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Anupama 29 June 2023: Hasmukh tells Anupama that she was tryng to handle her 2 children who are spoilt brats and nature’s magic and Leela who is a disgrace to womanhood. He suggests her to let them be the way they are and handle only her house, her husband, and her daughter. Anuj thanks god that Hasmukh is fine and tells Hasmukh that he is done with Shah’s family drama and just wants to handle his own house now, he doesn’t care anymore if they don’t understand it.

Anupama 28 June 2023

He tells Anupama that he loves her and she belongs to him, but Shah family and their problems don’t belong to him and frankly even Anupama shouldn’t. He says he has taken a new year resolution that he would be selfish with a new start and wouldn’t look behind. He says he understands Anupama’s emotions, but she doesn’t understand that its posing problems in their married life; he thought of spending time with Anupama and Little Anu on new year’s eve, but its totally spoilt and he doesn’t want to repeat it next year..

He repeats that Anupama should stop supporting others.He asks Vanraj to handle his family’s problems and not disturb Anupama again. Vanraj says he will. Anuj asks him to remember that and pleads Anupama to stop it at once now. He hears people celebrating new year outside and says everyone are happy, but we are all fighting. He continues pouring his heart out. Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haaye.. song plays in the background. Shah family leaves. Anupama just silently watches Anuj crying and walking away. Shahs return home. Kavya offers water to Hasmukh.

Vanraj blames Kavya and says the fire she lit won’t set off even with 2 glasses of water. Kavya says one who has a bit of shame left in him would die out of shame even with a half glass of water, shall she bring him. Vanraj asks humiliating at Anuj’s house wasn’t enough that she started even here. Kavya says he and Leela speak bitter but expect sweet in return, till when Anuj would tolerate their nonsense. Kinjal says she is absolutely right.Leela yells at Kavya what was the need for creating drama at other’s house. Kavya says she is following Leela. Leela complains Vanraj. Hasmukh shuts her mouth.

Vanraj says Anuj’s words are bitter but true, they dump all their problems on Anuj and Anupama, he will take up his family’s responsibility from hereon and hence he has decided not to accept Delhi job offer. He assures Leela that her son will not go anywhere. Kavya angrily throws water glass on floor. Vanraj says still 45 minutes are left for a new year and they should make it a memorable affair. Kavya continues to argue with Vanraj. A poem about family unity plays in the background.

Anupama walks to Anuj. Anuj asks how did sadness entered between them, did he delay too much in relaying his message to her; their life was little starts on sky, but clouds covered them. Anupama tries to speak. Anuj says he wants to be alone for some time. A poem plays in the background again. Vanraj tells Kavya that he knows Delhi job offer would have given a new lease of life for them, but he can’t destroy his old world to start a new world. Kavya says she doesn’t even have a world, he took one decision and now she will take one decision. Vanraj asks what kind of a decision. Kavya says he will find out soon.

Poem continues.. Adhik and Pakhi walk on a street. Pakhi buys a lighting goggles for them and asks if they can end all this and start afresh in a new year. He agrees, and they both express their love for each other and celebrate.Toshu tells Kinjal that only 30 minutes are left for new year and his friends are waiting for him, so let us go and party. Kinajl asks if he is serious, he couldn’t even handle his daughter and depended on others. Toshu says he is not a perfect man and justifies his atrocities.

Kinjal says she can’t forget his infidelity. He says he has already done what he could and can’t do anything more. On the other side, Ankush gets heavily drunk. Barkha opposes him and says they didn’t come here to just drink. Ankush says she is ashamed of her husband’s failure. Barkha says she is ashamed of him not trying. Ankush says its easy to blame than supporting a failing husband and she chose to blame him. He confronts her for failure and says he took care of his daughter’s education and his wife’s lifestyle,

but what did Barkha do. Barkha says she got costly passes of a hotel to enjoy and not fight. Leela asks Hasmukh to come inside and sleep. Hasmukh refuses and says it would have been better if he had died.

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