Guddan update Thursday 9 June 2022

Guddan 9 June 2022: Saru hits Durga and Laxmi. They faint. Choti says what are you doing? They fainted. Saru ties all of them. She calls Pushpa’s PA and says papers are ready. Choti tries to break the ropes. Saru says I can’t let 14 crore slip from my hand. Aarav comes in and looks for everyone. He says Choti, DJ, LJ? Where are you all? Choti tries to make noise. Aarav says this noise is coming from downstairs. He says Choti where are you? Durga opens her eyes. She tries to get up LJ and says we have to get out of here. Choti says otherwise SJ will give papers to that aunt. Aarav comes outside and says are you here? Durga says yes get us out of here. We have to save the restaurant. Choti says please get us out of here.

Aarav breaks the window and says Choti come up. Durga says we have to do this to save your papa’s gift. Choti climbs up. He says I will get you there Choti. Durga says Laxmi and I are coming.Pushpa does the havan, she says we have to do this before the deal. Choti comes to the hall. Guard stops her and says you can’t go inside. I am Choti Guddan. My chachi is inside. The guards don’t let her in. Sheku comes there. He says Guddan you here? She says please help me. My papa gifted me this restaurant. SJ is selling it to your mom. He says but that woman said it’s hers. Aarav says she’s an avid liar. He says I can help you. We are friends right? If the mahorat is gone, mummy won’t do it. He says this is my house and they’re my friends. They would go inside. The guard says your mom said no one can go in. Guddan cries and says it’s my papa’s gift. I can’t let her have it. He says why do girls cry. Don’t worry. We will do something. Think of an idea. Choti says you said you will give an idea.

What is this banana for? He says haven’t you even done fun? He leaves banana peel inside. The guard slips. He says go in. Choti says won’t you come in? He says I can’t. My mummy will see me. Aarav says you’re small. You should go in. Sheku says it’s on your shoulders now. You have to decide your future in 7 minutes. Change the havan stuff inside. If mummy doesn’t do pooja, she won’t do the deal.The pooja is going inside. Choti goes inside. Saru says all this money would be mine. Choti hides. Sheku distracts the guards. Choti goes inside. Aarav says run Choti. They hold the guard, Choti goes inside.

Choti comes where havan is happening. Saru feels like someone came these. She says when will these 2 minutes be over? Choti hides behind the idol. She says in heart I can’t do it alone. When will DJ come? The fire has crackers. It burns all the pooja things. Choti put it in the fire. Pushpa says who dared doing this? Who dared messing with my havan?Pushpa says who ruined my havan. She sees Choti and twists her ear. Puspa says tell me. Did you bring the crackers? Saru says my game would be ruined if she tells about the papers. Saru says leave her. Don’t waste your time. Pushpa says how did she come here? Saru says because of me. She loves me a lot. She comes where I am. Pushpa says did she bring the crackers? Saru says no she’s a kid. She can’t do all that. Saru takes Choti to a side and says go from here. Don’t ruin my deal. Choti recalls Guddan’s video in which she told her to not be scared. Choti says I am not going anywhere. I will save my papa’s restaurant.

This was a gift by my papa to me. My mama asked me to never be scared from saying truth. LJ’s papers are fake. This is my restaurant. Saru says shut up. What are you saying? Kids lie these days. Durga says Choti isn’t lying. Saru is. Pushpa says what is this drama. Durga says these are the real papers of the restaurant. It says the restaurant is Choti’s. If Saru is making a deal those are with fake papers. It has no worth. Saru says in heart I got the real papers with me when I locked them. Durga must have made fake papers. Saru says you can’t fool Puhspa with fake papers. I have the real papers. Durga says this restaurant is on Choti’s name. Saru says these are real papers. Choti gave these to me. See them. Pushpa says this means you were giving me fake papers?

Laxmi takes the papers from Saru and says Choti, you saved your papers. Durga says you saved your restaurants all on your own. Choti says Sheku helped me as well. Pushpa says where is Sheku? How dare her. Durga says we didn’t want to insult you. But this is not just about money. It’s about love and family. It’s her papa’s restaurant. He left it for her. Pushpa says madam what to do? Pandit ji says mahorat is gone. Choti says it doesn’t matter because this restaurant will always be ours. Choti Guddan will become a chef like my papa. They leave. Choti says I will take the land from your feet Choti. If someone messes with me, I fill their lives with bitterness. I will take this restaurant from you.

Saru comes home. She says everyone’s asleep. I should just sneak into my room. Durga turns on the lights. Saru falls in their feet. She says please forgive me. Please hit me with this slipper. Durga throws the slipper away. Saru says I knew you would forgive me. Durya says no but just changed the medium of beating. Laxmi gives her a harder shoe of Choti. Durga says you have crossed all the limits by doing this to Choti. You deserve to be beaten from her shoe. Durga hits her. She says you have always dissed us. Your list of sins never end. You have hurt choti so much. You have no connection with this family. Saru says I won’t do this again. Please forgive me. Where would I go? I have no one but you. Durga says Choti has no one but us. Saru says Laxmi, please convince her. Laxmi says I convinced her to kick you out of this house. You hurt Choti. Get out of here. Saru says this is my house as well. I am Jindal house’s DIL. Durga and Laxmi drag her outside and lock the gate.

Choti comes and says what are you doing here? Not sleeping? Durga says taking the trash out. Laxmi says cleaning the house . Choti says so we are safe now? No germs? But we can’t see germs. Durga says if germs come, we will kick them out. Aarav says and I am also here for Choti’s protection. Choti says and we will save papa’s restaurant as well. Laxmi says we are all together we can do anything. They hug her.

20 years later:Laxmi and Durga do pooja. Durga says see I got flowers Choti likes. Laxmi says today will be a new day. But I am worried for Choti. Durga says give her some time, everything will be fine. Laxmi says she has suffered so much. What if something happens? What will we do? Durga says we will protect her. We will save her. We will keep the promise we made to Guddan sasu ma. Life keeps on going.AJ and Guddan faced everything. Choti is their blood. Laxmi says she has no confidence. She is so young. Durga says but she has AJ’s wisdom in her genes. Laxmi says what if Saru comes back?

What if something goes wrong? Durga says remember how we made life difficult for Guddan? She still faced everything. She fixed it all. Durga says our Choti will cross all the hurdles with complete confidence. Choti will fill life full of colors. Choti has grown up. She looks like Guddan. Durga says Choti will make her way. Choti walks on the roads and ruins things around her. Choti collides with two guys. They say can’t you see? Choit runs from there. She looks just like Guddan.

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