Made for each other update Friday 9 October 2020


Made for each other 9 October 2020: The Episode starts with Anurag saying why am I not happy with this, I can’t do this, its wrong. He calls Komolika and says can you come up, I need you, just come. Mohini signs her. Komolika sees Prerna and says I m just coming.

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Mohini asks what happened. Komolika says it was Anurag’s call, he said he needs me. Mohini asks her to come soon. Komolika goes. Prerna thinks she has something on her mind, but what. Viraj goes to some room. He says when did this happen and how, I just wanted to talk to Prerna, her friendship with Anurag was affecting me, but she came in front of me,

I felt I don’t want to lose her, come on Viraj…. we just met few days back, I said yes for marriage thinking she is incomplete like me, we can complete each other, I have feelings for her, but why, maybe because she is really good, if she can do this for a friend, she can do a lot for her love. Veena hears him and goes.

Komolika collides with Ronit and shouts you are fired. Ronit says as you wish. She sees him and says Ronit. He asks what would you like to have. She says Prerna, go and get her. He says alright, I will get Prerna, that’s my promise. She goes. He recalls Prerna slapping him and gets angry.

Anurag thinks why didn’t Sonalika come. Ronit shows Prerna’s pic to his goons and asks them to kidnap her. They agree. Ronit says there shouldn’t be any mistake, just go now. He collides with Shivani and says I m sorry. Shivani asks him to stop. He goes away and calls Komolika. He says I collided with Shivani, I think she doubts me, please handle it. She says I will handle her, it would be your last mistake. He thanks her. She stops Shivani and argues.

Shivani says I m happy for Prerna, look at Anurag, he is seeing Prerna, what’s your plan, Prerna and Viraj’s marriage won’t happen. Ronit goes. Moloy asks the youngsters to dance. He says I m much young and can’t dance, come on.


Everyone smiles and claps. Shivani thinks where did that man go. Anurag and Viraj go to Prerna. Shivani sees Ronit and follows. Viraj steps back. Komolika says Viraj, why don’t you dance with me, Prerna may get tired dancing. Viraj says of course. Prerna thinks Anurag will come close if you try to make him away. Ronit hides from Shivani and looks for clothes. Shivani thinks he didn’t need to hide. He thinks to do something of her. Anupam holds her. She gets scared. He asks what happened. She says I feel someone is here, Prerna’s life is in danger, I know the man after her life. Nivedita asks Anupam to come with her. They go. Everyone dances. Hawayein…plays… Anurag holds Prerna’s hand.

They dance. Anupam praises their pairing. Viraj says Prerna is dancing, I will dance with her. Komolika says no, you are seeing Anurag wishing to dance with Prerna, he actually likes her a lot, its clear, he is good hearted, he should know that Prerna is yours, Anurag shouldn’t know that I told this to you, I hope you understand. Viraj says I do understand. Moloy signs Anupam. Anupam asks Nivediya for dance. They dance. Anurag says I like dancing with you. Prerna says I know. Anurag recalls her. He says we danced many times together before. She nods. Mohini looks on. Goons see Prerna. Komolika dances with Anurag. Prerna dances with Viraj. Everyone claps. Prerna gets hurt. Anurag asks what happened, is it hurting, come. He takes Prerna. Komolika says its high time, you talk to Anurag, man to man. Viraj goes after them.



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