Love or Poison Update Friday 2 July 2021


Love or Poison 2 July 2021: Vrinda and her sisters are shocked to see Sitara missing. Albeli points at the guy on the horse. He took her away! Surili wonders who he is. Vrinda suggests stopping him first. They start following him. Vrinda creates hurdles in his path but he seems unaffected. He runs away in the opposite direction instead shocking Vrinda. They continue chasing him. They start chanting their mantra and join their powers to create stones in his way. He goes in another direction yet again. Albeli says he seems to be more powerful than Hariyali.

Surili thinks how did he escape from so many poisonous snakes and our attacks.The guy keeps Sitara next to a small pond. He moves her hair away from her face and leans closer but withdraws himself. A colourful parrot appears hearing his whistle. The guy talks to the parrot (in mute). He cures Sitara next. The parrot hovers over them. The guy keeps a note next to Sitara. He leaves from there.Hariyalireprimands Vishkanya’s for not doing one small task properly.

They insist that they tried their best but Hariyali says an ordinary guy took Sitara from you so easily. He seemed better than you guys! They tell her that it is easier said than done. They wonder who that guy could be. They tell Hariyali it cannot be anyone other than VIraj. Hariyali thinks VIraj cannot cheat him.Sitara gains conscious and looks at the parrot. She is confused to see herself fine. Where am I? She reads the note from stranger. Don’t try to know anything about me as you wont be able to! Forget everything and rest assured that your enemies could not hurt you! Your enemies wont stop though.

I saved your life in this parrot. Their attacks wont affect you but keep this parrot safely. Sitara looks up but the parrot isn’t there. She looks at the note again wherein her saviour tells her to take care. She thinks who it could be. Why would someone do all this for me? She smiles hearing the sound of the parrot and heads towards the palace.Hariyali knocks at Viraj’s door. Did he save Sitara? She uses her powers to open the door. Viraj is standing in one corner of the room with his eyes fixed on his and Sitara’s photo. Hariyali gets angry.

I was knocking since so long. Why dint you open the door? He is too lost in his own thoughts. She asks him to answer her. You are still thinking about Sitara right? He says Sitara kept me in dark but she has supported me and my family through thick and thin. She needs us today. Hariyali asks him if he will risk his life for Sitara now. He is clueless but she tells him not to act before her. He asks her if Vishkanya’s attacked Sitara again. Please save Sitara if its true. Our relation has broken but I still love her very much! He folds his hands before him.

Hariyali realises that Viraj dint save Sitara. She assures him that Sitara is not in any trouble now. Viraj says I know you wont let anything wrong happen to her. Thank you so much. She shares that she dint save Sitara. It was a guy wearing a mask who saved Sitara. Viraj is puzzled. Why would someone risk his life to save Sitara? Hariyali says it means he isn’t involved in any of this.Sitara has told everything to Rani Sa, Yamini and Padmini. Rani Sa asks him if she saw the guy’s face.

Sitara shakes her head. Rani Sa asks her if it was Viraj. Sitara says it might be true. Padmini reasons that he has no powers to fight with Vishkanya’s. How can it be? That guy has saved your life in this parrot. Viraj does not have such powers. Rani Sa seconds her. Sitara asks them to come with her. She brings them to Rajguru’s room and rummages through his books. She finally finds the Shakti Granth there. Maybe VIraj read this book to gain powers. The mystery guy looks at them from the window.

Surili tells Hariyali she must be mistaken. You love Viraj so you will think what you wish to think. Hariyali retorts that she knows the difference between right and wrong. I very well know Viraj wont lie to me. Surili laughs. This is what every lover says! Hariyali is positive Viraj is clueless about it. He dint react at all to what I said. Vrinda says it wont be difficult to kill Sitara as she isn’t a Vishkanya anymore. We will attack her stealthily in night now so no one can save her! I will go alone this time!

Sitara is resting in her room when Vrinda peeks at her. It is sad that I have to kill the girl who I gave birth to! I am compelled to do it though! I was sad that I never sang a lullaby for you in childhood but I will put you to sleep permanently with my poisonous dagger today! The parrot starts chirping. Hariyali’s cat gets angry. Vrinda stabs Sitara in her sleep. Sitara looks at her in shock.

Vrinda stabs Sitara in her sleep. Sitara looks at her in shock. Sitara gets away and hides from her behind a pillar. The mystery guy hits Vrinda’s head on the wall just when she is about to attack Sitara. Sitara finds herself facing Albeli and Surili. They pity her state and chase her around the palace. Albeli and Surili loosen the chandelier. It falls on Sitara right when she is passing from there but she isn’t hurt at all. She sits up unscathed. They attack Sitara again but in vain. Sitara lost all her powers! Why aren’t our attacks affecting her? The parrot comes there.

Even the mystery guy appears there. He wards off Surili’s and Albeli’s attacks with one stick. They pass out on the floor.The mystery guy walks past Sitara who follows him quietly. The guy looks away as Sitara look at him. She asks him as to who he is. Why are you helping me? Why are you saving my life again and again? Who are you? She reaches out for his mask but he pushes her hand away. She demands to know about the one who is saving her life and is fighting for her. He shakes his head.

She insists upon knowing the reason behind him doing so. He whispers something in the ears of his parrot who sits on Sitara’s shoulder. The mystery guy walks away from there. Sitara is still in thoughts.Hariyali comes to Viraj’s room but he isn’t there. She wonders if he is the mystery guy. She turns to go when she meets Viraj. He tries to avert her but she keeps blocking his way. Where were you at this hour? He replies that he was on terrace. She asks him why he went there alone at this time.

You could have asked me. We would have spent some time together. Why dint you take me along? He replies that he wanted to go alone. He takes her hands off his. Back off! What are you doing here? She tells him that she came to check if he is with Sitara. He tells her he does not want to hear Sitara’s name. I have accepted your second condition. You don’t have a right to ask for anything else. She smiles thinking that he accepted her wish. It is time to win his heart now! Who is the mystery guy if it isn’t Viraj?

Everyone has gathered for morning puja. Sitara is doing aarti. Samrat keeps looking at Hariyali sweetly but she ignores him. Hariyali’s cat’s eyes are fixated on the parrot. Sitara gives aarti to everyone. She feels a little bad seeing Viraj’s blank reaction.The cat attacks the parrot and breaks one of its wings. The parrot attacks the cat and kills it.Everyone blesses Sitara as they take Prasad from her. Viraj turns to go but she requests him to take Prasad. It is ok to be angry but you must not disrespect God’s Prasad. He asks her if he should take Prasad or poison from her.

Rani Sa tells him not to refuse Prasad. Sitara offers him a laddoo but he picks one for himself and leaves. Sitara is in tears. Hariyali smiles. Rani Sa tells Sitara not to give up. I am sure he will have a change of heart.Samrat tries to talk to Hariyali and even apologizes to her for misbehaving with her in his inebriated state. I have also given up drinking! She nods and begins to go but he blocks her way again. He says I love you to her shocking her. I have fallen for you since I have seen you! I even dream of you as my wife! Please fulfil my dream.

He holds her hand but she pushes him away. Eat 25-30 green chillies to get your mind back on track. He calls it love and kneels down before her. I can do anything for you! She pushes him away and walks away. Samrat says I expected you to say no. You love Viraj right? He wont even look at you even if you die! He fought with Sitara which is why they aren’t talking but he wont even look at you once they patch up! Forget him. She asks him to leave her hand. He tells her she is mistaken. I promise you I will make you mine.

She looks at the plants hanging above and makes them fall on Samrat. He passes out hurt. Yamini rushes to his side. Who did this? He says I don’t know but she takes Hariyali’s name. There is something weird about her! She takes him with her. I wont spare Hariyali! Sitara has overheard some of it and wonders why Hariyali hurt Samrat. I have to find out more about her.



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