Lost in love update Wednesday 23 November 2022


Lost in love 23 November 2022: Sai pleads Pulkit to find some way to save Virat. Pulkit says as a doctor he tried all he could and Virat’s survival is different. He feels guilty for misunderstanding and wrongly alleging Virat and hopes to seek his forgiveness if he can save him.

Sai says Virat is a good hearted man and though the chances are grim, there are chances at least to save him and they will use those chances to save him, her Virat is a fighter and will be victorious for sure. Pulkit says when she took him to Chavan nivas during last Maha shivratri, Virat after knowing the truth supported him, only Mahadev can save him. Sai says Mahadev will protect Virat.

At Chavan nivas, Bhavani with Ninad and Omkar hopes Mahadev will protect Virat. Pakhi messages her that Sai is still in hospital and doesn’t want to leave. Bhavani gets angry and says Pakhi cannot stop jungli mulgi and Samrat wiill easily melt, so Omkar should go there and make sure she doesn’t enter Virat’s ICU room. Omkar assures her. Shivani says don’t know how she made a big sin of not trusting Virat. Devi pleads Bhavani to save her brother.

Bhavani says Mahadev will protect Virat, whole family will fast and pray whole night. Sonali says Bhavani and Ninad are ill and cannot fast whole night. Ninad says its his punishment for misunderstanding his son. Bhavani asks everyone to concentrate on praying for Virat.

Sai visits temple and prays Mahadev to save Virat. She asks Panditji to perform pooja to protect her husband as his condition is critical in the ICU. Panditji asks to trust Mahadev as he listens to everyone. Sai performs pooja abhishek while Virat’s condition worsens and prays Mahadev that he saves her husband, she will submit 100 modaks. Panditji gives her prasad after pooja and asks her to keep it near her husband, he will be fine with Mahadev’s blessings. Sai heads back towards hospital.

At hospital, Samrat feels guilty for misunderstanding Virat and fighting with him. Pakhi asks not to blame himself as its not his mistake. He cries hugging her. Pakhi feeling weird excuses herself saying she will bring coffee for her. She thinks she feels awkward whenever Samrat touches her and hopes Virat gets well soon and Samrat goes somewhere forever. Sai walks in. Pakhi yells at her to get out. Sai warns her to let her go in. Omkar enters yelling at her. Sai says she brought Mahadev’s prasad and blessings for Virat. Omkar says there are many people to pray for Virat. Sai says he is also Mahadev’s devotee, then how can he deny Mahadev’s prasad; he himself can keep prasad flowers near Virat or else she knows how to get it in. Samrat walks out and asks why are they stopping Sai, they themselves can take it in for Virat, Virat needs everyone’s prayers. Pakhi takes flower and keeps it near Virat. Sai thanks Virat.

Sai offers prasad to nurses and requests them to pray for her husband. Virat’s condition worsens. Omkar and Pakhi get tensed and ask nurse to call Dr. Patil soon. Sai researches about Virat’s surgery online and tells Dr. Patil that she wants to know everything about her husband’s surgery. Dr. Patil says she need not worry as he is in touch with Dr. Pulkit and walks away. Sai prays Bholenath to get Virat well soon.

Chavans perform pooja for Virat’s life. Devi prays Mahadev to protect her Viru. Ashwini prays to take her life and save her son. Bhavai also prays god to save Virat. Ninad says its time for aarti. She performs aarti with whole family. At hospital, Virat’s condition gets worse. Dr. Patil sends nurse to call Dr. Pulkit. Sai asks Virat how is Virat’s condition now. Pulkit says he doesn’t know, Dr. Patil called him, so he is going there. Sai says she will wait for him. Pulkit enters Virat’s ICU room. Dr. Patil says due to sharpnel in Virat’s heart, he needs immediate surgery. Pulkit asks what is delaying him. Dr. Patil says they don’t have an injection which is crucial for Virat’s surgery.

Pulkit asks how can a well-established hospital don’t have a stock. Dr. Patil says due to drug company staff strike, he couldn’t. Samrat warns he will not spare him if something happens to his brother. Dr. Patil says new consignment is on the way and will reach tomorrow, they can try with their contacts and arrange injection if the can. Samrat, Omkar, Pakhi call their contacts for injection.

Sai panics seeing a young patient passing away due to the unavailability of injection and worried for Virat calls Pulkit. She gets tensed after hearing about injection unavailability and thinks if Virat cannot be saved if injection is not given in 2 hours. Samrat calls Ninad and asks him to check for injection in army office. Ninad and Mohit also call their contacts. Sai messages her friends. Her friend calls her and says her dad’s friend’s pharmacy has that injection, but due to Maha Shivrati festival, all drivers are on leave, so she may have to go there and get the injection. She calls Mohit, but Bhavani and Sonali order him to block Sai’s number. Sai messages family group about injection’s availability, but her number gets blocked. She calls Samrat next, and even his number is busy.

Devi dreams of nurse informing doctor that Virat is losing his pulse. Doctor gives Virat electric shock and says he is no more. Pulkit asks what happened. Doctor says he couldn’t save Virat. Devi cries that she saw a nightmare and blames Sai. Sai calls Pulkit, but he is busy driving car. Sai thinks of driving car herself, goes to parking lot, and finds car via key remote, remembers Virat saying she can get this one day when she learns driving. She imagines Virat teaching her driving again and drives car following his instructions.

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