Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 12 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 12 June 2021: The Episode starts with Kuhu saying I can’t frame Parul. Jasmeet says Mishti will insult you. Kuhu says you want me to blame Parul, she takes care of everyone. Jasmeet says she is the maid of the house, think about it. Kuhu turns and sees Parul. Parul says you got scared, what happened, Kunal isn’t eating food, will you make him have some food, I will manage the work, don’t worry for Abir. Mishti sees the necklace. She asks Abir to get up and make her wear the necklace. She says get up please, how much will you sleep, I will do poetry if you don’t sleep. Kuhu asks everyone to have food. Kunal says Abir should have woken up by now.

Kuhu asks what will I tell him when he comes. Nanu says don’t worry, let him complete sleep, then he will go garba. Kunal says Parul made the food and Kuhu is taking the credit. Nidhi blames Parul for spiking the coffee. She says Parul, you tell the family today. Kunal and everyone looks on.Doctor says sorry Mishti, I have to go for urgent operation, I have explained Abir’s case to Dr. Joshi, he is reaching. Mishti says fine. She asks Abir to get up. She does shayari. Dheere dheere….plays… She asks him to get up please. She cries. He moves his hand. Ketki comes and asks her to come fast, Nidhi is saying something. Abir opens eyes. Parul asks what did I do. Nidhi says you added the pills in the cold coffee. Nanu says this isn’t any joke. Nidhi says I m saying the truth. Parul says its true that I keep all the medicines, it doesn’t mean that I will do this with Abir. Nidhi says Abir is Meenakshi’s son, not yours. Mishti says Mami ji please….

Nidhi says Parul wanted her son to do the Aarti and Abhishek. Kaushal asks what are you saying. Nidhi asks Kuhu to say it. Mishti says I m new here, but know everyone, Parul can’t even think of harming Abir. Kuhu says Meenakshi asked Parul not to keep the medicines outside. Ketki asks Parul not to cry. Nidhi scolds her. Meenakshi says enough, stop it Nidhi, you are creating a drama, Parul can never do this, why would she do this, she has no reason. Kunal gets angry and says I want to know the reason. Mishti says Parul is your mum, she didn’t do it. He says she was in the kitchen and had sleeping pills. Meenakshi says enough Kunal. He says no, I want to know why this happened, I m not saying that she tried to kill Abir, if she made a mistake, then she would have told us or the doctor. Meenakshi says Parul can’t do this.

Mishti sees Kuhu and says one who did mistake should come out. Meenakshi asks why are you saying this to Kuhu. Kunal says yes, what did Kuhu do, I want to know it from Parul. Abir shouts stop it Kunal…. Everyone sees Abir and goes to him. Abir says I wish I was sleeping, I could have assured myself that its a dream, how can Kunal blame Parul for trying to kill me. Mishti says the misunderstanding will get cleared. Parul says he loves you a lot. Abir asks Kunal to apologize. Kunal hugs him and says I m really sorry. Abir says you have to apologize to your mum.

Meenakshi says I know Parul can never do this, but someone has spiked the coffee. Abir says its our house, not any police’s torture room, I want to know if Kunal doubts Parul. He asks Parul to take him to room. He says Kunal should know that I m safer with anyone except you. Meenakshi thinks Abir saved Mishti. Jasmeet messages Kuhu. Varsha asks whom are you messaging. Jasmeet says Nannu. Varsha says I will also talk to him. Rajshri comes and says Abir got conscious. Jasmeet asks what’s happening there. Rajshri says everyone would be happy.

Mishti asks Jugnu did you see Kuhu. He says she was here with Kunal. She thinks you can’t avoid me for long. Meenakshi comes and says you told me to talk to you if I find anything wrong, I m sure Parul won’t do anything wrong with Abir, she is my shadow, its someone else’s mistake, you can’t understand what I go through, I want to know who did this mistake, without upsetting Abir, Kuhu went with Parul, I gave sleeping pills to Parul, Parul left from the kitchen, pills were there, Parul will never do this, thanks for listening. She thinks I have shown you the way, now Kuhu is at your target. Mishti sees Kuhu going. Doctor checks Abir and says he is fine now. Nanu says we shall go now, we will give time to these lovers, real love story is of them. Kunal and Abir look on. Kunal says I didn’t wish to hurt anyone. Abir says she is your mum.

Mishti says Parul is Kunal’s mum, he was blaming her, you started quiet, you are running away, it was your mistake, are you mad, why are you so jealous of me, this is the limit, you harmed Abir and now Parul. Kuhu says its happening because of you. Mishti says enough, don’t blame me, you have to tell truth to everyone. Kuhu says stop, sorry I didn’t wish to make you fall. Mishti says you slapped me on my marriage day and blamed you, you drugged Abir, which Kunal did with Nannu. Kuhu says because you will drink that coffee, not Abir. Mishti slaps her and says you don’t regret for your doing. Kunal says Meenakshi is mum for me, I need time to accept Parul as mum. Abir says you can’t give weak excuse. Kunal says I m not strong like you, wrong is wrong, wrong person should get punished. Abir says learn to accept mistake and say sorry, you should have not spoken to Maasi that way. Mishti hears them. Kunal leaves and sees her. He goes. Kuhu comes. Mishti shuts the door. Kuhu leaves. Meenakshi looks on

Mishti coming to Abir and saying sorry. He says I m sorry, you got troubled because of me. She says sorry, I didn’t know what you had eaten and didn’t let you do puja. He says you took blame on you. She says you always become hero, this time I took this chance. He asks did I shout on Kunal much. She says I need to talk to you. Kuhu cries and says I got selfish and thought if Mishti sleeps, I will do the puja, I stopped myself and didn’t wish to do this with Mishti, I know its my fault, I should have told the truth, I was scared and couldn’t say anything, please don’t punish me for my silence. Door bell rings. Meenakshi says who came at this time. Jugnu opens the door. Vishwamber and family comes. Kuhu says you all here… Jasmeet says Mishti has called us here, is everything fine.

Rajshri says sorry Meenakshi ji, Mishti called us, so we had come at night. Varsha says sorry to disturb you all. Meenakshi says its your house too, did Mishti tell the reason. Varsha says Vishwamber said Abir is conscious, is she fine. Meenakshi thinks Mishti would have told me about Kuhu, but she called her family, she will expose Kuhu’s mistake in front of both the family. Mishti comes. Rajshri asks why did you call us. Meenakshi asks her not to be afraid and say why she called them. Mishti says I want to talk about Kuhu. Kuhu and Jasmeet try to stop her. Varsha asks what’s the matter, tell me. Mishti says I will show you, look there. Kuhu worries. Everyone smiles seeing Abir getting a cake. Abir wishes Kuhu happy birthday. Kuhu smiles. Everyone claps. Abir says happy birthday bro. Mishti says birthday is today, how can the matter get postponed. Mishti hugs Kuhu. Rajshri says you felt we forgot your birthday even this time. Kuhu hugs her. Varsha says we didn’t like to wish, since everyone was in tension. Shaurya says sorry. Kuhu says you have to love me a lot. Abir thanks Mishti for the idea.

FB shows Abir asking Mishti not to take Kuna’s side. She thinks how to tell him about Kuhu. He says I didn’t think this will happen. She says its Kuhu’s birthday tomorrow, we can make the day special for the family. Varsha asks Kuhu to make a wish. Mishti thinks I will never become the house breaking girl. Kuhu wishes no one knows her mistake, else she can never face Abir. She cuts the cake. Everyone sings happy birthday to you…. Kuhu feeds cake to Meenakshi. Abir and Kunal see Parul. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu. Abir says its Maasi’s turn now. Kuhu feeds cake to Parul and Mishti.

She hugs Mishti and thanks her for not telling anything to anyone. Mishti says I m silent for everyone’s happiness, but I m not happy, I will never forget what you did. Meenakshi says we will make it more special by giving her gifts. She asks what does she want. Kunal asks jewellery or outdoor trip. Meenakshi promises to fulfill her wish. Vishwamber says you can think well, until then we will pamper you. Abir sees Meenakshi and goes to her. She asks how are you. He says I m confused, you always blamed Parul, how did you let Kunal blame her. She says don’t forget you are talking to your mum, I m sure Parul won’t do this with you, I want to know who did this. He says you wanted to blame someone. Mishti gets Kunal to Parul. Parul sweeps the floor. Mishti gives the bin to Kunal. Kunal goes to Parul. Abir says you are my mum, you won’t do this, you will want Kuhu to blame Mishti. Meenakshi says I want to accept her for your sake. He says I can’t accept this, I can’t be part of this lie. She says your promise is valued, but my sons don’t trust me, whatever I do.

Abir asks how shall I trust you, your voice has pain, but you are still turning away. She looks at him and says please give me a chance, I want to know who did this with my son. Parul says no need to say anything. Kunal says you understand Abir and love him, try to understand me, like Abir fights with mum for my sake, I fought with you for him. Parul says yes, mums have to understand children. He says it was my mistake, really sorry. Meenakshi asks what shall I do. He says I don’t want you to do anything, I don’t want any drama, this family stays happy. Mishti comes and asks Abir to come with her. She says you were missing this. Abir smiles seeing Kunal apologizing to Parul. He says you are doing this for me, I should have done this for you. She says you try tomorrow to become husband of the year. He says done.

Its morning, Meenakshi plays sitar and recalls Abir’s words. Abir wishes Kuhu happy birthday. She thanks him. Abir asks Parul to give gift to Kuhu. Parul says she is my bahu, its my first right to gift her. Abir comes to room and says we maybe shifting, one sleeps and other is awake. He sees pillows under the blanket. He says I m thinking to have an affair, since I feel like a bachelor after marriage. Mishti looks on and comes to beat him. They fall on the bed. He jokes. She says why don’t you say, you are dying to kiss me. He says I m not such desperate. They have a moment. Kunal comes. Abir opens the door. Kunal asks whose fate is bad. Abir says mine, nothing, tell me, what is it.

Kunal says I have to buy a gift for Kuhu, I need your help. Mishti teases Abir. Abir asks Kunal to buy something special. Kunal says I don’t know jewellery and clothes designs. Abir stops him from entering the room. Mishti kisses Abir’s hand. Abir says kiss, I mean gift anything. Kunal says if you had to joke on me, I would have not come here. He goes. Abir asks what was this. Mishti says it was my right, I would have snatched it. He says then you would have asked it in front of Kunal. She says as if you are brave, you would have kissed in front of everyone. He says challenge accepted, I know what you want. She says no, you are really strange. He says now everything will be fine. Parul gets tea for Meenakshi. She says children are happy, its Kuhu’s birthday and holika dahan at night. Meenakshi says yes, send Kaushal to me. Parul goes



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