Love by chance update Sunday 18 December 2022

Love by Chance 18 December 2022: The Episode starts with Radha saying everyone will taunt you. Beena says marriage isn’t everything, you got me educated, I can live my life, you can keep me as your son. Armaan claps for Beena. Everyone claps for her. Armaan says this is today’s woman, who has the courage to keep her word, she calls the wrong as wrong and supports the truth, even when she gets her heart breaking, we say that we want a change in the society, we have to start this by changing ourselves.Gungun says yes. She shows Beena’s pic on the magazine’s front page. She says Beena’s story is such, she is the hero and heroine also. Radha apologizes to Gungun. Gungun says its okay, any mum would think for her child first, I had to thank you for saving my Anubhav and taking care of him. Radha says he is yours, you can take him now. Anu smiles. Radha says we will miss him a lot. Gungun says Beena is really strong, she has made every woman proud by inspiring them. Armaan thanks Beena for sharing her story. He says we will utilize the magazine’s profits and educate the girls in this locality. Mukhiya ji and Radha thank and bless him.

Radha says its fine, if Beena didn’t get married, but Anubhav’s marriage can happen with Gungun if the mandap is setup. Mukhiya ji says yes, we will keep the marriage in few hours. Gungun says but Beena… He says don’t worry for her, I promised Radha, if Madhav is married, then I will find a nice guy for Beena and get her married, she will get any guy.Anu and Gungun recall their moments and smile. Armaan says we got this gift for Madhav and Beena, I think its for you. Gungun thanks him. He asks Anu to try the ring once. Anu says you helped Gungun in finding me, thanks. Armaan says no, its Gungun’s goodness and her love, that Lord united you both. Anu says I will just come. He goes to Beena and says sorry. Beena says don’t say sorry, you get happy that you got your work. He says I m happy, but I feel bad for you and Radha. She says don’t worry, Gungun will take good care for you. He gives him a gift and goes.

Akriti calls Charu. He says we will give the money, don’t call here. She says I don’t want the money, I have changed my decision. Sunanda and Sargam get glad. Charu asks why did you call. Akriti says I want my share in the property, I will give that house corner on rent. Charu says you will keep a tenant in our house. She scolds him. He says you come here and stay, I will break your legs. Armaan calls Golu and says I m Armaan, from Jeet network, I have to tell something. Golu says no need to tell us about Gungun and yourself, I know she has moved on in her life. Akriti hears this on the other call. Golu says I m not happy, I can’t believe that Gungun moved on, I trusted her more than my family.

Armaan asks shall I say now, put the phone on speaker. Golu puts the phone on speaker. Armaan says its about Anubhav, he is alive. Everyone is shocked. Charu asks what’s this joke. Armaan says I m sending the address and tickets also. Akriti hears this. Beena makes Gungun ready as the bride. Gungun and Anu meet and smile. Gungun says your family is fine. Anu holds his head. She says don’t think much, think good things, we will go to the doctor and get your treatment done, you will be fine, then you go to your family. Anu recalls Charu’s words. He says no. She asks why. He says I got this second birth for you, I m dead for them, I don’t want to live a suffocated life with them, I want to stay here with you.Beena saying pandit would be coming, are you both ready. Anu says I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here with you. Gungun says we can start a new life here, but how can I snatch a son from your mum and dad, I have seen them dying along with you, I can’t lie to them, right. He says they will force me again. She says I know, but I can’t make you away from your happiness, I will get happy seeing you happy with your family, you will marry me today, its enough for me. She cries.

Pandit says bride’s puja will happen first, take the groom to the temple for darshan. Radha asks Anu to come. Anu asks what shall I pray. Gungun says family’s happiness, then we can stay happy. He smiles and goes.Armaan comes to Gungun. The girl gives the groom’s pagdi cloth to Armaan, and asks him to give it to Anu. Gungun smiles. Anu’s family comes there. They see Gungun and Armaan sitting in the mandap. Golu says so you lied to invite us in your marriage. Charu scolds Gungun. He asks is this your love. Chandru asks why did you break his family. Sunanda says you are so shameless, why did you invite me in your marriage. Goli says we didn’t expect this from you. Sargam says I had a hope that Anu is alive… They cry.

Armaan asks them to stop it. He says Gungun didn’t call you, I have called you here, first listen to me and then react, Gungun never forgot Anu, she has always missed him, nobody can love Anu more than Gungun. Charu says she is responsible for Anu’s death. Armaan asks who told you, where is the proof, tell me, I m a reporter, I can see truth in lies and lies in truth, Gungun told me the story, I knew it, she isn’t the killer. He tells them everything about Anu and Gungun’s love story. Family appears shocked.Charu asks why didn’t you tell this to us before. Armaan says you didn’t give her a chance, your bahu Akriti… Charu says don’t take her name, she is a selfish girl. Armaan asks really, you believed her that Gungun killed Anu, she is your bahu and wants to break your family, Gungun did all the responsibilities of a bahu and wife. Goli and Charu ask did you lie to us to tell this to us. Armaan says I don’t lie, I believed in love and its power, I have seen it today, Gungun’s love found Anu. Sargam asks why did you lie about Anu. Anu comes and calls out Maa. They all see Anu and happily cry. He hugs everyone. Armaan says we got to know today that Anu is alive, those people threw Anu in the sea, the fishermen got him and took care of him, he lost his memory, so he was staying here, think it’s a miracle, or power of love, but Gungun found Anu, his memory came back on seeing Gungun, who are we to separate them. Charu apologizes to Gungun.

Gungun says please, don’t embarrass me, elders should bless. Armaan says Gungun loves Anu a lot, but she never tried to make him away from you all, she could have married him and stayed here, she still wants Anu to live with you all, so that happiness returns in your family. Sunanda apologizes. Charu says I made a big mistake to misunderstand you. Golu also apologizes. Charu says I will rectify our mistake, always stay with Anu with our blessings. Gungun says but Akriti… Charu says she fell in our sight. He tells what Akriti did. Gungun says I will give the money to Akriti, but not let the house get divided. Charu blesses her. Goli also apologizes. Gungun says I have no anger and complains. She introduces Radha and Beena, who saved Anu’s life and took much care of him. Sargam thanks Radha. Radha says I m also a mum, you are lucky to get a son like him. Sargam says he is your son also. Chandru apologizes to Armaan. They thank Armaan for bringing out the truth. He says its my profession, I m a journalist. Charu says its Gungun and Anu’s marriage today, stop crying. Akriti comes and says this marriage can’t happen, because he is already married to me.

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