Made for each other update Friday 11 December 2020


Made for each other 11 December 2020: Samidha takes care of Prerna. She gets the shawl and wraps her well. She asks Prerna to get fine soon. She says think of me as your daughter, get fine for my sake. She sees Prerna feeling cold and rubs her hands. Prerna smiles.

Priyanka looks on and thinks their relation is unique. She says I m glad to see you fine. She asks Samidha to come. Prerna asks can you stay for some time. Priyanka says yes, but she has to study for tests and also teach the kids. Samidha says I have to go. Prerna says go, I promise I will come to meet you. Samidha goes. Prerna thinks Komolika knows this girl is close to my heart.

Anurag gets sad. He says I can’t see Prerna’s sorrow and anger. He recalls her words. He says show me the right way, I feel I m becoming selfish, I want to be close to her. Purey chand ki yeh adhi raat….plays…. Prerna thinks of him and says he saved me so that I sign the deal, but I felt getting closer to him, don’t I have courage to hate him, there was something between us. He says her hatred was just anger, she wants to know how did I cheat her, I want to tell her everything, I want my Prerna, I want to see her love in her eyes. He recalls her.

He says I want my love, my Prerna. She thinks he will hurt me again. Komolika comes to talk to him. He says I don’t want to talk. He goes. She thinks he is ignoring me again, this started since he is meeting Prerna. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to sit down, why is the room so cold. He shouts to call the servant. She says I m okay. He says I got to know everything. He shouts on the servant and sends him out. She says you are angry as you missed the flight and couldn’t attend the function. He says no, I don’t like few things. She smiles. She says I think you need some rest. He says I m sorry. She asks why, you didn’t scold me. He says very smart, I get the point, you want me to do what I don’t like, but I will, you are making me a better person, I shall go and apologize to John. He goes.

Anurag recalls Prerna and cries. He says I was ready for this pain, but now I can’t do this, I can’t tolerate it. He drinks. He says I made a big mistake, she used to keep smiling, I had to make her hate me to save her life, I wanted her to change, I can’t ask her to come back in my life, please forgive me, her anger is increasing every day, when I was with her, I used to get peace, I can’t bear this pain. Komolika thinks he didn’t even touch me since last eight years, he got a chance and kissed Prerna, as if they would have died without the kiss, once Prerna gets ruined, everyone will watch it, she will have to lose her business, will she do this to save the orphanage, what if she didn’t agree, I would have kept Sneha and used her, Sneha should have not died in fire, Prerna would have obeyed me.

Kuki thinks of Kaushik’s words. She says I don’t know what to tell him. Kaushik calls her and says thanks for taking my call, sorry, I called to ask about Prerna. She says Prerna is fine. He says I just had to ask this. He ends call. Shivani thinks of Anurag and Prerna. Veena asks what are you thinking. Shivani says Anurag was madly worried for Prerna. Veena says you won’t talk about him in front of Prerna. Shivani says listen to me once. Veena says Mr. Bajaj is her husband and everything, remember this. Prerna thinks of Anurag. She shouts Anurag and wakes up. Kuki comes and asks what happened, are you fine, why did you shout. Prerna says nothing. She thinks why did Anurag come in my dream, why do I feel I need to save him, from whom?

Prerna asking Kuki not to worry and sleep, it was just a bad dream. Kuki goes. Its morning, Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna. He says guess, what do I have. He shows her pic on the magazine cover. He says its a big honour, its written you have given a new face to real estate in Kolkata, you have destroyed Anurag and Basu industries, its all your hardwork, take a look, you are first ever woman to be considered for real estate award. Prerna says I m going to basu house to insult Anurag. She goes. Kuki comes and greets him. She asks for Prerna. He says she went to meet Anurag. She says Anurag’s house, she shouted Anurag’s name at night, maybe she saw a bad dream. He goes.


Komolika thinks Anurag kissed Prerna, its my fault, I m not being his wife, but just his boss, he is missing love in his life, I will be with him. Anurag asks what happened. Komolika asks can’t you see what I want to show you. She hugs him. He says enough, you think whatever happened is because of you, I know you well, I will do the same thing again. She says I m your wife, only I have a right on your body, breath and kiss. He says let me tell me, I was never interested in you, I will never be. She asks why, your taste is still middle class, that girl married Mr. Bajaj but has eyes on you, so she has got after you, you know what such women are called, characterless women.

He says enough, not a word more, Prerna is Mr. Bajaj’s wife, she isn’t anyone’s wife for me, she is my Prerna, don’t say a word against her. She asks why, did you feel bad, you see old Prerna in her, she is married, you want to have an open relationship, you both will kiss and touch each other, I won’t let her come between us, she can’t snatch you, you just care for her, not me. He says I don’t care for you, you came in my life when Prerna was in my life, she was my love, don’t try to become like her. He leaves.

Prerna is on the way. She thinks of Anurag. She says I have reached here after 8 years, I will make them fall into my feet and apologize, I will laugh at Anurag and Komolika, I swear, they will suffer, they think I m an emotional fool, but they don’t know that every sorrowful tear makes me strong. Anurag thinks why did I fall so weak, why did I dream to get her, I have to control, else Komolika may create a trouble for her. Anurag sits to tie the shoe lace. Prerna comes home. He senses her beside. She walks upstairs. He doesn’t see her. He says why do I feel she is here.

Prerna meets Basus. Nivedita gets Anurag’s call and says I m coming, you start the meeting. Prerna says if Anurag isn’t here, then you are here, look at this, this is Prerna Bajaj. Komolika smiles. Prerna says its written that I have destroyed Anurag in business, you think Bajaj city is built overnight, do you think I m a fool to give you 51 % stake. Komolika thinks I would have kept Sneha in my hands, Samidha doesn’t matter to her. She says fine, you will be responsible for the kids now.

Mohini says Komolika is right. Komolika says I always get what I want, I will get the stake some day, it will be fun to see the orphanage breaking down. Prerna says I didn’t say that I won’t give you the papers, I came to show my achievements, Samidha’s happiness is imp for me, this 51% stake won’t matter to me in front of the kids, tell me, where to sign the papers. Komolika asks what did you say. She goes and says Samidha is special for Prerna, I can’t believe it, Prerna is donating the business for Samidha, anyway, her loss is my gain. Nivedita comes and asks are you really going to blackmail her, if Anurag knows…. Komolika asks did I ask for your advice, go and find the file. Prerna taunts Mohini. Mohini says its not work if a wife cooks for her husband. Prerna sees Anurag, Komolika and Diya’s pic. She thinks no one can think of your dark side.

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