Love or Poison Update Monday 28 June 2021

Love or Poison 28 June 2021: Viraj come to the corridor hearing some noise but does not see anyone there. Hariyali’s cat chases a mouse. Vrinda gets out from the mouse’s body the moment it steps out of the palace. She looks panicked.Viraj is sitting next to Sitara holding her hand. How will I spend my entire life without you? He cries but caresses her head. Nothing has happened to you. I wont let anything go wrong. He kisses her on her forehead. Hariyali has promised that she will give you a new life. He lets go of her hand and it falls down lifelessly shocking Viraj.

Albeli asks Vrinda why she looks so worried. Did you find out what is going inside the palace? Vrinda shares that a cat ruined her plan before she could find out anything. Albeli finds the atmosphere around palace strange. Vrinda finds Viraj’s behaviour strange. He just lost his wife but he looks so calm and composed. We have to find out what’s in that room before anything happens!Next morning, Rani Sa offers Prasad to Viraj and Hariyali. Hariyali asks for 2 laddoos as she is a guest.

Rani Ma gives her puja thaal. She notices Yamini’s high veil. Yamini tells her it is fine this way. Even Hariyali calls it new trend. Rani Sa introduces Yamini to Hariyali. She came from Germany last night itself. Hariyali and Yamini greet each other. Hariyali points out that people worship Peepal tree tomorrow. You will do it right? Rani Sa shakes her head but Hariyali convinces her for the puja. Yamini tells her against it but Rani Sa points out that puja can only bring out great results.

Hariyali offers to manage everything. I very well know what is needed for the puja. I will give the list to Viraj in case I need anything. Rani Sa smiles.Samrat stops Hariyali’s way while she is walking in the corridor. She tells him to step aside but he is curious to know more about her. She tells him she isn’t interested. He holds her hand as she turns to go. He asks her to tell her name. She whistles because of which a bird enters in the palace. Samrat appreciates her style but the bird shits on him just then.

Hariyali manages to run away. Samrat decides to meet her after taking bath.Hariyali does some chants. She feels her powers aren’t working today. Viraj asks her to cure Sitara like she promised. She tells him not to worry. Sitara will be fine. Sit down. Viraj goes to a corner while Hariyali continues with her ordeals. She suddenly starts strangling Sitara which shocks Viraj. He has to push her away from Sitara. Are you out of your mind? I called you here to cure her and not kill Sitara! Hariyali glares at Viraj.

Don’t give any suggestion if you don’t know anything! He asks her if this is how she will treat Sitara. Hariyali checks Sitara’s pulse. Check it yourself if you don’t trust me. He checks Sitara’s pulse too and is surprised. Hariyali looks away. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. She leaves from there without a word. Viraj kisses Sitara on her forehead and then follows Hariyali.Hariyali is looking at the photos keenly. She stops near one photo and rubs it clean. She recognizes the eyes as Viraj’s.

Viraj resembles that particular ancestor. I still cannot forget that day! It is as if it was just yesterday.Flashback shows Viraj and Sitara (the ancestral couple) sitting under a peepal tree. He holds her hand as she gets up to go. She tells him someone will see but he does not mind it. Everyone would know how much I love you. Hariyali is watching them from behind the tree as Viraj kisses Sitara. Hariyali says you ignored my love as if it does not exist. You think it is a game? See what I will do now.

Viraj goes to bring rose flower for her. Meanwhile, Hariyali comes from behind and slits Sitara’s throat. Sitara shouts out to Viraj who runs towards her in concern but it gets too late. She breathes her last in his arms. Hariyali tells him that he snatched his Sitara. Only I have a right on your love now! He refuses to love Sitara’s killer ever. You wont even get my shadow in this birth! She tells him she loves him very much but he curses her to be locked inside this peepal tree till the time she saves Sitara’s life in future.

She begs for mercy and accepts her mistake. He repeats his words. She gets pulled / caught inside the peepal tree right in front of Viraj’s eyes. Flashback ends. Hariyali says I will spare Sitara’s life in this birth but my second condition will change everything. She is my ace card. My second condition will change my fate!Padmini asks Viraj if there is something. You dint ask / talk about her in all these days. Viraj cooks up an excuse that she has gone to her village.

Padmini thinks Sitara dint tell Viraj anything before leaving. She falls for his lie. Hariyali comes there just then. Viraj apologizes to her but she tells him she isn’t angry with him. I can understand what you would have gone through back then. I know the pain of losing true love.Vishkanya’s look at the palace. We have to find out the secret behind the closed door asap. What is Viraj and his friend hiding? Surili suggests using their powers and asking them but Vrinda does not want Viraj to cast a doubt on them.

he wont let us come near the door then. We have to be very careful. They hear some sound and go to look what it happening.Rani Sa thanks Hariyali for telling them about the puja. She tells her there is no need to thank her. You are also like my family now. Rani Sa asks everyone to come on time for tomorrow’s puja. Hariyali wants to cook something special for peepal God so he blesses us with abundance. She tells Yamini a long list. Yamini agrees to make it with her own hands.

I will offer it to the tree myself and request the tree to help her get rid of this tree on my head. Arjun smiles. Hariyali is glad that she will eat delicious food after ages. I had to eat anything that people used to offer me before. Everyone leaves from there. Hariyali picks up her cat as she purrs. Samrat gives a gift to Hariyali. She brings forward a branch to block his way and he falls down while trying to stop her.Vishkanya’s decide to peek inside the mystery room when everyone is busy in the puja. I will find out its secret tomorrow morning!

Next morning, everyone is busy in puja. Hariyali is tempted seeing the food in front of peepal tree. Strong wind blows and she disappears inside the tree.Vishkanya’s enter inside the palace stealthily.Viraj looks at the tree curiously as Rani Sa and Padmini offer Prasad to the tree. Yamini’s pallu is shifted because of the wind. She immediately hides it. I am so tired because of all the cooking and this plant wont go! Arjun prays for her instead. Hariyali senses something and realises that Vishkanya’s are headed towards Sitara’s room.

I cannot leave the puja. How to stop them now?Vishkanya’s move closer to the room in which Sitara is resting. A mesh of leaves appear in front of the door right then. They fail to break it. Surili is puzzled as to what is kept here and why they cannot open it.Viraj prays for Sitara’s wellbeing. I cannot live without Sitara.Sitara takes Viraj’s name just then. Vishkanya’s hear her voice and wonder how she survived. They hold hands and use all their powers to break the mesh.

Everyone leaves as the puja is complete.Vishkanya’s manage to free the door from the mesh but it reappears the next second. They find themselves facing Hariyali. Vrinda takes a step towards her but Hariyali catches her in one of her branches. Surili and Albeli try to free her but in vain. Hariyali traps them in a storm and hurts Surili with thorns. Surili and Albeli disappear. Vrinda manages to free herself and glares at Hariyali. She fails in harming Hariyali.

Viraj comes there just then and notices her attacking Hariyali. Vrinda tries to hurt him but Hariyali protects Viraj. Vrinda disappears. Viraj looks on as Hariyali withdraws the leaves from the door. They enter inside. Sitara takes Viraj’s name again. He runs to her side in amazement and kisses her on her cheek. She smiles too. Hariyali is glaring in the background. I will bear this pain as it wont last for long. It was very important for Sitara to recover.

Now I will get what I have been waiting for since ages! Viraj caresses Sitara’s head lovingly.Hariyali comes to her room and finds it decorated with flowers and candles. She is pleasantly surprised but her smile disappears seeing Samrat at the door. She asks him what he is doing here. He asks her if she liked the surprise. She sits down unhappily. You did all this? He nods. Who else will do it? You are our guest. We have to look after our guest.

Hariyali thinks that she thought Viraj has done it. She turns a flower pot in a small cacti plant as she decides to teach Samrat a lesson. Samrat asks her which flower she likes the most. I had no idea so I got everything. She pushes him towards the cacti plant. I like thorns very much! People who like flowers should be prepared for thorns especially those who are destined for thorns! She walks out of the room angrily. Samrat finds her strange yet intriguing. It makes her so different from the rest.

Vrinda is boggled seeing Hariyali. What has Viraj brought home this time? I have neither heard nor seen anything like that before. Surili wonders what Hariyali wants. Vrinda says we have to find out about her before she spoils our game. Surili decides to face her but Albeli reasons that Hariyali is very powerful. Vrinda tells her that only they will win in this game. Albeli says we are always stuck in a problem whenever we are close to our mission. Vrinda encourages her for challenges. We will win in the end at any cost! This is my promise to you. We will have to use a different way this time.

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