Love or Poison Update Thursday 1 July 2021


Love or Poison 1 July 2021: Viraj tells Sitara he will not bear another lie! She admits she hid her truth but her love wasn’t fake. I died every second while I hid that from you. I have done penitence every second! He breaks a vase angrily and refuses to listen to her anymore. Lies don’t have a longer life. She hugs him. My love was pure. You cannot ignore my love and truth! I am no more a Vishkanya. I have lost all my powers. He tells her he isn’t interested in her words.

I just want a normal life as I am a normal human being. She says the same about her. I wont hide anything from you after today. Please give me one chance. He stands there like a stone for a moment and then helps her stand. She gets hopeful and caresses his face. We will start this new journey honestly. He refuses to keep any relation with her anymore. You wont stay here now. He drags her out of the palace. She asks him to leave her but he pays no heed to her words. Rani Sa and other family members stop Viraj.

He announces that Sitara cannot stay in this house. Rani Sa questions his decision. She did so much for you and your family. She even risked her life for us! Is this how you will treat her? You want to throw her out of your life?Viraj says you don’t know her truth. You yourself will throw her out then. Rani Sa accepts that she knew it already. I knew that Sitara is a Vishkanya. He looks at her in disbelief. You hid this from me? She says I did it for your well being only. Viraj does not budge from his decision but Rani Sa blocks his way.

She wont go anywhere! She is the DIL of this house. My DIL wont step out of the house without my permission! He lets go of Sitara’s hand and walks away upset. Sitara hugs Rani Sa and cries badly. Yamini also tells her not to cry. Don’t lose heart. Arjun also encourages her not to give up. I will talk to Viraj. Padmini tells him against it as Viraj seems extremely angry right now.Viraj returns to his room. Hariyali tells him it is time to play their next move. She hugs him from behind. I am with you.

I wont cheat you ever! We will start a new life together. He removes her hands. You have done many favours on me. I may not be able to pay them back but it does not mean I will listen to anything that you say. Sitara lied to me but my love for her is honest. It will always remain like this. No one can take her place in my heart. It wont be no one if it isn’t Sitara. Saying so, he walks away.Sitara is still crying. Rani Sa requests her to stop. Yamini offers her water but Sitara shakes her head.

She drinks it upon Rani Sa’s request. I will leave the palace if Viraj does not want me to stay with him! She gets up to go but Rani Sa stops her. You have always thought about your family till date. You have been their shield but you have to think about your relation now. You fought diligently to save your family and now you must fight to save your relation. Promise me you wont give up! Sitara promises her. I will win Viraj’s heart again. Rani Sa tells her that they are with her in her fight.

You never thought ill of anyone. I am sure Devi Ma wont let anything wrong happen to you! Sitara nods and hugs her again.Hariyali is pacing angrily in her room. Viraj’s words echo in her head. She breaks a glass angrily. Viraj wont be able to forget Sitara till the time she is in front of him! He wont even look at me. She wont let him move on in life! I have to get her out of my way. I cannot kill her though or I will be cursed again. I don’t want to be stuck in that tree for forever! I must kill Sitara somehow. She smiles thinking of a plan.

Vrinda says we must get out of here asap. They are surprised seeing Hariyali there. Vrinda welcomes her sarcastically. You came back so soon. Where is Viraj? Vishkanya’s mock her. You came back empty hand. We thought you will marry Viraj now. Hariyali looks angry. Vrinda asks her if Viraj said no to her. Poor you! Hariyali tells them that she wants to kill Sitara at any cost. I need your help in this. Vrinda reminds her how powerful she herself is. You can kill her yourself! Albeli tells her not to fall in Hariyali’s words.

She wants to trap us. Hariyali shares that she cannot kill Sitara as she is cursed. I gave her a new life. I don’t want to be caught in the tree again by killing her! I don’t want to live that life again. You are her enemies. Enemy’s enemy is friend after all! She extends her hands towards them. I will award you with freedom in return. Vishkanya’s join hands with her. Hariyali thinks she will kill them once she gets Viraj. Vrinda is thinking on the same lines.

Viraj is setting all his memories with Sitara on fire. Sitara asks him if he hates her so much. Is our love, promises over? She looks at the photos. You don’t even wish to look at me? I accept your wish but will you be able to erase my memories by burning these photos. He says I wish that could happen. I loved you with all my heart and believed every word that you said. You did not deserve it! epi ends on Sitara’s shocked face.Viraj says I believed everything you said. I trusted you but you maligned that word for me! Sitara cries.


Her teardrop falls on Viraj’s arm. He wipes them and looks at her for a second before walking away from there. She heads in the opposite direction sadly. Viraj turns to look at her but does not say anything. Padmini requests Viraj to listen to Bhabhi once. Trust / understand her love once. She did commit a mistake but she has done a lot for her love and family. Viraj walks away without saying anything to her.Hariyali thanks the peepal tree for protecting her for 400 years.

You gave me so many powers and kept me safe. Your every offering was a gift for me. No power has been snatched from me now that I am free from the curse. She kisses the tree affectingly. I will be indebted to you for life! The weather changes suddenly and so does her behaviour. She suddenly starts hitting the tree. I was cursed because of you! My love was incomplete and you are responsible for it! She pours kerosene oil on the tree and sets it on fire. Go to hell now! The tree burns into ashes right before her eyes.

Samrat stands in Hariyali’s way. She can smell that he is drunk and gets upset. He holds her hand. You are very beautiful. She asks him to let go of her hand but he holds her close. I really like you! Viraj slaps his brother. Will you force yourself on a girl? Samrat asks him if he will lecture his brother whereas he only spends time with Hariyali behind closed doors. Viraj warns him to be careful or he will kill him. Samrat asks him why he is so bothered seeing him so close to Hariyali.

Viraj tells him he has lost his mind. You don’t know anything about Hariyali. The day you find out how dangerous she is, you will run away! Sitara overhears everything from upstairs.Sitara is bothered by Viraj’s words. Why did Viraj say that about Hariyali? She has saved my life after all.Vishkanya’s are headed towards Sitara’s room. Sitara hears some footsteps and turns around startled. She is shocked to see them and closes the door but Vishkanya’s push it open.

Sitara falls down on the ground. Sitara pulls the carpet thereby making the Vishkanya’s fall down. She runs out of the room taking advantage of the situation. Vishkanya’s start looking for her. Sitara hides under the stairs while Vishkanya’s are standing right next to her. Vrinda can sense her presence. Sitara runs out in the temple. She prays to Devi Ma to protect her. She hides behind Ma’s idol hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. Vrinda is sure she is hiding in the temple. She has neither her powers nor her Viraj today.

They take a step forward but are stopped by Devi Ma. Vishkanya’s challenge Sitara to come out. No one can save you from us today! We know that you are here as you have no other option to save yourself. Sitara does not step out so they speak of targeting Viraj. After all, Sitara asked for Viraj’s life in return of her life. Why don’t we kill him in her place as she dint keep her promise after all? Vrinda asks her sisters to bring Viraj but Sitara begs them not to harm Viraj. I tried to fulfil my promise but Viraj saved me. Please forgive me.

I will do as you say but don’t hurt Viraj. Vrinda nods at Albeli. Albeli and Surili take Sitara with them. Padmini has seen everything.Padmini runs to inform Viraj about it. Please save Bhabhi. Vishkanya’s took her with them. Viraj tells her he isn’t bothered but Padmini knows that he loves Sitara very much. Bhabhi has done a lot for us. Please understand. Save her. He walks away.Vishkanya’s tie Sitara to a tree. Vrinda asks her how she feels to be a normal human being.

You must be feeling bad thinking that the poison which gave you strength till date will kill you now. I feel so bad for you but I must do this! Sitara tells Devi Ma she accepts it if this is what she wants. Vrinda produces small snakelets around Sitara. Sitara screams in pain as one of the snakelets attack her. She loses conscious. Strong wind blows. Vishkanya’s cover their eyes. A guy comes there on a horse wearing a mask on his face. He uses his powers and kills the snakelets in a second. He takes Sitara with him before anyone can realise it.

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