Lost in Love update Thursday 25 August 2022

Lost in Love 25 August 2022: Ashwini asks Pakhi if Virat and Sai’s trip is the reason behind her illness. Bhavani yells at Pakhi backing Pakhi. Omkar yells to think well before speaking. Ninad says even they were surprised when Virat and Sai went on a surprise trip. Bhavani yells how will one DIL/bahu feel when other bahu goes on a trip, Virat should have excused his department and canceled the trip. Sonali says she is right, Karishma must be feeling bad as Mohit never takes her out. Karishma says Mohit didn’t accompany her to a nearby place and gave excuse of his drama rehearsal. Pakhi says maybe Mohit is attending Virat and Sai’s wedding anniversary party. Bhavani yells that she is embarrassed with Virat’s decision to take his wife out on an official trip. Shivani asks what is wrong if a husband takes his wife on a vacation. Ashwini backs her. Bhavani yells at Shivani. Mansi says she agrees with Shivani and Ashwini’s views as Samrat would have taken Pakhi out if he was here, don’t know when her Samrat will return.

Ninad consoles her. Vaishali walks in and calls Pakhi. Family greets her in and ask the reason for coming here suddenly. Pakhi says she called mom as she wants to go and stay with her parents for a few days.At orphanage, junior Virat refixes a plant in a pot. Samrat praises him for refixing broken pot. Orphanage lady chants a poem and says his broken heart shows up. Samrat says she doesn’t know him well, then how can she know what is in his heart. She says he is here since 1 your leaving his family and everything. He says his most loved relationship left him, so he left his all relationships. On the other side, Virat, Mohit, and Sunny continue searching Sai. Sai walks on road alone and seeing junior Virat meeting with an accident rushes to her and scolds orphanage lady for being careless. Orphanage lady calling him Virat asks if he is fine, maybe his leg broke. Sai scolds her not to say this to kid and says they should take him to hospital. They get him into car. Sai sends lady to bring ice from nearby and asks Virat if the lady named him Virat. He says Sam bhai named him Virat. Sai twists his sprained ankle and fixes it. Lady returns with ice.

Sai says she is a medical student and asks her to drive the car to hospital soon.Virat gets tired searching Sai and fumes saying Sai’s reaction is valid, he shouldn’t have planned an anniversary surprise for her as there is no feelings for him in her heart and he will remember it forever. Sai asks lady to drive the car fast to hospital and says ice pack will slower any international bleeding and swelling. Samrat calls lady and asks where is she. She informs that Virat met with an accident and she is taking him to Dr. Bashir’s Clinic. Junior Virat says its his birthday and continues crying. Sai tries to calm him down. Senior Virat tells Sunny and Mohit that he should let Sai free. Sunny says Sai loves him and was worried for him when he was shot. He says it was just her concern, hence he has decided to let her do whatever she wants to and stay wherever she wants to. Sunny explains that Sai loves him and his each family member. Virat says Sai herself told that his family is important to her and she will be in touch with them and not him once she separates from him. Mohit says Sai is very young and immature and doesn’t know to take decisions on her own.

Sunny also tries to convince him. Virat says he has taken a decision and will go away from Sai, but since he brought her here, its his responsibility to find her and safely take her back to Nagpur.Sai with orphanage lady takes injured junior Virat to hospital and informs doctor about his medical condition and her first-aid treatment. Doctor asks if she is also a doctor. Sai says she is a medical student. Orphanage lady says Sai came as a boon for Junior Virat. Doctor says Virat needs x-rays. Junior Virat hesitates. Lady requests Sai to accompany junior Virat as she knows to handle him. Senior Virat continues searching Sai and tells Sunny and Mohit that Sai must have returned to Nagpur. Sunny says she will not. Virat says Sai can do anything. Mohit says her purse is in the cab. Virat continues panicking remembering Sai’s last accident. Mohit and Sunny console him. Samrat reaches hospital and asks orphanage lady if junior Virat is fine now. Lady says yes, a girl saved him on time and is an angel in disguise for them. Sai brings Virat out. Virat seeing him calls Sam bhaiya. Sai is shocked to see Samrat and remembers seeing his photo.

At Chavan Nivas, Vaishali says they don’t know when will Samrat return. Mansi and Bahvani ask her not to say that as there is still hope of his return. Vaishali says it has been a year since Samrat went missing, but Pakhi hasn’t lost hope. Bhavani says Pakhi can go and stay with her parents for a few days. Pakhi says she wants to shift permanently to her parent’s house. Ninad says they thought she was just saying it. Sonali asks her not to go as she is this family’s bahu. Pakhi asks where is her husband then, she is waiting since 1 year. Vaishali says her daughter is suffering, she want her damad/SIL to be safe, but she cannot let her daughter suffer here and hence they shouldn’t stop her.Samrat gets happy seeing Virat fine and thanks Sai for saving him. Orphanage lady says Samrat helps take care of orphanage children with her, he loves Samrat a lot. Sai thinks Sam means Samrat, Virat’s Samrat dada, but she should make sure he is the one. Samrat asks if she is a tourist in Mahabaleshwar and came with her family. She says she came on a solo trip. He asks if she is a Maharastrian. She says yes and asks if he is also a Maharastrian.

He says yes and he stays in orphanage with children. She says she loves children and asks if she can visit orphanage today. He says yes and asks her to become a chief guest in orphanage children’s birthday party. She asks if he celebrate all children’s birthday at once. He explains that most of the children don’t know about their birthday and are found at different times, so they celebrate their birthday at once. Sai says she wants to know details about the person who is sacrificing his life for orphanage children. He says he doesn’t want to discuss about his past with anyone. Sai continues questioning him in her own way and calls him dada/elder brother. He says he felt good hearing someone calling him dada after a long time and requests her to visit the orphanage tonight.

Virat continues panicking searching Sai. Sai walks to him happily. He angrily blasts her and says they were worried for him, she is not bothered about anyone except her. Sai excitedly asks to listen to him. Virat continues. Sunny backs him followed by Mohit. Sai says she found a lost person. Virat gets more angry and asks who is it. She says she is hungry and needs food first. He gets her food and continues questioning. She calls him Shiva. He asks what did she say. Mohit asks her not to joke as this words is very sensitive for Virat. She says she mean it and tells Virat that she found his Jiva. Virat freezes emotionally.

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