Love or Poison Update Friday 25 June 2021


Love or Poison 25 June 2021: Viraj tells Sitara he wants to sleep in her lap. She happily complies with his wish but is in tears. It’s time for me to leave. I cannot break my promise to Rani Ma. I must leave. Take care of yourself. I have loved you very much and I will always love you! She takes a last look at him as she leaves. Humesha Tumko Chaha plays as their past memories flash before her eyes.Sitara meets Padmini. I have to fulfil my promise. I must leave this house! Padmini asks her if there is no other way out.

What will we tell Bhaiya when he finds out about this? Sitara replies that they cannot fight with fate. I am destined to stay away from you all. Take care of everyone. Only you can take care of Viraj in my absence. Padmini asks her why she has to go but Sitara makes her promise she will do as she says. Padmini hugs her. Sitara wipes her tears as she steps out of the palace. She notices the guards lying unconscious outside and panics. She runs back inside.Viraj is not in his room. She shouts his name and runs downstairs.

Vrinda greets her. Who are you looking for? Sitara takes Viraj’s name. Vrinda points in one direction. Vrinda laughs seeing Sitara run promptly in that direction. Sitara does not find Viraj anywhere. Vrinda appears next to her. Sitara questions her on Viraj’s disappearance. Vrinda laughs. I am your mother so I will answer even if you wont ask me nicely. She points Sitara in the opposite direction. Sitara finds Vrinda at every corner. She tells her to stop playing games. Where is he? Vrinda lies to her again. Sitara keeps running in different directions.

Sitara comes to Vishloka where Viraj is tied by the Vishkanya’s. Albeli and Surili are holding swords in their hands. Sitara tells Viraj she is here. They wont be able to do anything to you! Vrinda tells her that her voice wont reach Viraj. Sitara takes a step further but Vrinda warns her against it. Surili and Albeli touch the magical circle with the sword and Viraj winces in pain. Vrinda tells her that they have caught Viraj in this circle. I played it your style. I swear you will see his dead face if you take a step further towards him!

Sitara warns her against it. I will otherwise treat you the same way like Mahamata and her sister. Vrinda tells her this is why she is getting punished today. She was Devi. Sitara counters her. She couldn’t tell you the difference between right and wrong. She was no Devi and was bound to die! Vrinda insists she did wrong by killing Mahamata. You must willingly sacrifice your life in front of me if you want to save your husband. Sitara accepts her condition. Vrinda praises her decision.

Sitara asks her how she can be sure Vrinda wont kill Viraj once she is no more. Vrinda says you are in no place of negotiation but because I love you so much, I will fulfil your last wish. We value our word above everything. I swear upon Mahamata today. If you sacrifice your life to save Viraj then I will let him walk out of here unscathed. Sitara looks at Viraj emotionally.Vrinda stabs Sitara twice using her dagger. Viraj looks on stunned. Vrinda is in tears. Viraj gets up angrily but Albeli and Surili hurt him. Vrinda is in tears.

Vishkanya’s and the magical circle around Viraj disappear. The past moments flash before Sitara’s eyes.Lakshmi sits up with a start. She is feeling restless and drinks water. Why do I feel as if something is about to go wrong?Viraj runs to Sitara and keeps her head in his lap. You will be fine. Talk to me. She opens her eyes. He asks her who gave her the right to do this. She reasons that she did that for them. He says this was only about me. Why did you come here? He cries. What will I do without you? I love you very much.

She tells him to respect their love and bid her adieu with a smile. Me and my love will always stay with you! She breathes her last. Viraj screams her name in anguish.Viraj holds Sitara in his arms and cries. He lifts her in his arms.Vrinda apologizes to Mahamata. You lost your life because of us! We have avenged for it though. She holds her sisters’ hand. We have taken your and Chabeeli’s revenge by killing Sitara.Humari Adhuri Kahani song plays as Viraj walks outside holding Sitara’s dead body in his arms.

He thinks of all their meetings from Day 1. He keeps her body near a tree in the jungle. How can you do this Sitara? How can you leave me alone? He holds her hand and cries. Why did you do this? Why did you sacrifice your life for me? Why did you separate yourself from me? A woman appears from the tree. Viraj looks on in confusion. Who are you? He stands up startled but Hariyali tells him she wont do anything. Don’t be scared. I cannot believe that people sacrifice their life for their loved ones even today.


She proved your love and I can see your pain clearly in your eyes. I can free you from this pain if you want. He replies that only Sitara can ease out that pain. Can you return her life? Hariyali nods. Viraj says you are mocking me even at this time. Wow! Hariyali uses her powers to revive Sitara. Viraj is stunned. Hariyali tells him she is locked in this tree since many years. I have received many powers from it. I can revive your wife using those powers. Viraj requests her to do that. Take my life in exchange if you want. She smiles.

You do have something which I want. I have two conditions which you must accept. He accepts them without hearing them out. She tells him to let her stay in the palace as a queen for 2 months. He finds it strange to which she tells him that there is a story behind it. I am 400 years old. I was from a very poor family. I came here after getting attracted to the palace. I tried getting inside stealthily but got caught. Your powerful ancestors cursed me and made me stay in the tree. I have been waiting for this day since then.

He asks her about her second condition. Hariyali says I will tell you that at the right time. Just fulfil my conditions. I promise you I will bring her back to life then.Viraj brings Sitara and Hariyali to the palace. They hide hearing someone’s footsteps. He brings them to a room where no one comes. Hariyali opens the windows using her powers. Strong wind starts blowing and many leaves come in. Viraj asks her about it. It turns into a cot before their eyes. The windows are closed by Hariyali.

She also lights a diya at the end of the cot and hangs a kalash from the roof. Viraj keeps Sitara under it. Hariyali assures him that she will start Sitara’s treatment. She will recover soon. He thanks her for her help. They hear the sound of footsteps again. He tells Hariyali to stay in the room and goes outside to check.A cat meows. Hariyali goes outside to pet it. I knew that only you can make so much noise. How did you find me though? I know that we have no one else. We cannot be at peace without seeing each other.

It is good that you came here. I felt strange here.Yamini sneezes while eating apple. She realises it is because of allergy. Is there some cat here? She checks with a servant but is told that there is no cat in the palace. Yamini continues sneezing. Keep working. You wouldn’t know anyways.Hariyali cleans the cat. Yamini notices them and is confused seeing Hariyali. She asks her who she is. What’s this cat doing here? Shoo her away. I have allergy from cats. She shoos the cat away.

Yamini looks at Hariyali from top to toe and laughs. Why are you dressed like this? Is there some fashion show going on here? Leave. Hariyali replies that she is Viraj’s friend. I will stay here. Yamini refuses to believe it. Leave quietly or I will throw you out of the palace too! Hariyali remarks that humans cause destruction upon themselves. She causes strong wind and Yamini starts sneezing again. Yamini walks away sneezing to herself. Hariyali decides to teach her a lesson for separating her from her cat.

Yamini looks at herself in the mirror and shouts seeing a plant growing out of her hair. Even Arjun laughs seeing it. What is it? She tells him to laugh. The world will anyways laugh on me now. He tries to water it. She fails in pulling it out of her hair. Arjun tries too but fails. He cannot hold himself back from laughing.Vrinda apologizes to Mahamata. A mother is like you only. She sacrifices her life for her kids. Thank you for all that you have done for us till now.

I promise you today that I will kill Viraj and avenge your death.Surili speaks of her promise to Sitara. Vrinda says promises are made to break. I wont let my Ma’s death go in vain. We will attack Viraj today itself and kill him!

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