Love or Poison Update Friday 11 June 2021

Love or Poison 11 June 2021: Rani Sa blames Sitara for Ratan’s murder but she denies. I dint do anything. Rani Sa shouts at her to be quiet. Arjun goes to call doctor. Doc checks Ratan and sends everyone outside. Outside, Yamini reassures Rani Sa that Ratan will be fine. Doc comes there. Rani Sa asks him about Ratan. Doc shares that Ratan lost a lot of blood due to the injury. I couldn’t save him. Rani Sa tells him to make sure he is okay.

We will arrange blood. Doc says sorry and leaves. Yamini holds her as she begins to fall. Vrinda comes there with her sisters. Sitara looks at them in shock / anger. Vrinda acts innocent. How did it happen? We were about to board the flight when we heard this news. She smiles seeing Ratan lying unconscious on the bed. She asks Sitara how this happened. Sitara thinks act as much as you want but I will take revenge for Baba Sa’s murder.

Vrinda thinks she should first try to save herself first. I will see how you will blame us now!Surili holds Viraj’s hand. I know how it feels when you lose your father but you have to be strong for your mother. Sitara glares at Vrinda who smiles back. Vrinda gives fake sympathy to Rani Sa (Lakshmi). We are with you in this. Lakshmi breaks down. Viraj walks away. He is seen crying in a corner. Sitara pats at his shoulder.

He hugs her and cries. Rani Sa pushes them away shocking them. Step away from my son! Aren’t you satisfied after killing my husband? Don’t try to go near my son after today! Go away from here. Viraj tries to calm her but in vain. She again blames Sitara for killing her husband. Throw her out of the house right away! He stops her. What are you saying? Why will she do this?

She tells him to ask Sitara. She only has killed Ratan. I am an eyewitness. He calls it her misunderstanding. You know she cannot do this. I swear I will not spare the real culprit. Vrinda supports Viraj in his mission. Sitara tells her to stop her drama. You are the one who killed Baba Sa! Viraj asks her what she is saying. They are our guests. Why will they do so? Sitara shares that they are their enemies. They have come here to seek revenge!

Rani Sa and Viraj reason that they don’t even know them. Sitara says your memory about them has been erased. These aren’t ordinary human beings but Vishkanya’s! Vrinda calls her mad. What are you saying? Rani calls refuses to believe Sitara. You are blaming these innocents just to save yourself! Sitara requests her to believe her. That bird who took Baba Sa away that day in the puja was sent by them!

Police walks in just then. We found out that someone has killed Maharaj. Arjun asks them who told them this. Inspector says it doesn’t matter. Is it true? Arjun nods. Inspector asks his constables to check the house. We have to take Ratan’s body for post-mortem. Rani Sa tells them against it. Sitara has killed my husband. I saw her with my own eyes. Punish her severely! Sitara requests her to trust her. I dint do anything. Rani Sa stays put.

Sitara requests Viraj to listen to her once before taking any decision. Rani Sa shouts against it but Sitara requests Viraj again. Viraj recalls Ratan’s last advice to him. He takes Sitara with him after seeking Inspector’s permission.Sitara asks Viraj to give him one chance to prove the truth. He asks her how they will do it. We lost Dad. I am losing you too. Ma is saying something else altogether. How will we do it?

She says I can understand your pain but situation will turn worst if I go away. I want to be with you through this. He nods. I trust you. I know you haven’t done anything but how did this Vishkanya thing come up? They could have killed them using a snake too. why did they use a dagger? Sitara wipes her tears. I found out a way to prove their truth. I need two things which you can bring for me. He asks her about it.

Viraj tells Inspector he trusts his wife completely. I know she is innocent. I want to give her a chance to prove her innocence. It’s a request. Please give us an hour’s time. Vrinda’s eyes widen in shock. Inspector allows Sitara to stay for another hour. We will have to arrest her otherwise. We have an eyewitness too! Police leaves.Viraj gives a bag to Sitara.

She keeps a bowl on the table and takes out a bottle of blood. Vishkanya’s wonder what Sitara will do now. Sitara shares that this is the blood of an ordinary human being. Rani Sa questions Viraj as to how he can support this girl in her drama. She killed your father! He requests her to give one chance to Sitara. Sitara says the blood turns blue if the blood of a Vishkanya is added in it. She walks up to Vrinda.Give us a drop of your blood to prove the truth!

She hands over a small knife to Vrinda. Vrinda asks her why she should do this test. Sitara asks her if she is afraid her truth will be out before everyone. Vrinda shakes her head. I don’t trust you. The girl who can kill her Baba Sa and can come up with such an idea can do anything to prove her innocence! You can do anything! Yamini seconds her.Sitara cannot be trusted! Viraj takes the knife from Sitara and cuts his thumb to clarify their doubts.There cannot be any mixture in this one now as I just cut it.

I guess it wont be a problem now. He gives the knife to Vrinda. Vishkanya’s get tensed. Sitara looks confident. Vrinda cuts her thumb and adds her blood in the bowl. It does not turn blue which shocks Sitara. Vishkanya’s wonder why Viraj’s blood dint change colour when Vrinda mixed her blood with his. Sitara says she has come with a new plan. Vrinda asks her what problem she has with them…

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