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Anupama 18 December 2022: Anupama tells Anuj its not right and she will not let him do this. He says whatever needs to happen has happened and his heart is broken, nothing can change now. He asks her if she will support him in this new journey. Malvika tells Vanraj that she wants to stop her brother from taking a mad decision. Vanraj says she is acting mad and didn’t realize that her brother valued Anupama more than her, nothing matter to her brother in front of Anupama. Anupama tells Anuj that she will not support him in this decision, he is the world’s most right person, but she will stop him from taking the wrong decision and will do whatever it takes.

At Shah house, Kinjal tells Toshu that he would have gone with Vanraj. Toshu says they wouldn’t listen to him and understand that they should be practical and not emotional in business. Samar says there is a difference between being practical and being selfish. Kavya panics thinking she will lose her job if Anuj breaks partnership with Anupama and prays god to break Vanraj and Mukku’s partnership instead.Vanraj brainwashes Mukku that her brother is acting great and thinks she will return everything again like last time, he is just Anupama’s puppet and not Mukku’s brother now and is dancing to Anupama’s tunes. Anu asks Anuj when he knows Mr Shah is wrong, how can he leave Mukku with him. Anuj says he already had lost his sister twice by not trusting her and cannot do the same mistake again and trusts Mukku completely. She says he trusts Mukku does right and she trusts Mr Shah does wrong; its her mistake that she thought Mr Shah has changed, but he will never. He asks what should he do then. She says Mr Shah is wrong for her, Kavya, Mukku or any other woman; Mr Shah is just behind money and instead of solving brother and sister’s problem, he is increasing;

she sacrificed her right for years and now realized its wrong, so he shouldn’t let wrong happen to Mukku. He stands silently. She asks if he will not change his decision. He says no. She says he should remember that its only his decision and she will not support it.Vanraj continues manipulating Mukku and tells her that Anupama must have provoked Anuj and told him that Mukku cannot do anything on her own and needs their support, this project is our dream which she can complete without her brother’s help and she should decide whether she wants to prove her brother right or wrong. Malvika says her brother gave everything to her. Vanraj says he just returned what he had taken. She asks how will her brother live sacrificing everything. He says just like she did till now as Anu is her brother’s priority and not her. He holds her hand and says though Anuj left her, he will not leave her forever.

Anu tells Anuj that he worked hard and established his business empire, he can sacrifice everything to Mukku but not sacrifice Mukku; when they get tears, they see blur; he stood for her always, now its her turn; she knows Mr Shah well and his game, Mukku trusts Mr Shah as she doesn’t know that fire knows to only burn; if Anuj will not fight this battle, she will as his sorrow and battles are hers now. He holds her hand and smiles with teary eyes. Tum Itna Jo Muskurarahe Ho Kya Gham Hai Jisko Chuparahe ho.. song plays in the background. She makes him sit and offers him water to calm him down. He holds her pallu. She frees it and walks away. She then reaches Mukku’s cabin and says she needs to speak to her alone. Vanraj says whagever she has to she should in front of him Anu says she wants to speak to her and not her bodyguard. Vanraj shouts how dare she is. Anu says she hasn’t shown her dareness yet, should she. She asks Mukku to listen to her once. Vanraj shouts this office is not her or her boyfriend’s anymore, so she should get out. Mukku asks him to go out for sometime. He walks out frowning and thinks Anu came here to spoil his game.

Anupama tells Malvika that she came here to talk about her friend Anuj and not Malvika’s brother Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj thinks Anupama will spoil his plan to protect her boyfriend, so he needs to do something. He makes a call to someone. Toshu informs family that Anuj is transferring all his properties and whole business empire to Mukku. Kavya thinks if everything goes to Mukku, Vanraj will control it. Anu asks Malvika if she wants to say something before she speaks. Malvika says what shall she say when Bhai did everything. Anu says only just loved her and nothing else. Malvika says he loved Anu more than her and hence left her for Anu. Anu says he didn’t love her, but she left her common sense. Malvika shouts shut up. Anu warns to slap her and get back in conscience, asks if she gave all her common sense to Mr Shah, and asks if she felt bad hearing about slap, she can even slap if need be. She asks if she wears specs as she cannot see clearly, but now she has Mr Shah’s specs on her and hence she is seeing only what Mr Shah wants to show; Mr Shah must have taught her that her brother is leaving her for Anupama. Malvika says that is the truth. Anu says she is trusting a man who waits to set fire in some other’s live and enjoy the drama. Malvika says whatever it is, she doesn’t want to listen anything. Anu says she has to as its about her friend Anuj. Malvika asks her to stop.


Vanraj nervously waits outside his cabin. Anuj thinks of interfering between them, but then thinks they both will not agree to his words. Anu tells Malvika that the whole world can change, but not her brother. Malvika asks who is she to decide, she doesn’t want to see changes in bhai, bhai has problem with her and Raj. Anu says world’s easiest task is to act as bechara/pitiful, Mr Shah has done PhD in it and graduated her, she should stop acting bechari and do whatever she has to on her own; she should remember that a hand which can lift her can also push her down. Malvika says he will not do that as she knows how Raj really is. Anu claps and says his own father couldn’t know him well till now, his wife of 26 years Anupama couldn’t know, Kavya who loved him for 9 years couldn’t know, but Malvika could in just 2 months. Malvika says whatever she says, this time Raj is right and her brother wrong. Anu says she can say wrong as right, but shouldn’t say right as wrong.Malvika asks Anu if she means she is a villain. Anu says her brother is a hero and she realized heroes not only exist in films but also in real life; Anuj waited for her since 26 years her, then why would he leave Malvika so easily; she and Mr Shah came in their lives a months’ ago, but Anuj and Malvika are together since birth. Malvika says truth is bhai left her for Anupama. Anu asks why don’t she understand that her brother will never leave her alone.

Malvika says bhai took two wrong decisions already and even this time he is wrong. Anu says those were not wrong decisions. Vanraj’s inner voice taunts him that his hard worked plan is failing and forget the magazine cover page, he can’t even reach the CEO chair. He shouts he will not let his plan spoil.Bapuji gets tensed thinking what must be going in office. Samar says he can’t wait and wants to visit office. Toshu stops him and says they shouldn’t interfere in office issues. Baa blames Malvika and Anuj and says between brother and sister’s drama, her son and grandson will be losing the chance. Bapuji says she should be ashamed to think of profits when someone family is breaking. Baa yells that let GK, Anuj, and Malvika bother about their family, like every mother she is just worried for her son’s success. Bapuji says her son is stepping on someone’s shoulders to reach his goal. Baa says her son worked hard for the project and Anuj ordered Malvika to scrap it. Bapuji says even Vanraj asked Malvika to scrap Anu and Anuj’s partnership. Baa asks why should only her son suffer. Bapuji says she is bothered about Vanraj and not Anu. Baa says let Anuj think about Anu, we will think about our family and let them think of their family. Pakhi says if Anuj had thought similarly, he wouldn’t have saved their house and Samar. Samar says Mukku was Baa’s BFF till yesterday and today became a stranger. Baa asks what is her mistake in it. Bapuji says her selfishness is a mistake.

Samar says Bapuji is right. Baa warns him to shut up as he is always against her son and asks Toshu to support her. Toshu says what can he do when he is confused. Kavya says they should go to office and check. Samar says they shouldn’t as they will create more confusion. Bapuji says Samar is right, they will stay here and wait for the news.

Anupama continues explaining Malvika that whatever her brother did was for her, he built this business empire for her and is sacrificing his rights for her. Malvika says she will handle her business with Vanraj’s help as he knows business well. Anu says Vanraj dragged business in personal life and can do anything for his benefit, she should realize that her brother can do anything for her. Anu tells Malvika that she must have seen people sacrificing family for wealth and business, but Anuj sacrificed his everything for his sister; she may become a businesswoman but will lose her brother forever, etc. Anuj walks towards Malvika’s cabin. Vanraj taunts him that he in excitement gave his fate in excitement to Mukku and now sent his aide to get it back, he feels bad seeing him turning from riches to rags. Anuj smiles silently. Vanraj says he must be afraid that he and Malvika will take the business new height, he should really be afraid as they will soon; they will offer him loan if he wants to open any small shop. Anuj says if he thinks he became rich today, he really was when he had a family and above all Anupama. Anu pleads Malvika not to let her brother get out of her life, she can choose Mr Shah but not over her brother as she will be the poorest person if she does so.

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