Love by chance update Wednesday 5 October 2022

Love by Chance 5 October 2022: Charu advices Chandru. He also asks him to take loan then when bank people comes here to take the loan from him. Chandru tells that no one take him to anywhere. Charu taunts him. Sunanda scolds Charu saying that he only loves to hear his praises not others. Charu mocks at her saying there is nothing such she has done to praise her. Everyone gets shocked and Sunanda gets angry so she tells that she is going to her maternal house. Charu asks her to go but the Kulshreshth’s ladies stop her saying Charu is just joking.

Sunanda taunts him saying she has no rights to taunt her when he fails to buy her a Banaras saree. Charu tells that he won’t buy and it’s his final decision. Sunanda cries and tells that she is going to her house and asks Golu to drop her. Golu makes an excuse saying he needs to go to his work. Sunanda calls him liar saying she knows today he has taken a off from work. The Kulshreshth’s ladies tells Sunanda that they will be sad if she leaves them. Sunanda tells that it’s all happening because of Charu who isn’t agreeing to her wish. Charu provokes her again so she tells when her husband is not on her side how her brother in law will support her so she is going to call her brother who will take her to the house. Golu tells Sunanda that the sweet shop nearby her house has delicious rasmalai so asks her to tell her brother to brought some when he visits them. Sunanda and others gets annoyed and Charu smiles.

Sunanda scolds him and threatens to go to her house again to which Charu asks Sargam and other to let her go saying her brother himself will bring her to their house after getting tired of her non stop talking. Sunanda gets furious and asks Charu if he felt that way then why he didnt left her to which Charu tells that he is helpless that’s why angering Sunanda even more. Sargam and others makes Sunanda calm down saying they will get Banaras saree to wear on Anubhav’s wedding and if Charu refuses to buy them then they will protest against him.

Everyone agrees and they starts chanting they want Banaras saree. Anubhav and Yug comes to the room and asks what’s happening to which Charu tells that Sunanda as usual done a drama nothing else but Yug points out that Sunanda is crying which means the matter is something really huge.Chandru and Golu tells that Sunanda wants to wear Bananras saree on Anubhav’s wedding but Charu refuses to buy all of them so they are protesting against him. Anubhav gets hopeful and asks them to cancel the wedding but Charu tells this wedding will take place at any cost.

Anubhav suggests Charu to use his prize money but the latter refuses saying the prize money will be deposited under his name on bank under fixed deposit. Everyone smiles. They they all once again starts chanting against Charu. Goli comes there and asks what’s happening. She tells that they all are talking about Anubhav’s wedding preparation without her involvement in it. Neeti tells its not that actually both Sunanda and Charu is fighting and they are on Sunanda’s side.

Goli asks the reason to which they says that Sunanda wants Banaras Saree. Goli asks Charu why he is being stubborn and asks him to but her one. Charu tells that he will buy Goli one. Goli tells she won’t wear it if her family members dont wear it. Charu says then let it be shocking Goli and others. Sunanda cries and tells that she is leaving. Anubhav stops her and asks her not to but Charu taunts her saying she is still here only so Sunanda leaves the place saying she is going to pack her things.Goli and others convinces Charu who gets shocked learning one saree price is around ten thousand but agrees to buy them. Chandru asks Goli to take the money now itself before Charu changes his mind. Goli agrees and demands money and Charu also gives money for the sarees. The ladies leaves. Chandru praises Charu and tells that he always takes care of others but not himself. Even in Khushi’s wedding he wore the same dress what he wore on Yug’s wedding.

Charu tells he is not interested in all these and asks Anubhav to buy which dress he wants for his wedding. Anubhav tells he is not interested in these what they say he will wear it. Charu tells that Anubhav is just like him but Chandru refuses saying Anubhav dont spent money on unwanted things whereas he dont spend money at all and tells that Anubhav will buy him a dress to wear. Golu suggests the dress type for Charu to which Charu jokes that he will look great in whatever he wears and everyone laughs.Gungun talks to her friend on the call saying how Ran Vijay is not leaving her side. She realises Anubhav is calling her so she tells her friend that she will talk to her later and answers Anubhav’s call. Ridesh and Garima also comes there. Gungun asks Anubhav whether he talked to Akruti for real or not when Anubhav tells her that Akruti is refused to listen anything about Garima.

Gungun calls Anubhav as a insensitive person also not helping her. Anubhav asks Gungun to not to talk to him this way or else he wont tell her the entire conversation. Gungun calms down and asks Anubhav to tell what Akruti told. Anubhav asks her to say please. Gungun obliges. Anubhav asks Gungun from when did she starts listening to others to which Gungun aska him to do what she did because she done everything what he asked her to.Anubhav asks Gungun to not to overreact. He then jokes that Akruti praised Gungun. Gungun gets happy but later realizes that Anubhav is making fun of her so she gets angry and scolds him. Anubhav tells that whatever Akruti told about her is true so he didnt stop Akruti. Gungu gets angry and tells Akruti doesnt respect her mother to which Anubhav tells even she does the same.

Gungun gets furious and asks Anubhav to not to compare her mother with Garima becauae Garima loves her daughter and cries for her every night missing her but her own mother loves herself and her career only. Anubhav gets shocked hearing Gungun’s outburst so he tells her that he doesn’t know to which Gungun asks him to not to judge then. Ridesh takes Gungun’s mobike from her and apologises to Anubhav. Gungun gets angry and complaints to Garima.Anubhav tells Ridesh that Gungun will face lot of problems because of her this behavior. He also tells Ridesh that Akruti refused to talk to her mother and he also talked to Akruti because Gungun asked him to. Ridesh gets happy. He then tells Anubhav that he wants to talk to him about something real important and when they can meet. Anubhav asks him now is okay for him to which Ridesh agrees.

Riddhesh asking Anu not to talk loud, even the walls have ears. Gungun tries to hear them. Garima stops her. Gungun says they are talking about me. Anu asks what’s the matter. Riddhesh says I had to say sorry, I m the reason for this myself, I saw a nice guy for the girl and thought of her marriage, but not that guy, who might deserve a better girl, I m sorry, I want to apologize. Anu says Gungun and I aren’t right for each other, we are different, we are not compatible. Riddhesh asks why did you say yes for the alliance. Anu says for Bade Papa and you, I wanted to become a lucky guy to get a father in law like you, I m being honest, Bade Papa indirectly forced me, my family boycotted me, I love my family a lot, I can’t hurt them, so I was helpless to say yes for marriage. Gungun says he is like he is doing a big favor on me, he doesn’t know real life, I have one lakh followers. Garima says that’s not real world, virtual life. Gungun says it has real people, he won’t have any follower. Riddhesh says I feel everything will be fine between you and Gungun. Anu says we have no common ground. He tells their differences.Gungun says I will make his chutney. Garima says calm down. Riddhesh says Gungun isn’t so bad, she had a troubled childhood, her mum wasn’t with her, I couldn’t stay with her because of hospital commitments, she fell lonely and found these useless friends, she fights to get attention, I m sure that she will get the deserved attention and love from your family, she will change, handle her patiently, she will be proved as a good wife and good bahu, you will say later that this was your best decision. Anu says I have less hope but we shall see. Gungun moves. The candle stand falls. Anu says you were right, walls have ears, I will go and see. He opens the door and checks. She hides.

Riddhesh says we have to call Gungun’s mum in this marriage. Anu says its your family matter. Riddhesh says its your family also. Anu says yes, I don’t want to say anything and create more problems for you. Riddhesh asks how are you so mature in this age. Anu says person learns everything in joint family. Gungun comes back to hear. Anu says Gungun has to adjust a lot there, we share things and there is no privacy, she has to work hard to adjust. Gungun asks will he make me wash clothes.Riddhesh says no, I think she will adjust easily, she didn’t come with us in the car, she came in the bus. Anu says its obvious to send elders in the car. Riddhesh says it’s a big thing for me, she will learn everything, it will be all fine.

Anu opens the door. Gungun falls in his arms. He says caught you. Anu and Gungun argue. Riddhesh looks on. He says leave it, I will come. He goes. Gungun argues further. She stumbles and falls again. He holds her and jokes on her stupidity. He helps her walk. He takes her to the living room. They argue.Garima gets coffee for them. She asks them to talk, she will arrange lunch. Anu asks why lunch. Garima says I have made special food for you, Gungun also helped me. Gungun says I didn’t know that you are going to come. Anu says sorry, I can’t have it. She says don’t worry, I didn’t add poison in your food. Riddhesh asks why don’t you want to have food here. Anu says my family would be waiting for me. Garima says tell them that you will have food here. Anu says I told Sunanda that I will come home, the food will get waste. Riddhesh asks him to have soup at least.Gungun asks what about the food here, Garima has been cooking since morning, you are wasting the food here. Anu says sorry. Riddhesh says we should have asked you, but Garima wanted to surprise. Gungun scolds Anu. Anu says I m sorry.Sunanda cries. Everyone consoles her. Sunanda refuses to go for shopping. Everyone asks her to come along. Sunanda says I won’t go, Goli take them for shopping. Neeti says we will also not buy the saree

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