Love or Poison Update Monday 14 June 2021

Love or Poison 14 June 2021: Mahamata shows Rani Sa that it was Sitara who killed Ratan. Rani Sa says it means Sitara only killed Maharaj! Vrinda smiles. Mahamata is only showing her what we have planned. Rani Sa imagines Ratan telling her not to spare his murderer. Sitara should be punished. Keep her away from Viraj’s life. I am leaving the responsibility of Vrinda and her sisters on you.

Take very good care of them. Get Viraj remarried to Surili. Read out my will before everyone. It is kept in the cupboard. Get Sitara out of that house! She is responsible for whatever is going wrong in our family! Mahamata makes Rani Sa dizzy intentionally. She murmurs that Sitara is the culprit. Vrinda says it means Mahamata has answered your questions. Rani Sa says I wouldn’t have found out about it if had not come here. She receives a call from

Yamini and leaves. Vrinda praises Mahamata.Viraj has brought Sitara home. His mother slaps him. You got so blinded by your love that you brought your Dad’s murderer home? You should be ashamed! He says I am doing it as I know Sitara is innocent. I have always supported what’s right and I am doing the same today! Rani Sa tells him he is wrong this time. You don’t know the truth which I know. I have seen everything that happened that day.

Viraj is confused. Rani Sa tells him everything (in mute). Sitara only has killed your father! Sitara denies. Viraj tells his mother he can understand her pain. Don’t trouble yourself more by doing all this. How can someone see past? Rani Sa says you may not believe me but I trust my devotion. I have made a decision. Only one of us can stay here! I wont share the same roof with my husband’s murderer! Viraj tries to make her understand but she stays put.

He asks her if this is her last decision. She nods and looks away. Viraj tells her she does not need to go anywhere. Sitara and I will leave this house. Rani Sa looks at him in shock. Viraj holds Sitara’s hand. Yamini shouts after them but they leave the palace. Yamini smiles. Vishkanya’s smile witnessing it.Arjun is doing something when he hears the sound of anklets. He looks towards the door panicked. Albeli smiles in his direction.

She sits next to him on the bed. Are you upset with me? He denies. I am distracted by what happened in the house. She holds his hands. Don’t be disturbed. Time will heal everything. She pretends to cough. He gives her water but she drops it on herself intentionally. He tells her to change her clothes. She laughs that some water fell on him too. Yamini peeks at them. She is trying to trap my husband! I will show her her real place now!

Sitara asks Viraj to eat. He is sad. I couldn’t become a good son. Dad’s ashes are still here and the house is already in a mess. He must be upset! She agrees. You left Rani Ma when Baba Sa left us. You should have stayed with her. I could have managed things myself. He asks her how he could leave his pati-dharma while following the duties of a son. How could I forget my promises? She apologizes to him. It is because of me.

He stops her from saying anything further. Ma is misunderstanding you. You dint do anything. Let me find out the culprit once. I wont spare the culprit then! She hugs him as he gets emotional and makes him sit down. He is in a fix owing to the situation. Don’t know what magic Vrinda and her sisters have cast on her. What should I do? She asks him to eat something first. We will find a solution together.

She feeds him food with her hands. She promises him (mentally) that she will give a terrible punishment to Baba Sa’s culprits.Chabeeli is worried as Sitara has promised she will kill Ratan’s killer. Vrinda tells her not to worry. Nothing will happen to you. We are with you. A diya falls down. Vrinda looks at it intently. How it is lit without oil and cotton? The flame flies away. Vishkanya’s follow it. They stop right outside the temple’s entrance.

Sitara is sitting inside. Albeli is sure it is Sitara’s doing. Sitara looks at the flame. Thank you for guiding me Devi Ma. Vrinda and her sisters try to douse the flame but fail. Sitara tells them that no power can douse this pious flame. The flame turns into a woman (almost). Sitara asks the flame if her work is done. What were they saying? She nods and shows her everything.

Sitara walks up to the Vishkanya’s. I told you I wont spare the culprit the day I will find out who it is! Now I know who has killed Baba Sa. She looks at Albeli who shakes her head. I dint do anything. Sitara tells Vrinda this is their unity. She backed off the moment spoke of punishment. I know she dint do anything.

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