets tensed. He leaves. Kittu smiles.

Shraddha narrates a story to Dhruv about an evil man. Dhruv asks is my dad that evil man. Mummy comes there and says no, a father can’t be an evil man. She says your dad can’t stay with you. Mummy says we can be happy if your dad is not with us. Mummy consoles Shraddha and asks her to be strong. Shraddha cries. Mummy leaves. Shraddha calls Bobby. Bobby talks to her. Shraddha says why can’t you give me the divorce. Bobby says because I can’t see you happy. He says I want to see you in pain. He says this is the beginning, be ready to bear all this. Shraddha shouts on him. He laughs. Shraddha says I m bearing the punishment for loving you. Kittu takes Shraddha’s phone.

Kittu asks why are you talking to Bobby. Mummy comes there. Kittu warns Bobby not to call again. Bobby greets her and says listen to me. He says Shraddha called me, I did not call her. Kittu is shocked. He says whats wrong, Shraddha can’t live without me. Kittu cuts the call. Bobby laughs. Kittu asks Shraddha did you call, why. Mummy asks why did you call Bobby. Shraddha cries and says I want freedom from him. She says he wants to take Dhruv from me.

Kittu says I understand. Shraddha says I got weak because of Dhruv. Mummy says I know this pain and says Dhruv is your strength, not your weakness, you have to fight for Dhruv’s future, and we are with you. Shraddha says you are right. Kittu says stop crying, and makes Shraddha smile. jaya hears everything.

Kunal jokes with Kamini. Kittu talks to Kamini. Kamini asks her to come soon. Kittu says ok I will come soon. Kittu tells Shraddha I have to go. Shraddra says I will take care of everything, you can go. Shraddha says Papa will not miss you. Kittu thinks for a while and says I know you make good dosas. Shraddha serves everyone the dosa and Papa praises her. Dhruv says mumma used to make dosas in Mumbai for people. Everyone feel bad. They cheer up Shraddha and praise her for her hard work. Shraddha laughs.

jasmeet calls Anand and asks did you call Bobby and warn him. Anand says no. She says Bobby complaint about Shraddha. jasmeet says don’t call Bobby till the case is going on. Anand asks Shraddha about this. Shraddha is silent. Anand asks again did you call Bobby.

Everyone looks on. jaya says tell him, we all know, even I heard you talking on phone. Anand scolds Shraddha for calling Bobby. Mummy says the thing is… Anand says we are trying to get rid of Bobby, and she is calling him. Shraddha cries and runs from the hall. Mummy says Dhruv is getting late for the school. Anand says I will drop him today. Papa asks Anand to stop it. Anand gets angry on Shraddha. Dhruv comes being ready for school. Mummy says jaya you should not listen to anyone talking and should not tell this to everyone. Mummy asks jaya to change her bad habits.

Kittu comes home. Kittu talks to her dad. They have a laugh. Kittu meets Kunal and gets happy talking to him. Kamini laughs. Shraddha cries thinking about Anand’s harsh words. Papa comes to her and says Anand was angry on Bobby but he took out his anger on you. Shraddha says I called Bobby, I did not think I m making a mistake. She says I did not want you all to bear the pain because of you. Shradhha cries.

The guests come to meet Kunal. They praise their girl. Kamini says where is she. The girl enters and everyone looks at her. Kamini does not like her. Kunal stares at her. The girl is modern. Kunal meets her. She interviews Kunal. Kunal looks at Kamini. Kittu laughs seeing her. Kamini asks the girl what did you think about your future. She says I will do modelling. Kamini says we stay in Delhi. Kamini finds the girl very modern. Kamini is tensed. They leave from the girl’s house. Kunal and Kittu have a laugh. Kunal says I liked her. Kamini says I did not like her. Kittu says the girl was nice. Kamini disagrees. Kittu says Kunal should like the girl. Kunal says I m not ready for marriage. Kittu says you have to get married, I want a bhabhi this time. Kunal jokes.

Shraddha comes to take Dhruv from the school. She waits for Dhruv and panics as Dhruv is missing. She asks the security guard, he tells her that Dhruv’s dad took him. Shraddha is shocked. Shraddha calls Anand to ask him. Shraddha shouts Dhruv on the road. jaya is talking on the phone, so the landline comes busy as Shraddha calls on it. Shraddha looks out for Dhruv everywhere. Shraddha cries.

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