Love by chance update Saturday 17 December 2022

Love by chance 17 December 2022:Gungun saying no one else can take Anu’s place in my heart. Armaan and Gungun say we will get a gift for Beena. Charu counts the money. Golu comes home. Chandru asks did anything happen. Golu says bank said we will need one week to get the money of Anu’s reward. Akriti comes and says I won’t wait for one week. Chandru says we aren’t able to give you the share, but we will give the money. She asks how will you give it, you will never have the money, give the money right away, else I will get my lawyer and sell my share.Charu asks her to wait for one week, its his command. She says I m not your bahu to obey you. Sargam says we have our emotions and memories with this house, we can’t sell this house. Chandru says we live in this house and this house lives in us, how can we sell it. Divya says we need time to arrange money. Sargam says we fought Anu for your sake, you should be ashamed that you are behaving like this. Golu says respect us at least seeing the age of elders. She says I respect those who respect me, I know you fought Anu for my sake, but you didn’t oust him, you gave him a second chance, would you give me a second chance if I did this mistake, some people covered up his deeds. Golu shouts shut up, stop saying bad about him.

He asks her to think of humanity at least. She gives them the papers and asks them to sign on it. Golu checks the papers. He says she wants Anu’s 10 lakhs reward money. Chandru says you fell in our sight totally. She asks why, I just asked for my husband’s money, I have a right on it. Golu says no, he got that money before marrying you, he gave it to Charu, Charu made FD for Anu and Sargam. She says think its compensation that Anu mentally tortured me. He says you have no right on that money, you won’t get it. She says I knew you will say this, I know to take my rights, I can file a case on Sargam, I have to say that Sargam tortures me, so I want to leave this house, the family will lose respect and you will go to jail. She asks them to sign.Sargam takes the papers to sign. Golu says no, you can’t scare us. He tears the papers. She threatens him and goes. Anu and Beena are having their haldi function. They sit for their haldi. They do shayari. They dance. Anu looks lost. Gungun and Armaan go to buy rings. He says we can give them ash, it will help them. She says cash is a favor, okay we will give them gift and cash.

She sees a ring and recalls Anu. He says this size will be perfect for Beena. She says yes. He says I have got something I lost, guess it. She says thanks for being my good friend. He says if I want to become more than a friend. She says best friend. They leave from the store.Anu sings a song and recalls Gungun. Beena says Gungun said we will take you to hospital and then you will get fine, don’t think much, you like to stay with us, we will make good memories to make our future better. He nods and sings. Armaan and Gungun are on the way. He smiles seeing her.Bina gets ready for the wedding. Radha hands groom clothes to Anubhav and asks to go and change it in his sister’s house which is located after two streets. Anubhav nods ok and leaves. Other hand Gungun comes getting decked up to attend Bina’s marriage. Armaan gets mesmerized seeing her and compliments her look. Gungun pulls his leg saying that he has dressed up like he is going to attend an interview.Armaan asks how Bina’s husband looks. Gungun says that she didn’t see him. Armaan hopes that Bina saw him and jokes. Gungun says that it’s love come arranged marriage, Bina loves him very much. Armaan hopes that he could also get his love like Bina. She reminds Anubhav that he wanted to tell her something. Armaan says that she will tell him before the end of the day.

Anubhav is looking for Radha sister’s house and he is unable to find it. He stumbles and falls down in the mud. He faints getting hit his head to a stone. Armaan and Gungun reach the wedding venue. Gungun finds that all are being happy. Armaan jokes saying that it’s not their wedding. Armaan asks if Gungun’s had grand wedding. Gungun gets sad remembering Anubhav filling her hairline.Bina comes to the wedding mandap. Gungun signs that she looks pretty. Radha wonders where Madhav is. She asks Bina’s friend about Madhav and learns that he is missing. Radha tells their head about the same. He sends his men to find him. Bina regrets leaving him alone. Head’s men finds Anubhav lying unconscious. They take him from there. Armaan is getting bored. Gungun asks him to say what he wanted to tell. Armaan says that he will tell after returning.

The locality head’s men bring Anubhav. Gungun fails to recognize him as his face is muddy. The head notifies that Madhav got hurt in his head and it’s bleeding. Bina cries. Madhav gets flashes of his family. Madhav says that he doesn’t know where his family is. Radha gets worried what if Anubhav is married. Head denies it and says to do their wedding. The Vaidya ji arrives and checks Anubhav. He asks to wash him using milk and ganga water. They do the same. Gungun gets shocked on seeing Anubhav.She gets teary eyes realizing that Anubhav is alive. The latter sees Gungun and remembers her. Anubhav shares an emotional hug with Gungun. The head’s men separate Anubhav and Gungun. Armaan says them to leave Anubhav and says that he Anubhav Kulshreshths, a famous scientist. They thought that they lost him, but he is alive by God’s grace. He says that Anubhav and Gungun love each other very much.Anubhav doesn’t recognize Armaan and asks who he is. Gungun asks if he doesn’t remember Armaan. Anubhav says that he doesn’t remember anything except Gungun.

Radha asks Gungun who he is. Gungun tells that he is Anubhav Kulshreshths, her husband. He met with an accident recently and she thought that he lost her forever, but it’s proved miracle exists and Anubhav is her biggest miracle.She says that she knows that Bina and Anubhav is about to get married, but she is already got married to Anubhav. The head refuses to believe Gungun and Anubhav are married and gets adamant to do Bina and Anubhav’s marriage. But Bina takes a stand for Anubhav and Gungun. She acknowledge that Anubhav is Gungun’s husband and refuses to forcibly marry Anubhav. She convinces Radha about the same.

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