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Love will never lie 23 April 2020: The activist ladies break into Nandini’s house and considers her a curse for women. They drag her out of the apartment. Jyoti and Rajdeep stood with a smirk on face.

Mauli stood while still lost in thoughts of Kunal and her life. She cries when Nandini’s thoughts intervene. Kunal reaches right behind her. He asks why she called him in family court. Can we speak for a while? A lawyer comes there. Mauli says Kunal is here, they must start with divorce proceedings. Kunal was taken aback at her decision. The lady introduces herself as Mauli’s lawyer. Mauli heads with her. Kunal was in a state of shock.
The female activists shout slogans against Nandini’s character, kicking, pushing her down on floor while cursing her. Nandini cries while being disgraced. Jyoti says she is her daughter’s childhood friend, her daughter supported her but she in return broke her house and snatched her husband. Is she worth living in this society? Women like her do so as a business. People protest against Nandini. Rajdeep breaks in and says she is his wife, had good household sense as well but is fond of strange men. He cries questioning why Nandini left his house, and broke someone else’s? Nandini claims him to be a liar. The lady activists blame Nandini for continuing her characterless acts in the isolated apartment. They harass Nandini. Nandini requests to make a call. Jyoti snatches the phone and says Nandini will only get a punishment she will never forget.

Sweety was at Malhotra house. She says she already warned Sweety and even claimed to have seen Kunal with someone else on phone. Mamma asks Sweety to speak something nice, she shouldn’t taunt them. Dida goes to her room.

Mauli’s lawyer present the divorce case to magistrate in presence of both husband and wife. Mauli thinks about Kunal getting her name tattooed on his finger. Kunal asks Mauli if Mamma and Dida know what she is up to. She moves her head in no. The magistrate asks for a reason to divorce. Mauli thinks about Kunal and Nandini’s love. The lawyer suggests about blaming Kunal for cheating. Mauli wasn’t ready to disclose their personal matters. She says both of us wants divorce, they won’t be able to live together. The magistrate asks for a solid reason. Mauli recalls Kunal and Nandini’s love and care for each other. She says their likings, their paths and everything have parted.

The magistrate takes Kunal’s consent. He was silent. The magistrate says its difficult to continue with one’s marriage, they are doctors and believe in healing; they should give another chance to their marriage and try to remove the gaps between themselves. Mauli and Kunal silently look towards each other. Magistrate gives them a time of one month, if things doesn’t resolve then the proceedings of divorce will be continued. Kunal watch Mauli’s tear fell off her face. She turns to leave the court.
The guard of apartment tried to stop the activists and was now calling Kunal. Kunal was only concerned for Mauli at the moment.

Jyoti blamed Nandini for always making herself for strangers. She must be severely punished for her illicit act. The activists were provoked for granting strict punishment to Nandini.
Kunal checks his cell phone. He now gets a call from Nandini Thakur’s flat owner, he complains that he trusted on Kunal but Nandini is an ill charactered lady. There is a whole bunch of activists down in the society. This society is for respectable and not for one’s like Nandini Thakur. Kunal runs towards Nandini’s apartment.

The activists brought a bucket filled in tar. They rub their hands to blacken Nandini’s face. Rajdeep smirks ready to witness her insult, her body guard isn’t here as well.
Kunal was travelling to Nandini’s apartment in an auto.
Nandini was in a state of shock as the ladies around rubbed their hands in tar.
Nandini sat under the shower in her washroom, psychologically distressed. Black water washing off her arms. She rubs the color off, recalling everyone’s accusation over her character.

Kunal finds Nandini trembling on the floor. He consoles Nandini and says she isnt wrong or sinful. He won’t spare the one responsible of all this.
Rajdeep was asleep when the doorbell continuously rings. As soon as he opens the door, Kunal breaks in and questions how dare Rajdeep harassed Nandini. Rajdeep insists that Nandini is his wife and he has been into her house for more than ten time since the restraining orders. Now he has the strength of women activists who pulled her out and blackened her face. He will continue running her image in front of the society until she loses all her respect and thrown out of the apartment. Kunal stood silently, and thanks Rajdeep for confessing everything. Police and lawyer enter the house then and had enough evidence to make a strong case against Rajdeep now.

Mauli returns home. Mamma was worried where she had been. Mauli takes a seat and cries saying she ended up everything, her promises of seven lives with Kunal and their marriage. She has filed a divorce against Kunal. The court gave them one month time period to reconsider their case. If Kunal couldn’t understand his importance in her life in seven years, how he would reconcile with her in one month. He belongs to someone else now. Dida cries hearing this all, her limbs tremble while she goes faint on her wheel chair. Pramilla find Dida unconscious and calls Mauli for help. Mauli checks Dida’s nerve, she was taken aback.

Kunal tells Rajdeep that people like Rajdeep are defeated by brains. Rajdeep denies doing anything, it were the women activists. Kunal says he understand Rajdeep is a stupid man. The lawyer places charges of domestic violence, harassment of Nandini, breaking restraining orders, breaking into her house and attempt to murder (compelling Nandini for suicide) was all that he accepted. Rajdeep accuses Kunal of adultery. The lawyer says Nandini has served him divorce papers, and forces Rajdeep to sign them. He denies but the lawyer says Nandini isn’t a personal property of Rajdeep.

Rajdeep signs the papers. Kunal says this is the difference between love and stubbornness, she might forget what Rajdeep did but will always be grateful of this freedom today. Rajdeep goes with the police. Kunal thinks Nandini is truly free today.
Mauli calls the hospital for cardiac doctor and emergency team to reach her home as they can’t move the patient. Mamma rubbed Dida’s hands and feet. Mauli says nothing can happen to Dida.
Nandini has a nightmare about the event on the day. She trembled in the bed. The doorbell rings. Nandini shuts her ears tightly while the lady’s voice echo in her mind. She gets a call from Kunal to open the door. She hurriedly runs to open the door. Nandini was cautious and tells him to leave, those activist may come here again. Kunal assures no one is here, only they are here. Nandini forbids him connect himself to her. She is a filthy woman. Kunal holds her there and says neither are they filthy, nor is their relation. They are only unlucky, their love isn’t wrong completely. They can be called as weak but now wrong.

People might call them irresponsible, confused, selfish but not wrong or filthy. They have hurt their family and must bear the pains. The doctor advices Mauli and Mamma not to give them any kind of emotional trauma and stress as her condition is stable but weak. Mamma goes to leave the doctor to the door. Dida wakes up. Mauli asks her to take some rest for a while. Dida requests her to let her speak and lighten her heart. Dida says it’s not the time for her to die, she only has a wish from Mauli. Mauli promises anything. Dida asks Mauli to give another chance to her marriage.

Kunal tells Nandini that people have no right to punish them, it’s only their relation’s right. Only law can control the rules, not society. He has gone to that same law today and got some space for themselves.
Dida says she doesn’t claim Mauli as wrong, or justifies Kunal. Marriages don’t happen again. She and Kunal married, but they all were tied through this one thread. If it breaks, everyone will scatter.

Nandini reads the divorce papers signed by Rajdeep. Tears fell off her face. Kunal promises to always live with Nandini now.
Dida asks Mauli to give the one month its full chance. Mauli says its really difficult for Kunal to return from where he has reached. Dida insists that Mauli brought her from death. She doesn’t advice Mauli to bear the unjust attitude of Kunal, but we sometimes forgive our blood relations and friends in life as well, then why now our companion?
Kunal asks Nandini to stay strong and fight with the world now.Dida says they can’t deny Kunal is wrong, she joins her hands to Mauli to forgive Kunal. Both cry hard.

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