Age is just a number update Saturday 10 October 2020

Age is just a number 10 October 2020: Vaidika reaches the temple, but Sahil tells her that she is late. Nani curses Pankti for breaking her daughter’s house. They notice Vaidika was getting unconscious. Sahil holds Vaidika to hospital.

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Prachi and Puneesh stood behind a wall, Puneesh tells Prachi that he filled Vaidika’s body with poison. She won’t reach hospital. Till now, everything is going as per their planning. In the hospital, Sahil requests the doctor to save Vaidika. Nani and Bari Amma drag Pankti to hospital. Nani tells Sahil that it’s because of Pankti’s mother that she couldn’t reach Sahil, she held her captive and even poisoned Vaidika.

They blame Pankti and doesn’t accept her claims of being ignorant. Bari Amma slaps Pankti on the face. The doctor comes there and says the poison has spread her body, they can’t say much about her now. He sends Sahil to Vaidika and asks everyone to pray that Vaidika is saved. Sahil was distressed and leaves.

Pankti comes to her mother who smiles watching her sindoor and mangal sooter. She says Pankti has done whatever she wanted, she was about to hug Pankti. Pankti forbids her mother to touch her. She says Vaidika saved their life, how could she do this to her children. Her mother tells Pankti that Sahil was worth Pankti, not that Vaidika. And if Pankti doesn’t stay into this bond, she is still capable of hurting Vaidika’s children.

She accepts that she was the one who sent Vaidika trying to intrigue Pankti with boiling oil, she put the doubt in Gaurav’s mind as well; and now she can kill Vaidika and her children as well. She tells Pankti to free her from this sin. Pankti says alright, she will do as she says but she needs a promise in return that she won’t hurt Vaidika and her kids anymore. Her mother tells her to take Sahil from Kanpur.

Sahil comes to the temple again and wonders what happened. There, Vaidika and their children were in danger; here he sat in the temple to make her jealous. He didn’t think once that Vaidika can be in a trouble. He complains to God that he didn’t even get any signals; now he prays that Vaidika remains unhurt.

Aarya was crying in the hospital, watching Vaidika in the hospital room. Guddu comes there. Aarya asks why her mother’s life is so tough. Nani cries praying Vaidika’s life is safe. Aarya was sure Sahil will save Vaidika’s life this time again.

Some Pandit’s come to Sahil. They say someone he truly loves is endangered. Only he can undo what’s already done. Sometimes one has to move away from their beloved, to relieve their pain. His companionship is a trouble for her. Pankti heard this from behind. Sahil was in a state of severe tension. Sahil agrees to Baba ji that he is somewhere responsible for Vaidika’s life. He is ready to leave her life forever, if this saves her life. Pankti thinks about her mother’s condition, then place her hand over his shoulder and ready to come along him. Sahil looks towards the idol and says he won’t return into Vaidika’s life if she recovers.

Vaidika gains consciousness. She sits up and asks about Sahil. Bari Amma tells Vaidika that they got his message. He is going to America with Pankti. Nani says they have already left for Lucknow. Sahil left her. Vaidika says this isn’t possible. He is only her husband, she can’t lose him. In the car, Pankti looks towards Sahil.

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