The Cost of Love Update Thursday 1 July 2021

The Cost of Love 1 July 2021: The Episode starts with Virat asking Reyansh to get friendly, as he can sense his jealousy. He says we can help each other. Pankti tastes the snacks and find it very spicy. Sheetal says I will get water. She collides with Reyansh. He says sorry Jaan. They all get shocked. Sheetal recalls JD and sees JD in him. Reyansh says sorry, please go. Sheetal says JD….. and looks at him. She says why did I feel Reyansh’s touch as JD. The cafe owner comes there.

He sees Reyansh and goes to him. Reyansh goes away. Pankti says you have come, now look around and tell me if that person is here. Ahaan asks Kaira to attend the guest. Poorva says I need to talk to you.Monty makes Poorva’s hand away. She asks what happened to you, tell me if there is something, my heart is sinking. He says this heart talks doesn’t suit you Poorva. He scolds her. She asks him the matter. He asks her to come with him. Anita follows them. Monty shows the pics to Poorva.

She gets shocked. He says this is called cheap character. He gives her the pics. Anita and Vikram look on. Monty says you were hurt that I paid money to Anita, did you do this for free or took money. Monty insults Poorva. She cries.He says I found a heart in you and fell in love with you, I thought you are helpless, but you are greedy for money, there is nothing left between us, everything is over. He goes. Poorva cries. Some men kidnap Anita and put her in the car.

Vikram says don’t leave her till I give order, I will see how she asks for payment. He smiles.A lady scolds the shop owner. He apologizes. Reyansh looks on. Pankti says sorry, he is my guest, please enjoy the party. The guy scares the goons and gets into a fight. The goons catch him. The guy jokes on them and beats them further. Aarohi looks on. She throws stones at the goons and asks them to run away. The guy thanks her and smiles. She says I should thank you. She turns and sees him gone.

He saves Aarohi and disappears. Deep is tied up. He gets Aarohi’s call. He thinks of her. He says why do you do this. He sees Aarohi coming and forwarding hand. He asks her to leave. She disappears. He gets sad. Prithvi talks to someone about a hotel project. He calls the commissioner to get the project’s permission. He gets a shocking news and asks what, when did this happen. He says Aarohi has run away from the jail….it can be bad for us, Roma will be shocked hearing this. Tara is in the party and looks for Reyansh.

Tara asks waiter about Reyansh. Waiter says maybe he is in his room. Tara thinks I can ask money from him, he is at right place, away from crowd. Aarohi tells Chavanni that she is fine, a man came as angel and saved her life. He asks are you still at bus stop, goons can return, go back. She says I promised Deep that I will wait for him. He asks her to go home. She says Deep helped me a lot, I have to help him in finding his family, I will wait for him, I m sure he will come. Deep says past can’t come back, but I want to know my past, I m coming Aarohi, we will together find my past. He struggles to get free.

A man asks Aarohi to go home.Aarohi says Deep is adamant, its his right to know about his family. She calls him. Roma sees Tara and asks how did you come without Deep. Tara asks her to guess it. Roma says I m bored here, give me a hug. She hugs Tara. Tara says you have identified me without slapping today.Reyansh saying Pankti started acting smart, but I m mean, I will win. Sheetal follows him. Reyansh removes the mask. JD looks at his face and sings Babu ji dheere chalna….

He washes his face. Sheetal gets shocked seeing JD. She thinks of JD’s death. She gets back and the vase falls. He washes his face and goes to see. Sheetal hides and runs to her room. She says how can it be JD, I have seen JD’s pyre burning, Reyansh came home on JD’s Tervi. She recalls and says it means Reyansh is JD, that’s why I felt his touch known to me, how can he play such a big game, I will call police, no, if anyone informs JD, he may do anything more dangerous, what shall I do now.

Poorva walks on the roads and cries thinking about Monty. Kaira feels cold and says I wish I could wear a matching stole with the dress. Monty says maybe this jacket can help you. He makes her wear the coat. She thanks him. He says I have stayed back to talk to you, but its late, I should go. He leaves.Monty drives off and thinks about Poorva. He says why did Poorva do this. Poorva cries and walks over some flowers. She says our relation ended, you don’t trust me.

She sees a car speeding and gets in front. Ahaan drops Pankti home. She asks are you still angry. He says no, we are not different. She smiles and hugs him. She says thanks, your surprise touched my heart, we are not different. He says this is my line, that song was just for you, that moment was for us, we shouldn’t let anything come in between us, end all the tensions now. She says fine, as you say, you have to show me a big smile. He smiles and asks for a hug. They hug.

They say I love you to each other. She goes. Sheetal says I will call Sinha, but no, if he is with JD, he will know that I know this. Pankti says that bakery owner didn’t call till now. She calls and finds his phone off. She looks for Anita. Goons shut Anita inside some room. They inform Vikram. Pankti doesn’t find Poorva. She gets a call. The man says Poorva met with an accident, come to the hospital soon. She gets shocked and rushes. Kaira messages Monty. Ahaan teases her and says this looks like a matter of love, whose jacket is this. She asks for her phone.

He runs and sees message to Monty. He asks are you in love. She nods. He asks who is that unlucky guy.She says I will make you meet him, will you support me in getting my love. He says we will get him any way, I will always support you, promise. Pankti comes to hospital and asks about Poorva. She cries seeing Poorva. Doctor says she is fine, there is nothing to worry, its imp to say one thing, its not an accident case, its a suicide, the guy gave the statement that Poorva jumped in front of his car, try to find out if she had any tension.

Pankti cries and says why will Poorva attempt suicide. Vikram gets a call on Anita’s phone. He asks Richa to sleep, its wrong number. Richa sees Vikram’s phone. Pankti calls Anita again. Sheetal says I have to tell this to Ahaan and Pankti, if JD is alive, they are in danger.

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