Love by chance update 4 October 2022


Love by chance 4 October 2022: The Episode starts with Golu consoling Gungun and Garima. He asks Riddhesh to share their sorrow, they are one family now. Anu goes to explain Akriti. He calls her behavior wrong to misbehave with her mum. She says if a mum is selfish, if she has left her child for her luxuries, then… such mum doesn’t deserve respect, isn’t my anger justified. He says we will talk later. Gungun asks Garima to stop crying now. Akriti says Gungun is imp for Garima, this happens since childhood, Gungun always gets the love. Neeti says we didn’t know that Garima has a daughter. Ankit says we shouldn’t judge anyone so soon. She says yes, relations are complicated. Anu says I have told this as a senior, its my responsibility to guide my juniors. Akriti says I know, thanks, you tell me what you think, let me know if you think I m wrong, I will think about you. She goes. Garima cries a lot. Gungun consoles her. Riddhesh apologizes. Neeti says we understand your sorrow. Anu says take care of your Bua and yourself. Gungun goes. Anu thinks its tough to make her understand, she cries for others, she doesn’t like me but clapped a lot for my performance, what kind is she. Golu asks are you feeling bad. Anu says yes. Golu says welcome to married club.

Yug jokes on wives. Anu says I m feeling bad for Garima. Neeti laughs. They start teasing Anu about Gungun. Anu asks them to get serious. They say we also felt bad seeing Gungun cry. Anu says we should go home now. Ankit goes to Khushi. Anu tells about Akriti’s position, she is a junior scientist, all juniors follow him. He says I was explaining her not to talk to her mum like this. Golu jokes. Everyone comes home. Charu and everyone bless him.Charu and Sunanda argue. Anu says I need elders’ blessings always. Chandru hugs him and blesses. Golu says don’t touch my feet and put me in elders’ category, hug me. Charu asks how can someone hug you. Golu says don’t spoil our emotional moment, I used to take you to the science fair in my arms. They say Golu can’t lift Anu now. Golu says yes, Anu has grown up. Anu hugs Yug. He goes to Goli. Goli cries and says you have become a big scientist by studying in a govt school, if we had sent you to a good school, then you would have progressed more. Charu says one needs hard work and talent to go ahead. Chandru says Anu is a diamond.

Goli says I know, you are a big scientist, but don’t be serious always, chill. Anu continues to meet everyone. Neeti says you are like my younger brother, stay happy, get my Devrani soon. Chavi says we should have a grand party. Yug says show me the cheque. Anu says Charu will see it first and decide what to do of this money. Everyone smiles. Charu checks the cheque. Chandru says we will do his marriage well. Charu says we will bear the marriage expenses and make FD of this reward money, no party now. They all agree. Charu says you all also start thinking now, else it may trouble you after I go up. They say you aren’t going anywhere. Charu talks sad. Anu says you are just 60 years old, people marry in this age these days. Sunanda beats him and asks what are you teaching him. Anu says I m just saying. Chavi says yes, 60s is the new 40s. Charu does poetry and compliments Sunanda. She gets shy. Charu says everyone dies, but few lives, I want to live with my family. Sunanda asks who stopped you. They argue. She asks Anu did you get 10 lakhs for your essay, what did you write. Charu says you will not understand. Sunanda argues with him. Anu says that article had my research of years. He explains Sunanda. Yug and Neeti tease Anu about Gungun. Charu says let him go and change now. He scolds Golu. Sargam jokes on Chandru’s singing. Everyone smiles. Golu says we will come with you.

Anu says no use to talk such things.
Goli and Golu arguing. Sunanda asks Divya to get the sweets. She asks Anu to have sweets and go. She says drink the haldi milk. She feeds the sweets to Anu. Anu says tell Golu and team not to trouble me. Goli says no one can stop Golu, bear him. Neeti says I will make tea for everyone. Anu says don’t irritate me. He gets a call. Yug snatches his phone. Golu stops Anu. Yug says its Gungun’s call. Golu asks did you both become friends. Anu says maybe its something imp. Golu says answer the call, I want to know why is she calling, is everything fine in her house. Anu gets the call again. He says I will answer if you all won’t trouble me. They say okay. He answers the call.

Gungun says I have urgent work, you know Akritik, she is Garima’s daughter, I have no time and mood to argue, Garima locked herself in room, she isn’t opening the door. Anu says I m not a keymaker to open the door. She says you are a family man, my Bua is crying all thanks to your junior. He asks what can I do. She says help, go and talk to her. He asks are you asking for help or ordering me. She says please talk to her, Garima tried to get Akriti’s custody, but Akriti’s dad made fake stories and made her away, she doesn’t trust us, she will think it’s a lie, teach something to your junior. Golu asks what happened. Anu says she wants me to talk to Akriti about Garima. Golu says then go. Anu says fine, I will talk to her. Gungun says go right away and talk to her.He says I will talk for a mum and daughter, not for you. She says fine. He says wait, you didn’t say you are a fan of my singing. She says no way. He asks why did you clap for long. She says happily, that your performance ended. He says then end this conversation also, don’t order me, you are not my boss. She says I will never hire an employee like you. They argue. He ends the call. Neeti scolds him. Anu asks Golu and all why did they stay back to hear the call. Yug says we wanted to know why she called you. Anu asks them to go now. Golu asks will you do this or not. Anu says I will think. They all tease Anu and laugh. Anu says Akriti is here… They ask where. He locks his room.

Anu meets Akriti at the café. She says I don’t want to drag you in this family matter. Anu says its my family matter also, Riddhesh saved my sister Khushi and Ankit, our families are close now, Gungun said Garima has locked herself in room. She says its their old habit to lie, one has to keep relations, my mum left me to stay with her rich brother. He says I have seen her with Gungun, she loves her a lot, she will love you more. She says then she would have not go away from me. He says she is helpless to stay away from you. She says it was her decision to leave me, I needed her and now she needs me, I don’t want to be with her now. He asks how many times did she try to meet you. She says she used to call, but I never answered. He asks how will this misunderstanding end. She says its her truth. He says fine, I felt I should tell you. she says sorry, I can’t listen to you. He says I can understand.She says you would be knowing Gungun also. He says yes. She asks is she really ill-mannered. He says my family has fixed my marriage with Gungun. She asks what, why, you are so educated, sweet and simple, Gungun isn’t a good match, do you like her. He says not at all, I can marry anyone except her. She says you should marry someone educated like you. He says my choice doesn’t matter, my family likes Gungun, they have a hope that this relation will work, I have a hope. He thinks this marriage will break after a year. She asks can’t this marriage get cancelled. He says my family loves me and I trust their decision, lets see what happened. She says marriage will happen, you should decide about your life, I feel bad for you. he says don’t worry, its my problem. She says its time for my class. She goes.

Charu checks accounts. Sunanda comes. They argue again. She says we all want Banarasi sarees for Anu’s marriage. Charu says its Anu’s marriage, you all have the Banarasi saree. She says I want new saree. He says just Goli and Neeti will get new sarees. They argue. Everyone comes. They hear Charu and Sunanda’s argument. Chandru says I will get a new saree for all of them. Golu asks Charu why can’t he buy it. Charu says banarasi sarees are expensive. Chandru says I will buy it by taking a loan or selling my kidney. Charu scolds Chandru and asks him to never talk about loans.

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