love by chance update Tuesday 20 December 2022

Love by Chance 20 December 2022: Episode starts with the family doing Gungun and Anu’s grahpravesh. Gungun enters the house. Armaan looks on and smiles seeing her. He leaves. Garima asks Anu to take care of her Gungun. Anu asks her not to worry, she will always be his responsibility, all her sorrow is of him. Sunanda says we didn’t know what all you have gone through. Sargam asks her not to cry. Sunanda says you were crying a lot. Sargam says Goli refused to marry, we all convinced her. Divya says she worn a simple saree in her marriage. Chavi says yes, she didn’t smile in her wedding pic. Golu says our lives lost colour without you, Chandru forgot to sing. Yug says Golu forgot to smile. Pradyush says everyone has fought with own selves to keep a fake smile. Charu says yes, you took away our happiness and peace. Golu says now you have come, we got the happiness back. Anu cries. Gungun says house Laxmi came home today. Sunanda says she got Anu along. Gungun smiles.

Everyone praises Gungun. Charu says anyone can have much sweets today. Yug asks how did you reach the fishermen locality. Gungun says I don’t know, maybe fate took me there, I had no hope and a reason to live, but Armaan gave me a reason to live like a good friend, he offered me a job in his company, I went to the fishermen locality for that job, we would have not reached Anu without Armaan. Chandru asks but where is he. Gungun calls him out. Chavi says he left. Gungun says maybe he has an urgent meeting. She reminds Anu about his argument in Prakash’s wedding.Anu says I didn’t think you both will become good friends. She says exactly, I didn’t think so, he saved me from Ranvijay and his family, he helped me legally, he inspired me to move on and gave me a job. Anu says I can’t imagine how you handled yourself. Gungun says your memories kept me alive, if Armaan didn’t offer me that job, then I would have not stepped out of the house, I met many people and saw life closely, I understood everyone is sorrowful, not just me, thanks for coming back in our life.Anu says thank you for making me meet myself and my family. Ankit says sorry, we misunderstood you, we scolded you and Armaan. Golu cries and says I should be sorry, how could I think that you can forget Anu. Sargam says you can’t see Gungun with anyone else, right, stop crying now. Chandru says we should distribute sweets today.

Charu says I was a big fool, I insulted the house Laxmi, after Riddhesh passed away, we should have taken care of you, but we insulted you a lot, we take our words back, you did good that you didn’t leave Anu, else Anu would have gone away forever.He apologizes. Gungun says don’t say this, you are my dad, don’t apologize. Charu blesses her. Armaan recalls Gungun’s words and cries. He says my heart got a hope with much difficulty, but… Gungun comes. He wipes his tear and says you here, strange. She asks were you crying. He says no, I never cry, I m taking this magazine with me. She asks where. He says it’s a surprise. She says you didn’t tell me what you were going to say. He says its too late, I lost the thing, what are you doing here, you came to office instead going on honeymoon. She asks why did you leave yesterday. He says you were with your inlaws, I had to go for an imp meeting, are you continuing the job or quitting. She says I will never quit the job because of which I got Anu. He says I knew this, I recommended you for the associate editor. She asks what, I joined the company a week ago. He says I trust your talents. She smiles and thanks him for trusting her.He says you deserves this chance. She says we are organizing a party tomorrow, you have to come. He says fine, tell me the time, I will be there. She says we will meet tomorrow. She leaves. Gungun comes home. She sees Anu. Anu says I m feeling strange in my room, I can’t believe that I m back. She asks him to look in her eyes, no need to feel scared. He says I m not scared when you are with me, I m sure everything will be fine. She says I missed you a lot.

He says I know, I promise, I will never leave you, we will always stay together. Chavi, Neeti and Khushi come. They ask them to leave the room, everyone is calling them downstairs. Akriti calls Anubhav.Anu getting Akriti’s call. He asks everyone to go, he will just come. Gungun asks him to take the call. Anu says I don’t like to spoil my mood. She says you have to talk to end the relation, talk to her. He answers. Akriti says Gungun is fooling you, trust me. He says I know who is doing what. Shankar signs Akriti. Akriti says fine, don’t trust me, but give me a second chance. Abhi says no way, you should have taken revenge on me, you fell down for property and money. She says I did that in anger, I love your family. He says they supported you by getting against me, you became a Naagin to bite them. She says I wasn’t going to do anything, they aren’t telling you the truth. He asks is Charu’s tears a lie, you threatened of dragging my family to court, how dare you threaten my mum. She says you should beg to me, you did the crime. He asks what crime. She says you married another woman when you have a wife. He says we are divorced, you remember the night when I was coming after you after the fight. FB shows Anu asking Akriti to stop. She refuses to stay with him. She gives him the signed divorce papers. He says I have no problem in giving you a divorce. He signs the papers.

FB ends. Anu says we both have signed the divorce papers, I can send it to you if you want. He feels a headache. Gungun asks him to sit. She takes the phone. She scolds Akriti.She says you can’t get forgiven, if you really loved Anu, then you would have not forgot that Anu’s family is imp for him. Akriti shouts just shut up. Shankar signs her to calm down. She says you can give a lecture, you got everything, but I have lost everything, my guilt is troubling me, think about me, how would I feel, you can never understand my feelings. Gungun says I understand, you are wrong, I was wrong, but people misunderstood me, I had lost everything, even my dad. She says Anu is now my husband, you will get the divorce papers. Akriti asks for Anu. Gungun asks Anu to talk to her. Anu asks what now. Akriti says I don’t want anything from you, just forgive me.Anu says I can’t forgive you. She says fine, don’t remove me from your life, I heard there is a party in the house tomorrow. Anu says yes, you may come. She says yes, I want to come because I want to apologize to everyone. She ends call. She says I was going to scold Gungun. Shankar says you have seen the result of anger, you should use the weapon of love, I will tell you what to do at the party.

Anu cuts the cake in the party. He takes the piece of cake to Charu. Charu asks him to feed Gungun first. She says no, I just found him, your prayers saved him. He blesses her. Charu says fine, feed it to me. Anu feeds the cake to him. Charu says I m happy and want to share a good news, I have got Anu and Gungun married, they are now husband and wife. Everyone claps. He asks them to bless the newly weds. Akriti comes in the party. She apologizes to Sunanda and Sargam. Sargam says we forgive you, we are happy that Anu has come back. Akriti goes to Anu. Anu says you said you aren’t this house’s bahu, our relation ended when you asked for property share. Golu says Anu will sing today. Anu sings Kabhi kabhi…. Armaan sees Gungun and smiles.Anu bonds with the family. Everyone claps. Sargam blesses Anu and Gungun. Armaan says I didn’t know scientists are so talented, I felt you are lucky, but Gungun is lucky. Anu says she is one in a million, I m more lucky. Armaan says yes, you are right, you are doing so good professionally, Gungun has learnt to live with this pain, she is special, her unconditional love brought you back. Anu says she is my good luck charm. Gungun comes. Anu says Armaan was praising you. She says its enough, I can’t digest more of it. She asks Armaan to give 2 days leave to plan a surprise for her husband. He asks surprise or mini honeymoon, please come tomorrow, you may take leave after that. She says I will come. He congratulates them. He goes. Anu says Armaan likes you. Gungun gets surprised.

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