Lost in Love update Wednesday 5 October 2022


Lost in Love 5 October 2022: Devi sees Sai offering rose to Sai and says she will inform everyone that Veeru proposed Sai. Virat says he gifted rose to Sai for decorating room. Devi says she thought they reunited as husband and wife, now Sai will fix this rose in her hair like a typical wife does. Sai says they are friends. Devi says soon they should become husband and wife again. Sai says they have started a journey of friendship without knowing about the future, their presence is very beautiful.Virat repeats. Sunny enters and informs them to come down for party. In living room, Sonali brings garlands for Ashwini and Ninad. Sonalli taunts that Shivani searches her husband always and is ready with garland. Shivani says Sonali taunts always as she doesn’t have any other work. Sonali comments as if Shivani has any work. Virat and Sai walk down. Samrat jokes mirch masala came. Sai says they are mirchi/chilli and modak. He asks where were they. Pakhi comments they must be following their friendship somewhere. Sai taunts back that she is omniscient and knows everything, she must also be knowing what will happen next. Pakhi stands jealous. Sai says they will make aayi baba cut cake. Shivani says they will make them exchange garlands first. Ashwini and Ninad exchange garlands while everyone clap.

Shivani says let us cut cake now. Bhavani says if they will cut cake in this age, this is getting too much. Swapna comments and shuts her mouth. Nina and Ashwini cut cake and feed it to Virat and Sai. Devi says they will celebrate Viru and Sai’s anniversary next as their friendship would have turned into love by then. Ninad says yes. Sai says its not necessary that friendship can change into love. Virat says over time it can. Ninad and Ashwini thank everyone for attending their wedding anniversary. Swapna says she is happy for Ashwini as Ninad accepted her at last, now she can live in her house with pride. She then asks Sai if she considers Ashwini as mother and pampers her. Sai says she will call her mausi/aunt. Swapna gets more happy and tells Virat that he is lucky to Sai and he should always keep her happy. Virat smiles. She then suggests Bhavani that Ashwini is the eldest suhagan bahu of this house, hence Bhavani should handover all the responsibilities to Ashwini and herself lead a renunciate life. Bhavani gets angry and asks if she means she is old and controlling whole house. Ashwini says her sister didn’t mean it, elders should always control their house. Bhavani asks if her sister has an illness of reaching other’s house and sharing unnecessary knowledge. Swapna says only where she feels she is needed and walks away.

Ashwini asks Bhavani not to bother as Swapna treats her like a child.Sai says let us forget everything, she has arranged a special night arrangements for aayi baba to compensate their 37-year-old separation. Pakhi says she is going overboard. Sai says she will not understand and takes Ashwini along to get her ready. Pakhi provokes Bhavani that Sai manipulates things according to her needs. Sonali provokes that Sai must have taught Ashwini everything and suggested Swapna insult Bhavani. Karishma says else why would Ashwini’s relatives dare to visit after so many years and taunt Bhavani to accept renunciation. Pakhi says Bhavani has changed and has lost her power. Bhavani says she will not accept it and will do something. Virat walks to them and invites them for dinner, says they have decided that women will have dinner first today as a symbol of women power. Pakhi asks if Sai sent him, how does he feel being a joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant. Virat says he is not Sai’s servant and neither she is his servant, they are friends and do everything together, just like they took this dinner idea together. Bhavani asks why didn’t he take her permission before inviting Ashwini’s family. Virat apologizes her and says everything happened instantly and he didn’t have time to inform her. Sonali taunts that since Virat married Sai, he spent half of his time doing mistakes and half correcting them.

Pakhi says Virat apologizes at least, but Sai never apologizes. Virat warns her to stop badmouthing about Sai.Sai walks to them calling modak and asks them to join them for dinner soon as she needs to make a special announcement after that. Everyone gather. Bhavani asks what she wants to announce. Sai says they usually have dinner together, but today aayi and baba will have special dinner in their room. Ashwini thanks them for their support, but she and Ninad will have dinner with everyone as usual. Virat says today is their special day and he should celebrate it alone. Omkar yells that Ninad felt bad when he and Sonali had food in their room, now he wants to have dinner alone with his wife. Bhavani orders that they all will have dinner together in living room and end this anniversary drama that there.

Bhavani orders that everyone will have dinner in dining hall ending this wedding anniversary drama. Sai says this is not her celebration, just like couple have food in hotel room when they go on honeymoon trip, she arranged same environment in baba and aayi’s room. Bhavani says a breach of their family rules and she cannot let them break it. Sai says everyone have food in their rooms sometimes, so even baba and aayi can have food in their room tonight. Ashwini says she respects their love, but they will all have food in dining hall. Bhavani says its good that she understood. Sai says they have a surprise for aayi baba in room after dinner. Virat backs her. Devi reveals about room decoration for their suhagraat. Mohit says its a good idea as Ninad and Ashwini’s kids are grown and they can spend quality time togethwer. Bhavani enters more irritated and comments. Ninad says they are not young to think about suhagraat. Omkar taunts one who has to play with grandson is thinking of suhagraat.

Bhavani asks Virat if he is out of mind to decorate his parent’s room for suhagraat. Virat asks what is wrong in it. Ninad says let it be. Sai asks what is a problem in it, when they can decorate her room and celebrate her birthday, why can’t they decorate aayi baba’s room. Pakhi comments that she cannot understand it as she is not bought up in a family, even she is from nuclear family and didn’t do heinous acts like her. Samrat asks what wrong did Sai do that Pakhi is commenting on her, even he would have celebrated his parent’s wedding anniversary similarly if his father was alive. Sonali asks him to look at their age, they are celebrating their suhagraat at the age of playing with grandchildren. Omkar says he is feeling shame even thinking about it. Virat asks why is he feeling shame. Sai says there is no age for love. Bhavani says even Mohit and Karishma didn’t perform such a heinous act. Virat asks her to stop thinking bad about his parents, she should respect his parents for respecting each other even in this age, he will not let any wrong thinking ruin his parent’s mood and wants his parents to have dinner in their room.

He and Sai take Ninad and Ashwini away. Samrat takes others to dining hall. Pakhi brainwashes Bhavani that when a king gets lenient with citizens, citizens behave like king; she gave lenience to Sai and Sai is dancing over head; still there is till to snatch back her crown before its too late.Ninad and Ashwini enter room and feel shy seeing their beds joined. Sai jokes that aayi is shying as if its her suhaagrat. Ashwini and Ninad thank them for their their effort. Ashwini says she wants to celebrate Virat and Sai’s wedding anniversary similarly and not like previous bitter one. Sai remembers last year’s incident and cries that her marriage is just a mutual understanding and reminds her of her helplessness after her Aaba passed away; she got them as her aayi aaba and she loves them immensely, but her and Virat’s marriage is not same. Ashwini says people and situation change over time and asks if she didn’t feel changes with Virat’s entry in her life. Sai emotionally says she got Ashwini as her aayi and experienced a mother’s love which she was craving since her childhood, she got a loving baba and a Virat as caring friend, etc. She then makes Ninad sit on bed and walks away. Ninad asks Ashwini not to worry as they will make their children realize their love for each other just like they did for us.

Sonali shows house pics to Omkar and says it is bigger than Chavan mansion, she is tired of Sai’s drama and doesn’t have to watch her face in her new house where there are bigger rooms. Bhavani says she can build bigger room even in Chavan nivas and asks how dare they are to think of leaving Chavan nivas. Omkar says they are ashamed to see Vira/Sai and oldies Ashwini/Ninad’s romance in this house. Pakhi walks in and brainwashes Bhavani again that when she cannot stop Sai’s drama, why will anyone stop here; she couldn’t stop Sai calling outsiders and getting her insulted; Sai’s plan is to let Ashwini take over house and ransack Bhavani. Virat waits for Sai. Sunny walks in and praises Virat for organizing his parent’s wedding anniversary, laughs on his and Sai’s friendship, and says soon he wants them to perform their wedding anniversary similarly. Sai enters and confronts Virat why everyone wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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