Gangaa update Tuesday 21 April 2020

Gangaa 21 April 2020: Sagar is studying in his room when he thinks of Ganga. She had told Niranjan to fire Tiwari ji and he had raised his hand midair to slap her but had stopped. I wouldn’t have stopped myself if it was Sagar or Pulkit in your place then I would have punished them such that they would not forget in their life ever.

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Sagar is disturbed. Amma ji had taken Ganga’s side. He hears some noise and peeks outside his window to check. A few guys are on the bike. They throw a note covered around a stone in his room and drive away.

Pulkit takes the note before Sagar can even open it. Sagar is curious about the content in the paper. Do you know those bikers? Are they your friends? I have never seen them with you. Pulkit doesn’t tell him anything. This message is only for me. Sagar is sure there is something fishy. Pulkit refuses to share it with him. Sagar is irked. No one tells me anything; neither Ganga nor you! He tries to go but Pulkit stops him. what happened? Sagar says everything changed. I cannot understand anything.

Dadi is always angry with Ganga but these days she is supporting Ganga. Plus Papa is scolding Ganga these days. He is upset with her. Pulkit too is confused. Sagar feels there is some secret between Ganga and Dadi. Pulkit suggests him to find out if he is so confused about the entire thing. Don’t even try to read my messages from the next time onwards. He leaves. Sagar decides to find out the reason behind Ganga and Dadi’s strong friendship.

Amma ji is doing puja. Ganga too sits down for the puja upon her askance. She makes Ganga recite after her and makes her swear in her Bappa’s name. Ganga’s maun vrat (where she is supposed to not talk to anyone or utter anything) starts. You cannot break your fast till the time I tell you to. Ganga nods. She sits down to concentrate while Amma ji heads to the kitchen to bring some raw milk.

Sagar comes there and asks her all the questions that have been troubling him. I am sure there is some secret between you and Dadi. Amma ji interrupts him. It is time for you to study. He leaves sadly. Amma ji tells Ganga to nod her head in affirmative or negative in reply to her questions. She is relieved to find out that Ganga kept quiet and dint share anything with Sagar. She sends Ganga to bring something from the kitchen.

Amma ji apologises to her Lord Shaligram. I am troubling such a young girl but I cannot let the world point fingers at me (regarding her status in the family; how Ganga has become more important for Niranjan than his own mother; doesn’t so much as pay heed to her, etc). She thinks of Sudha’s and Prabha’s taunts. The storm inside my soul can be quiet this way only, Lord. You can call it a sin or a good deed but Ganga’s maun vrat can only quieten it. That is the only thing that can bring peace to my heart. Forgive me, I have no other option! Tears stream down her eyes and she too sits down to meditate.

Sagar notices Ganga’s notebooks. He thinks of his father’s disappointment with Ganga. Madhvi comes there and picks up Ganga’s books. Sagar watches it while he hides behind a pillar. Niranjan too comes there. He thinks of his own reaction as he looks at the sugarcane stick. Madhvi justifies his reaction. You would have been angrier on Sagar or Pulkit if they were in Ganga’s place. He nods.

But I wonder how to explain to Ganga. She is not our daughter but we only have to think about her welfare. When and how lovingly should I talk to her? when to be strict with her and till what extent? I cannot understand this. I am scared. She says it is very tough to raises someone else’s child. You know this since the time you had brought her here. Plus I have never seen my husband shying away from his responsibilities or any challenges that life threw in his way and neither do I want to! This is not something wrong.

Gangaa made a mistake and you scolded her for it. the story ends there. A new day will bring a new hope. Forget what happened and then talk to Ganga. She might have understood her mistake too. He is amazed at her simple explanation. Madhvi jokes that Amma ji will scold me if she hears you praising me so much.

Sagar is happy that his father finally smiled once mom explained it to him. Now he can forgive Ganga. Everything will be fine again.

Ganga is watering the plants. Sagar comes to tell her to talk to papa. He is in a good mood now. Madhvi brings milk for Sagar. They all go quiet when they notice NIranjan. Madhvi signals him not to be angry with Ganga anymore. He calls Ganga to come near him. Amma ji too comes out to watch it. Niranjan wants Ganga to tell him the reason behind her action yesterday. I wont say anything if you tell me the truth. She keeps quiet which irks him. Ganga looks at Amma ji who signals her to remain quiet. Ganga shakes her head at Niranjan. He asks her if she doesn’t regret what she did yesterday.

Don’t you feel bad about what you did with Master ji? Why are you quiet? You talk nonstop every day but now you are all quiet! Tell me what happened. Don’t talk to me if you don’t want to! Niranjan tells Madhvi that Tiwari ji was very sad and upset yesterday. He told me not to call him here to teach Ganga but Raghav ji has asked for one last chance. Now you ask Ganga if she wants to study or not! Maybe she will speak to you.

Now we will call Master ji only when Ganga is ready to study. It should be her wish, no pressure of any kind from anyone. Madhvi says Ganga will surely study. Niranjan gets angry by her silence. I don’t want to hear or say anything now. He storms out of the house with Madhvi following him, trying to explain things to him but in vain. Amma ji too goes inside, pleased with her plan. Sagar takes Ganga upstairs with him.

Madhvi tries to take Ganga’s side but Amma ji talks against Ganga. She is so stubborn in such a young age. We scold Pulkit and Sagar too but they don’t react like Ganga. Niranjan was feeling bad yesterday. I had thought to talk to her sweetly but its of no use. She is actually becoming more stubborn day by day. Why should we push her then? She will tell you (Madhvi) if she wants to study or let her be. I have lots of work to do. Don’t let anyone come there.

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