My Identity Update Wednesday 30 June 2021

My Identity 30 June 2021: The Episode starts with Bebe and Shweta getting the house cleaned. They see Avni and start pulling her leg, asking her about the candles and flowers. Avni turns shy and goes. They laugh. Avni gets Vidyut’s call. He says I accept defeat, just meet me once. She says fine. She ends call and says I will meet you, you will go jail, away from our lives forever. Neil gets a call and wakes up. He answers Ballu’s call. Ballu says I m ready to give evidence against Vidyut.

Neil asks what happened that you got ready to cheat him. Ballu says he is not loyal to his mum, he has gone mad, he will kill me, save me, I m ready to give you proof. Neil says fine, we shall meet soon. He ends call and calls out Avni. He says we will get proof against Vidyut and end his tandav soon.Avni comes to meet Vidyut. He welcomes and thanks her for coming. He says I have organized a play for you, you will know how Neela left this world. He asks her to sit and watch. He claps.

The actors begin the play. She sees the fight happening. She then sees men wearing Neil, Vidyut, Neela and Prakash’s photo masks. She sees Prakash driven by Vidyut to shoot at Neil. Neela comes and pushes Neil. She gets shot. Avni shouts Maa…. Vidyut claps….. He says bravo, I loved your performance. The actors leave. Vidyut says you believe in justice right, I can’t see you crying, Prakash should get punished for snatching Neela. She says you are a liar. He says truth is Prakash has killed Neela.

She says I will never believe you, you are a cheater, I should have not come here, Neil will come and take you to jail, he will punish you, you have snatched my mum, you can’t escape, do whatever you want to. He says I knew you won’t believe me, so…. He plays the video on the screen. She gets shocked seeing Vidyut injecting some drugs to Prakash. He gives a gun in Prakash’s hand and asks him to shoot Neil. Neela sees Prakash aiming and gets shocked. She pushes Neil away and gets shot in her back. Avni cries.

Vidyut says I know this truth is breaking you, but this is the truth, I can never think of hurting our mum, Neela, I just wanted to kill Neil, he made me stand against my mum and punished her, I wanted Prakash to cry for Neil, like I cried for my mum, Prakash agreed to me because of the drugs, but Neela came in between and separated us again, I love you a lot, I can tell truth to police, I can say I have shot the bullet, I have drugged Prakash, but its been many days, there won’t be drugs in his blood, he will go to jail in old age, then he will die there, just imagine Avni, just like my mum, we need to tell truth to everyone, Prakash will curse himself all life, your happiness will be destroyed. She says no.

He says I won’t do anything, I promise, come with me once. He holds her hand. He takes her to the decorated room and says surprise, just come to me once. She says leave my hand. He says please marry me, if you marry me, I will forget everything, I will leave Neil and his family, I will bury truth.She says I won’t let you win, you will lose. He says I already lost my heart to you, I can go jail, but I will take Prakash with me, Avni, you and I, both of us…. are similar, we have been tortured in our lives, Neil can never understand you, he has never undergone any wounds and sorrow, Neil can’t give you love as much as I can, if you don’t agree to me, I will destroy that house, Prakash will go jail. She cries.

He says after Prakash goes jail, Neil will cry to death, marry me Avni, if you say no to me, you will lose everything, are you scared of me, marry me Avni. She recalls Neela’s death and runs away. He says she didn’t say yes or no, she will come back, I will wait for her.Avni runs on the road and recalls Vidyut’s words. She falls down and gets hurt. She sees little Avni crying and asking what will we do now. Shweta says don’t know where did Avni go. Bebe says just call her.

Prakash sees news and says I heard just Lord has right to take human’s life, but these days humans are taking lives, Neela’s murderer can’t get saved. Avni comes home and hears him. Bebe asks her about the wound. Avni says there was a storm, I fell down. Bebe asks why did you go out. Shweta says Neil also went somewhere. Prakash gets the first aid. Avni cries and says Neela…. Shweta asks are you missing Neela, when God gives you troubles, he gives you courage to fight, everything will get fine. Avni cries and runs.

Vidyut selects some places and asks the men to use their mind, he has to take Avni on honeymoon. He tries the chairs and says this one is more comfortable, this will be my queen’s throne, where is Ballu, he didn’t come back yet. He calls Ballu. He says he is not answering, he didn’t come back. Avni says there is nothing to prove Prakash innocent, what do I do, I don’t understand anything.Neil waiting for Ballu. He tells DD that he is waiting for Ballu, once he comes on their side, it will be easy to ruin Vidyut.

He sees someone coming and says maybe he has come. The man goes. Ballu comes wearing a burqa. Vidyut’s men catch him. Neil misses him. He thinks was this Ballu’s plan to call me here. Ballu begs Vidyut for his life. Vidyut says this punishment will be a lesson for you. He points gun. Neil comes home and says Ballu called me, he was going to give me statement and evidence against Vidyut, but he is missing, don’t worry Avni, we will catch Vidyut, we have a video of Vidyut buying a gun, commissioner will issue arrest warrant against Vidyut soon, don’t worry.

He hugs her. She worries. She asks really. He says yes, we are together, he can’t break us. She calls Vidyut and says I won’t play this game, I will fail you by proving Prakash innocent.Neil sees the police. He says Sir, I was coming to you. Commissioner says Neela’s murderer is here, officer arrest Prakash. Neil asks what are you saying. Bebe says we know Vidyut killed her. Shweta says why would Prakash kill her, just think. Commissioner says we work on evidence, DD arrest Prakash. Prakash asks why would I kill Neela, I was unconscious.

Commissioner asks Neil to step back. Neil says you are accusing my dad, there is no motive and proof. Commissioner says don’t know about motive, but I can show the proof. DD plays the CD. They see Prakash shooting at Neil, and Neela getting shot. They all get shocked. Avni cries.Shweta says no, this is not true, Prakash can’t shoot. Bebe says this is not true. Shweta says why will he kill Neela. Commissioner says we have to arrest him. Neil says Papa has killed Neela.

Shweta says Avni, don’t misunderstand Prakash, he can never do this. Prakash says I have snatched Avni’s greatest support, her Neela Maa, Avni may forgive me, but I can’t forgive myself, I m sorry, forgive me. He cries. He takes a gun and shoots. Avni shouts no, this can’t happen. Her imagination ends. Neil says everything is fine, trust me, We will catch Vidyut. Aaj jaane ki zidh na karo…plays….. He hugs her. She sees him and cries.Vidyut says perfect Ballu, Avni will be glad seeing these decorations, there will be my and Avni’s pic. Pandit comes and says mahurat is close, where are groom and bride.

Vidyut says I m ready, bride is on the way. Pandit says hurry up. Ballu gives gun to Vidyut. Vidyut says this gun will stop mahurat, you go and do puja. Pandit goes. Avni says how shall I talk to Neil. She gets Vidyut’s call.She says you can’t force me. He says I can force you, but I can’t let you go away, mandap is ready, mahurat is close, I hope you come in an hour, its your choice, decide whether you want peace or destruction, Bebe is lighting diya for Neela, she may light diya for Neil too. Avni goes out and sees Bebe lighting diya.

Vidyut says your mum loves roses right, my mum loves roses a lot, look at Prakash, he is waiting for Shanti puja items, this delivery boy got something for you. Avni worries. Vidyut says just imagine if he beheads your father in law. Prakash gets a gift and keeps. He goes. Vidyut says what about your Sasusmaa, who is getting prasad. Avni sees Shweta getting prasad and smiles. Vidyut says what if cylinder blasts… take a look at your husband, he can die right now. She hears a sound and shouts Neil. She runs out.

Bebe and Shweta ask what happened. Avni sees Neil and asks are you fine, I heard a gun shot. Neil says relax, it was the sound of a cracker, what’s the matter, is there something troubling you. She says its nothing, I m okay. Neil asks pandit to come. Avni gets Vidyut’s call. He says I fooled you, did you get angry, I won’t be fooling you always. He threatens her. He says I have sent a permanent solution, a bridal dress, many people can go to Neela, you have just one hour, I m waiting.

She cries. She sees her hand impressions and recalls Dayaben’s words. She goes to her room and recalls Vidyut’s words. She cries. She says how do I fight this war alone.Little Avni comes to her. Avni says Vidyut is going to destroy everything, I don’t know how to stop this, I can’t let this happen. Little Avni wipes her tears. She says its time to take difficult decision, maybe we are not normal, we can never find happiness, if we want our loved ones to be happy, then we have to get away, taking our darkness along, we will destroy all evil in that darkness, even Vidyut.

Avni asks but how, should I marry him, he will destroy their happiness just because of me, when Prakash knows this, he won’t be able to bear this shock, he will end up sinking in darkness like us, think of Neil, he will be shattered, I first lost Neela, and now Prakash….Neil can’t arrest him, no I can’t let this happen. Little Avni says there’s a way, but it will be difficult.

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