Love by chance update Monday 19 December 2022a

Love by chance 19 December 2022: The Episode starts with Akriti coming and saying Anu is married to her. Golu asks how did Akriti come here. Akriti says thank God you are alive, I thought I lost you forever, I got to know you lost your memory, they all are fooling you, you got married to me, you love me, you are alive because of my prayers, Gungun is a liar, and cheat, she tried to get you killed, she is so clever.She says this girl has lied to you, Gungun and Maya threw a pre wedding party for you, it was their conspiracy, they decided to insult you and your family. Gungun shouts shut up, how can you lie, you joined hands with my mom. Akriti says stop your nonsense, why would I support her. Gungun says to get Anu, I have a proof, my mom and my chats. She reads Maya’s message… never trust Akriti, she is involved in separating you both, whatever happened in the party, Akriti was involved. She shows the message. She says Akriti planned the accident in the institute so that Anu reaches late in the party, she acted sick to make him take care of her.Anu recalls. Gungun says you and Maya got our marriage cancelled, Maya wanted to take me to US.

Akriti says it’s a lie, don’t come in her words, she wants to make me away from you, she is a liar. Anu shouts shut up, don’t say a word against Gungun, I remember a lot of things, whatever you did with Gungun and me, you hate Gungun, because she got your mum’s love and me, you made her a villain and made my family hate her, my family started seeing you as an ideal bahu, you removed Garima away from Gungun, no one heard Gungun once, I had to marry her to save her from Ranvijay, I thought its my mistake, she accepted that as her fate, I realized my marriage with you was a mistake, we didn’t have love between us, I hate you for your actions, Gungun and I tried to forget each other, but we love each other, I went against my family for her love, she tried to keep me away, she agreed to marry Ranvijay, you filled poison in my family’s mind. Akriti asks what did I do, you cheated me, is it right. He says I don’t love you, why did you marry me. She says I love you. He says wrong, you just love yourself, you would have not insulted my family and kept me tied in an unwanted relation, love means letting free. Akriti says it doesn’t mean that you go out and enjoy with another woman. Anu says she is my wife, if she wanted, then she could have ousted you, but she thought of me and my family’s respect, this is called love.

She says I also loved you. He asks where did your love go when terrorists kidnapped me, when Gungun was finding me, you were brainwashing my family, dean informed you, you didn’t do anything, why, you always claimed right on me. He asks the people to say who loves him and has a right to stay in his life. The people say Gungun. Akriti says fine, marry her, but be ready to bear the consequences. Charu says Akriti left the house after you left, she came to ask for a property share, then she asked for your FD, when I refused, she said she will falsely accuse Sargam for harassment. Anu says you can’t do this. Akriti asks why not, I m your wife, I will ask my share, you have to choose Gungun or your house. Anu asks her to take the money and leave. She says I want a share in the family’s house, I will see you love Gungun more or your family.Armaan asks are you really so foolish. She asks who are you. He says you don’t need to know, I will teach you some laws, after divorce, court decides what share the wife gets from her husband. Charu asks what. Armaan asks him not to worry, court will decide the alimony, she can’t even touch the house, you have to give her the amount that court decides. He warns Akriti. He says I will tell the world that you have harassed your inlaws, your career will end forever, check and mate. Akriti says I did this for you, I love you Anu, forgive me, I promise I will become a good wife and good bahu. She asks everyone to give her a last chance. She says I don’t want money and property, I just want Anu and his love. The family scolds her for changing colours so soon.

Charu says I will stay with Anu and Gungun from today, I will go to even jail for it, you will get the money, Gungun will get love and blessing. Anu says divorce papers will reach you. Akriti scolds Gungun. She says I wish I agreed to Ranvijay that day and got you killed, I will do it today. Beena stops her and scolds.Prakash says you have troubled my sister a lot, this time I will get you arrested. Akriti says I will see you all, I will take revenge for this. She leaves. Prakash asks how did this miracle happen, Anu is alive. Gungun says I will tell you later, how did you come. Prakash says Akriti took a taxi from the airport, the taxi driver heard her talking about Anubhav and told me, so I have come here. He says I m happy to see you here. Anu smiles. Charu apologizes to Mukhiya ji.. Mukhiya ji says its fine, all is well that ends well. The people say Madhav is a big scientist, we thought he is crazy. Anu thanks Radha and Beena. Mukhiya ji says we will start the marriage rituals. Charu says girl’s family isn’t here, half of your family will be from the side. Radha and Mukhiya ji say we are from the girl’s side.Anu and Gungun getting married. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. He fills the sindoor. They take the wedding rounds. Charu blesses them. Anu apologizes to them. Charu and everyone hug the newly weds. They take a family pic. Armaan smiles. They all return home. Charu and Sunanda pray and thank Devi for returning their happiness. He says everything got fine, all the misunderstandings got sorted. Sunanda says yes, Anu got his love and we got our Choti Bahu.

She says we should give devotion and faith to Lord, I wanted to go to Kashi and do a puja. Charu says it’s a good thought, everything got fine, we will surely go. She asks him to have medicines and sleep. Golu says Divya is preparing for grah pravesh. They all talk about Anu and Gungun’s marriage. Yug says Golu’s smile isn’t getting less. Golu says I m happy that Anu and Gungun got married, their love story is unique, they didn’t wish to get married when the family wanted, they got married in a strange way. Yug says Gungun has become this house’s bahu. Neeti says I always supported Akriti. Golu says its not your mistake. She says you were right about Golu. Golu says yes, when I saw them together, I knew it, they are made for each other, they realized it later, when I saw Armaan with Gungun, I also misunderstood her. Yug says we also made a mistake. Khushi says we will forget it. Neeti says we can plan a surprise for them. Golu says let them come, we might know that they are staying in Mumbai for a month. Mithilesh talks to lawyer, and asks how can Anubhav get alive. Lawyer says he is alive, he has returned home, if he gives statement against Ranvijay, then his story will be over. Mithilesh says I will give 50 lakhs more, save my son. Lawyer says save that for your old age. Ranvijay’s mum says please save my son. He says I can just get him bail. Mithilesh apologizes. They go to meet Ranvijay at the police station. Inspector says we have shifted him to the jail, he is a criminal, you can go there and meet him.Shankar asks Akriti how can Anu remarry, we will file a case. She says no, they got married, they will never forgive me. He says don’t worry, I will find a better guy than Anu for you, I have to teach them a lesson, and even your mum. Garima removes the garlands from Anu’s pic and says I believe it now, that goodness always wins.

Shankar calls her. She says you should be ashamed. Garima says I m ashamed, I gave birth to Akriti, don’t you know what she did, she asked for property share. He says its her right, what’s wrong.She says she did this because of you. He says mind your tongue. She says Anu’s family didn’t file any case on Akriti. He says one has to win the case. She says explain this to Akriti, she threatens Anu’s family always, Anu and Gungun are together and happy, you both are alone and sad, goodness always wins, Lord supports the truth, why don’t you understand this. He says we don’t want to hear your lecture. They argue. Shankar says no lawyer can save Anu now. Garima says I will file a case on you, you have one option, apologize to Anu and Gungun, else get ready to go to the court.Shankar asks Akriti to forget Anu. Akriti asks are you saying this. He says Garima said she will file a case on me, if I go to jail then who will take care of you. Akriti asks are you thinking about yourself. He says no, I m thinking of you, your mum left you, if I also go to jail, then how will you stay alone. She asks why will mum file a case on you. Shankar says I lied to you, that your mum left me for luxuries, truth is, she was heartbroken and left me, I lied to you so that you don’t leave me, Garima isn’t wrong, I was wrong, I had an affair with my Bhabhi, my family got me married to Garima, she was a good wife, I was getting away from my Bhabhi, then my brother died, Bhabhi started blackmailing me that she will tell the world about our relation, I supported her, Garima got to know about our affair and left me. Akriti is shocked. Shankar says you would have known the truth some day, I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes, forget the hatred and apologize to your mum, we both should apologize to Garima, we are punished because we are wrong, I have hurt Garima, the same thing is happening with you, learn from your mistakes. He goes.

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