The Cost of Love Update Friday 25 June 2021

The Cost of Love 25 June 2021: The Episode starts with JD applying shaving foam to his face. Ahaan asks him to wash his face and come. JD locks the door. He takes Reyansh’s getup again. Ahaan wakes up by Pankti’s call and smiles. She says you have go for recording, get up, show me your face. He says look at my lovely face. She asks who’s this, lovely face, I thought you look smart day. She teases him. He says I can look worse, see. He makes faces. She laughs. He says we will go to lovers’ point after recording. She agrees.

Aparna says you won’t get anything fried, you have recording today. Ahaan smiles. Reyansh asks Ahaan is he ready, have food, your mum is feeding you with love. Ahaan says just 2 mins. Reyansh gets a call and asks what nonsense is this, why am I paying you guys so much, I don’t want to stay in your hotel. He ends call and says I heard guests are Lord, but hotel is disgusting, they ask me to shift room. Aparna asks what’s the need, its your home, you are Ahaan’s friend, stay with us.

Manav says give us a chance, you are like Ahaan’s elder brother.Reyansh thinks not Ahaan’s, fool, I m your elder brother. Ahaan says then you will be staying here from now on. Reyansh says thank you so much, what shall I say now. He hugs Ahaan. He adds something in the milk. He says I feel like home, finish the breakfast now. Ahaan drinks the milk. Reyansh says we shall leave now. Pankti comes. Ahaan smiles. He says it doesn’t matter, my lady luck is with me. Pankti smiles and greets everyone.

She hugs Aparna and says I had breakfast. Pankti asks shall we leave. Reyansh says you got lady luck, I got a house, there can’t be a better start for the day. They leave. Kaira tells the marketing strategy. Month likes it. She asks for bonus, a lunch would be fine. He says sure, but I have some work today. She goes.Poorva says I m going to meet Monty, I couldn’t talk to him well yesterday. Anita thinks. Pankti asks Ahaan not to be tensed, just sing well, apologize to producer. Ahaan apologizes to producer.

Producer says Reyansh has explained me, don’t make any mistake this time. Reyansh says you will like his voice. He asks Ahaan to impress the boss. Anita calls Vikram and says Poorva is going to meet Monty. He says don’t worry, do as I say. He tells a plan. Anita goes to Poorva’s room. Poorva is taking a bath. Anita gets Poorva’s phone. Ahaan sings Saansein meri…. He coughs… Producer says you would have told me if you weren’t ready, I have much work. Reyansh says he had a drink at night, give him another chance. Producer says fine.

Ahaan sings again. He gets much cough. Pankti worries. Monty waits for Poorva. Some men follow the auto and tease Poorva. Pankti gives water to Ahaan. She asks him not to worry. Reyansh says we don’t have time, producer refused to give a chance to Ahaan. They get shocked. Pankti says there will be some way.Reyansh holds her hand and says there is a way, you have to do something for it, producer wants to give a chance to you, if you can sing the song. She says no, how can I sing alone, its about Ahaan’s career.

Reyansh says your career is related. Ahaan says yes, for me, please sing. Pankti says I will sing if you go to doctor and get tests done. Reyansh says I will take care of her, you go. Pankti says we will first take Ahaan to doctor. Ahaan says I won’t go if you don’t sing, just end the recording, we shall meet at lovers’ point, sing well, make my name shine, all the best. Reyansh says enough, we care for you, you should go to doctor right now. Ahaan goes. Reyansh thinks you will be leaving from Pankti’s life soon.

Ahaan seeing Pankti and driving off. Pankti sings Tere liye…… Producer asks her to sing again, she is losing the rhythm. She sings again. Ahaan waits for her at the lovers spot. She signs Reyansh that she is getting late. He signs her to wait. Ahaan calls her. Reyansh disconnects and smiles. He replies cancel. Ahaan gets puzzled. Pankti says I can’t stay for more time, I need to go. Producer says we shall meet after the break. She says I have to meet Ahaan.

Reyansh asks what Ahaan, what are you asking, you are not able to complete singing, ask your Romeo to apply some brakes on the romance, I m so upset that he couldn’t sing well. She says whatever happened, its all over, I have to go to meet him. He asks her to wait.Monty waits for Poorva. She gets surrounded by some men. They tease her. She asks them to let her go. They laugh. Vikram comes there to save her. Pankti and Reyansh come to meet Ahaan. Ahaan thinks how did she come when she replied cancelled.

She stumbles. Reyansh holds her. Ahaan looks on. He says you decided that you won’t come, why did you come. She says no. He says I m waiting here alone since evening, I m tired, I need rest. She says I missed your calls as phone was on silent, I didn’t cancel out date. He shows the message. She cries. Reyansh says maybe it happened by mistake, she was concentrating on singing. Ahaan says whatever, it was wrong. He leaves.

Kaira asks Monty to come and dine with her. She orders the food. She says I get out of control when it comes to food. She slips. He holds her. Music plays…. Kaira looks at him. Vikram beats the goons. A goon hurts him with a knife. Poorva gets shocked. Vikram screams. The goons run away. Poorva holds Vikram. Monty asks are you fine. Kaira says yes, I m fine. Poorva asks Vikram to come to hospital. He refuses. She says at least come to hotel, we can get aid. He says no, I will manage myself. She says I will come with you and help. He smiles.

Ahaan gets sad and thinks of Pankti. She calls him. She sends a message and calls again to apologize. He answers. He says I thought that moment will be just ours, but you got Reyansh. She says no, actually, Reyansh came there to drop me, lovers point was far, I promise this won’t happen again, our moments will be just ours, I m sorry. He says please don’t cry, else I will also cry.Tere liye…..plays…..She says we will meet tomorrow, its Aparna’s birthday. Reyansh comes to Anita’s house. She asks who are you.He thinks its fun to see Anita’s expressions.

He says Pankti forgot her bag, so I have come to return. She asks him to come in. She praises him to be Pankti’s good friend. He says I have come here to keep the same friendship, in fact I feel this friendship will be becoming much stronger, I know to put life at stake. He thinks she is impressing me knowing I m rich. He leaves. Pankti asks who was it. Anita says Reyansh had come to return your bag. Pankti asks at this time. She goes.Anita says an entry of a new friend and a series of accidents in London, are these things connected.

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