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Anurag ask for help. The man says the door is jammed. Anurag says Prerna and I got locked here, call a doctor. The man says I need to call the repairing guy, I will call the doctor as well. He goes. Anurag asks Prerna not to give up. He tries to warm up her hands. Komolika asks did you see Anurag.

Mohini says I didn’t see him. Komolika says call Nivedita and ask her. She gets angry. Mohini says Anurag isn’t with Nivedita. Anurag says I didn’t make a sacrifice that you die like this, I m living as you are living, you can’t give up. He checks her pulse. Mahesh and Shivani joke.

The man comes and says the ice cellar door got jammed, Prerna and Anurag are locked inside. Komolika gets shocked. She asks where is the ice cellar. The man says this way. Anurag says I won’t let anything happen to you. He shouts for help. He says your oxygen level will end, you won’t be able to breath, don’t give up. He gives her oxygen through mouth to mouth resuscitation. Prerna gets conscious and sees him. She gets away. She asks how dare you get close to me. He says thank God. She says don’t say anything. He says thank God, you got saved, I was scared for you.

They start arguing. She says you aren’t my Anurag, you have no humanity, you have signed on the orphanage demolition papers. He says I didn’t do it, trust me. She says I have seen your signatures, you know I love Samidha, you did this to hurt me, you think I will trust you. He says I didn’t do this. She says I can never forgive you, you showed you can do anything, see what I do. He says enough, do you think I can do this, look into my eyes. She recalls his words. Komolika comes and knocks the door, shouting Anurag. Prerna faints. Anurag shouts Prerna. Shivani asks Mahesh to open the door. The man comes and unlocks the door. Everyone enters.

They see Anurag holding Prerna in his arms and taking care of her. They get Anurag and Prerna out. Anurag takes Prerna to her room. He asks the doctor to check her. He says we got locked in the cellar, she fainted there, no one came to save us. Doctor asks him to change clothes first and stay warm. Mohini asks him to go and change. Anurag says just check Prerna. Doctor asks for heater to warm up the room. Anurag goes. Doctor says I m sure Anurag has provided her oxygen level and saved her life, else she would have not survived, don’t worry, I will give an injection. Komolika gets angry. Doctor says you should thank Anurag, he saved her life, if I m not wrong, he is Prerna’s husband, right. Shivani gets silent. Doctor leaves. Mahesh gets clothes for Anurag. Mohini asks Komolika to listen to her. Komolika warns her and sends her away. She goes and gets angry on Anurag. He asks how is Prerna. She asks how dare you ask me. He goes. She says you didn’t do right to anger me, Prerna.

Prerna gets up. Shivani says Anurag saved you. Prerna says doctor doesn’t know that Anurag tried to kill me. Shivani says he was madly worried for you, don’t know why. Prerna recalls his words. Shivani says I know you hate him, he tried to kill you, he saved you. Anurag says I wanted to see Prerna once. Veena says Prerna is conscious now, doctor left, we have fixed a room heater, she is fine, go home and rest. He says I will see her once. Veena says I don’t want you to meet her again. She gives him a shawl. He asks can I see her once. She says no way. He turns to go. She says thanks to respect my word. Prerna thinks its true that I would have died if he didn’t save me, why did he save me. Shivani says I will get soup for you. Prerna asks did Anurag leave. Shivani says yes. Prerna thinks there is something I don’t know, why is it tough to understand him. Komolika comes and says I m glad you are alive. Prerna says you would be happy if I had died. Komolika says you should move on, Anurag also moved on. She takes a fruit knife and makes a face.

Komolika says relax, I m cutting an apple, Anurag told me he was helpless to kiss you. Prerna says you are fake and he is a liar, maybe he saved me to take revenge, like I had saved him, he won’t get happiness again. Komolika asks her to have apple. Prerna says you have it. Komolika says we saved you so that you give us 50 percent Bajaj city shares to Basus, think of the children who will lose their house, we will demolish the orphanage. She threatens Prerna. She says think of Samidha, I promise we won’t touch the orphanage if you give us the shares, you will do a great deed by saving the house of many kids, its Samidha’s house, she loves you as her mum, you also love her, lets see, if money matters to you or Sneha’s memories, govt will throw the kids to another city, you may lose your daughter again, call me if you want help, I m there, take care, think well. Prerna thinks Anurag kept this deal in front of me, I hate him.

Samidha asks about Prerna. Anurag pacifies her. She says Prerna is fine. Samidha says I love her and she also loves me. He says don’t worry, she is fine, you won’t face any problem, I will stand before you, relax, you give this shawl to Prerna, it will keep her warm. She says I worry for you also. He says I m perfectly alright, you should be with Prerna, go and give this to her. Samidha goes. He recalls Prerna’s words. He thinks did I sign the papers with some other papers, how did Rohitash pass the order, maybe by mistake. Komolika comes to Samidha. She says you are an angel, why are you sad. Samidha says doctor came to see Prerna, I m worried that she is unwell. Komolika says she is fine now. Samidha thanks her. Komolika thinks you can’t think you have helped me, you are my trump card, if Prerna gets trapped, then her business is finished, she will regret and cry. She says you can go to her and give my wishes also. Samidha goes.

Prerna thinks of Anurag. She recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words. FB shows I know you loved Anurag. Prerna says he has tried to kill me. He says sorry, I m trying to explain that Anurag won’t think before playing dirty games with you, he will try to harm the thing you love to upset you, so that he wins the business. She says I was weak 8 years back, now you have made me strong, I know Anurag well. He says you will face him alone. She says you are with me. He says okay. FB ends. She thinks Anurag has hurt my weakness, Mr. Bajaj was right, how didn’t I see that, Anurag wants to snatch everything from me, he made me realize that I couldn’t save Sneha, he sent Komolika to me, he has fallen a lot. Komolika smiles and thinks Prerna will lose her Bajaj city project, she will be the poor class girl, once she gives 50% shares to us, I have to talk to my husband also, he is going after Prerna, I have to teach him a lesson.

Komolika stops Anurag and says you can’t ignore me, you got a chance and went to Prerna, did you look at yourself, aren’t we married, you forgot the marriage vows and went close to Prerna, tell me, don’t say its a lie, I have heard the doctor, you were giving body warmth to Prerna, you were so close to her, you talk big things in front of the society, you ruined a pure relation of marriage on seeing a girl. He shouts enough, you have dirt in your mind. She asks really, my thinking is dirty, I went and kissed some other man, right, or you kissed Prerna. Guests leave. They say bye. Komolika asks Anurag to answer. He says yes, I kissed her, I will do it again if she is stuck in such a situation. He scolds her.

She says we will go home and talk. He says if you believe in Karma, then you will pay for your bad deeds soon. She says I m your wife. He says you gave the order to demolish the orphanage, its on my land. She asks who said it, its a lie, why would I do it. He says of course. She says Prerna told you, right, she is jealous of me, I have changed, I didn’t do anything wrong, I was upset today, I was jealous seeing you both, you have told wrong to me. He holds her face and says I know you since 8 years, tell this story to someone else, shut up. She says trust me. He says orphanage was getting demolished, Prerna stopped it. She says so what, municipal commissioner will know about it. He says I spoke to Rohitash, he told me that you lied to me and asked him to demolish the orphanage, how can you do it, you surprise me always, how. She says you are thinking wrong. He says fine, prove me wrong. He asks her to come. He leaves in his car.


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