Made for each other update Saturday 12 December 2020

Made for each other 12 December 2020:  Prerna thinks of Samidha. FB shows Samidha running to meet her to give the Durga maa chunri. Prerna says promise me, you won’t risk your life. Samidha says promise, you always keep this chunri, you won’t fall in problems. She hugs Prerna. FB ends.

Prerna thinks I can do anything for her. Komolika asks Nivedita to check the file. Nivedita says its right, but what about Anurag, if he knows. Komolika says he will get angry knowing that we asked 51 percent shares from Prerna, he was upset knowing about the demolition. Prerna hears them and gets shocked. Nivedita says Anurag will never want Prerna’s project stake to come to us, he will be upset, he will ruin himself but he will help Prerna. Komolika says he ruined himself and our business, we had many losses, its time we cover these loses, don’t get into this, let me handle Prerna.

Prerna goes. Komolika says I will handle Anurag when time comes. She goes and gives the file to Prerna. She says I knew you will sign these papers. Prerna signs the papers. Komolika asks Nivedita to learn from her. She says you think of her big sacrifice, this can ruin her, just imagine, if this magazine gets an article that Prerna has fallen from the sky to the ground, now I will get the award, I m the 51 percent stake holder, I have turned the game. Prerna says its the best deal for me, there is love and peace, I don’t think you understand this. Komolika says I will send you a copy. Prerna says not that easy, give me orphanage papers and you can get these papers. Komolika says you are sharp, else how would you become a Bajaj from Basu. She asks Nivedita to get the orphanage papers. She asks Mohini to offer tea to Prerna. Prerna says black coffee. Mohini goes.

Komolika says when I had seen you in my husband’s arms, I decided to demolish the ashram, I tried to explain you, you fought with me. They start arguing. Prerna says if you and Anurag try to harm the kids, then you won’t know what I will do, you will regret to ask for the stake. Komolika says you look cute when you say this, look at me, I m Anurag’s wife, stay away from him from now, it will be better for you. Prerna says I hate Anurag, you keep him, congrats, if I get stuck in such a situation, then this isn’t going to happen. Mohini brings the coffee. Prerna asks didn’t you get cookies. Mohini says it got over. Nivedita gives the orphanage papers. Prerna gives the deal file. She checks the orphanage papers. Komolika smiles.

Anurag is on the way. Manager calls him and reminds the meeting. Anurag says I think we should invest in textiles, you carry on, Nivedita is coming, she will start the meeting. He looks for a place to park his car. Mr. Bajaj comes there. Anurag shouts just watch it. Mr. Bajaj gets down the car. They start arguing for the parking space. Mr. Bajaj says I feel there is another reason for the anger. Anurag says you know I m angry, you are pretending like nothing happened. Mr. Bajaj says I have courage to accept the truth, do you have a courage to accept that you are hiding your reality, that you can fall so low and took help from someone you used to hate for 8 years, its easy to love someone, but tough to respect the one you love. Anurag says that’s why I like gold, look my car is parked well, it was always my place, I don’t show my right on my things, whom would I show, I know my place, I don’t keep an eye on others’ things, if someone has my thing, then I don’t leave it, I will take back my thing from you, its not yours, it will always be mine. Mr. Bajaj says I understood, what about the gold, explain me some day. Anurag goes.

Prerna recalls Komolika and Nivedita’s words, Anurag’s words. She thinks why did he save me if he didn’t want my sign, what was the reason, he could have left me to die, why did he try to kill me, I have to find out the secret. Manager greets Mr. Bajaj and asks him to check the pointers. Mr. Bajaj recalls Anurag’s words. He thinks what was he trying to say, why don’t I understand. He thinks he was talking about gold, he meant that I have snatched Prerna, he wants Prerna back, his dream won’t get fulfilled, I can never give Prerna back, she is safe with just me. Anurag sees the presentation. He says black signifies darkness and red signifies love. He thinks of Prerna.

Anurag saying its good choice. His wallet falls down. He picks it and sees Prerna’s pic. He recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words. He thinks I know you and this is troubling you. Chandrika comes to ashram with some stuff. The people see the burn marks on her hand. Prerna comes to meet Priyanka. The man says you are Prerna, you stood before the bulldozer to save the ashram, thanks, Priyanka isn’t here, but her elder sister is here. Prerna says fine, I will give her orphanage papers. The man asks Chandrika to come, someone came to meet Priyanka. Chandrika says let Priyanka meet her. The man says this lady saved our ashram, I know you don’t want to meet strangers, but she got the orphanage papers, Prerna saved it. Chandrika asks the name again. She recalls Anurag’s words.

FB shows Komolika saying this girl’s mum is greedy and clever, she is Prerna. She shows Prerna’s pic and says she is a bad woman, this baby is unlucky. Chandrika thinks is it the same Prerna.
Anurag leaves in his car. He worries and says why aren’t the brakes working. He tries harder. The car stops. Moloy comes and asks him to come out of the car. Anurag asks what happened, brakes weren’t running, I pushed hard and then the car stopped. Moloy asks you okay.

Anurag says yes, you here. Moloy asks why, I can come here. Anurag says last time, Prerna saved me when the car brakes failed, I told her not to come, but she risked her life, I realized that I don’t want to die, I want nothing to happen to me till diwali. Moloy says we will celebrate 100 diwali together, you will live long. Anurag says I m not scared of death, I feel I should rectify my mistakes. Moloy says I know my son well, you can’t do wrong, if you feel so, then rectify it. Anurag says sure, come. He jokes. Moloy goes. Anurag also leaves.

He thinks I don’t want to die until I tell everything to Prerna, she has tolerated a lot already. He calls Mr. Bajaj and says I have special plan for diwali, Ram returned to Ayodhya, I believe that Sita returned to her Sasural, its on children’s day this year. Mr. Bajaj says I was thinking right, he is going to become a big trouble for me, what is he up to. Prerna holds a girl. The lady shouts Sneha and comes to take her. Sneha says we have come to take my sister, Thanks. Prerna gets sad and says Sneha. Samidha comes. Prerna hugs her and cries. Priyanka comes. Prerna gives the orphanage papers. She says no one can snatch this land now. Samidha says you have fulfilled your promise. Prerna says now we will never get away from each other. Chandrika comes and gets shocked. She thinks she is same Prerna.

FB shows Priyanka and Chandrika coming to police station and showing papers to inspector. They say she is our girl. Inspector says but she asked me to find her mum, she got this chunri, everyone has such devimaa chunri. Chandrika says I promise I will find your mum, I will unite you and her. Samidha hugs her. Komolika shows the stake papers. Mohini asks her to have sweets. Komolika asks why is Nivedita upset. Mohini says nothing. Komolika goes to attend a call.

Mohini asks can’t you smile in front of her. Nivedita says no, I m not happy, you know how we got this stake. Mohini says you are worried for that orphans, don’t worry, Prerna will take care of them, the kids are lucky, I admit Komolika is bad, Prerna is good, she will look after the kids, but we are getting our money and respect back because of Komolika, so just remember that, Anurag and you were upset after losing Basu city project, you will be back in the league just because of Komolika. Nivedita says really sorry, I feel angry, Komolika did a lot for us.

Komolika comes. Nivedita says we were deciding to celebrate a big achievement. Komolika says great, Mohini explained you. Nivedita says you are fulfilling Basu city project, thanks. Komolika says welcome, I think Prerna is very emotional and signed papers. She thinks I wish her daughter was alive, she is so stupid. She takes the file and goes. Nivedita says Komolika is worth the appreciation, I think I should do something to make her feel good, but maybe you won’t like it. Chandrika thinks Samidha got her mum’s love, Prerna doesn’t know about her.

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