Lost in Love update Friday 10 June 2022


Lost in Love 10 June 2022: Pakhi asks Virat to explain his wife Sai that they are going on an official work and not on vacation. Virat says he will. Sai tells Pakhi that she should always remember that Virat is no one to her and she doesn’t mind if he goes with her or anyone else. Pakhi says Sai thinks she acts well, but she is not and her face clearly shows that she doesn’t like her and Virat going together. She walks away. Sai asks Virat when she was going out of room silently if he stopped her to get insulted, she will not listen to him from hereon. He says anyways she doesn’t listen to him. She asks she listens to his every word. He asks if she packed his stuff. She asks him to ask Pakhi to pack his stuff. He says when they both are taking their stuff in same bag, why would Pakhi pack his stuff.

She says he should forget that they are going together now as she doesn’t want to be a hurde/kabab me haddi between him and Pakhi. He warns her to think well and speak. She says he didn’t inform Pakhi that she is also accompanying them. He says she doesn’t have to think about it. She says Pakhi will feel bad. He says leave it to him. She says when she asked Pakhi if she likes accompanying them to Ladakh, she changed the topic saying its a weird question, but just sometime ago she was asking him to explain his wife that they are going on an official trip and thinks only they both are going. He asks not to worry and let him hande, she should just pack bag.

Sai walks to Devi and seeing her sad asks reason. Devi says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Sai asks not even to her Sa. Devi says no. Sai says she will also not talk to her then. Devi asks not to say that. Sai asks why she is sad then. Devi says he must be waiting for her yesterday and his legs must be paining. Sai asks who is waiting for her. Devi says her husband, but her mother didn’t let her go and always and scolds and yells at her. Sai asks to call him then. Devi says she doesn’t know his number. Sai asks her to tell his name and let Virat search him. Devi says she will not. Sai promises to find her husband one day and hugs her.She walks into kitchen and greets Ashwini. Ashwini asks if she is going to Ladakh with Virat. Sai says yes. Ashwini says their compatibility and mutual understanding will increase if they go together.

Sai says even Pakhi is accompanying them. Ashwini says she is Virat’s wife and not Pakhi, so she shouldn’t bother about Pakhi. Sai says even Virat says same. Ashwini says both mother and son are intelligent. Sai laughs and says she is too funny.Pakhi serves tea to Bhavani and Saloni. Bhavani praises that she gets refreshed with Pakhi’s tea. Saloni says Pakhi will prepare more refreshed tea once she returns from Ladakh. Karishma offers tea to Bhavani next. Bhavani asks her to take it away as she just had Patralekha’s tea. Karishma insists. Bhavani yells if she is mad to drink poison after drinking amrith. Mohit signals Karishma and silently rushes towards his room. Bhavani noticing him yells to stop and asks what happened to his interview. Saloni says he was being paid less, so he rejected the job offer.

Bhavani asks how much. Mohit says 20000 rs for 12 hours of work. Bhavani says 20000 rs is too much for a useless person like him. Pakhi asks her not to worry as Mohit still has 6 days left and will find a good job soon. Saloni backs her. Mohit silently walks away.Sai meets Pulkit in college and greets him. Pulkit thinks Sai is from Chavan family and Sundar nagar, if she is Devi’s relative. He says she was telling she likes her MIL/saas and SIL/nanad among her in-laws. Sai says her aayi is very good and reminds her of her Aaba/father, her nanad is very cute and clear hearted, but she is in a shock after she is separated from her husband and says her husband wanted to become a big doctor but never gives any detail about it as she is mentally unstable now; if her husband has really become a big doctor, she will she will search him soon as they are in same profession now. He asks what is her nanad’s name. She says Devyani Chavan. He stands shocked and walks away wiping his tears. Sai thinks he got emotional hearing Devi tai’s story and is very kind hearted.

Sunny meets Virat to book flight tickets on laptop and asks him to tell names. Virat says Virat Chavan, Patralekha Chavan, and Sai Chavan. Sunny asks if Pakhi knows that Sai is accompanying them. Virat says not yet. Sunny asks its like keeping a bomb and fire together and should expect only a blast. Virat says he knows what happened with Pakhi and above that after Samrat left, she is in deep mental stress and its necessary that she goes on vacation and relax; apart from that, Sai is facing tough situation at home and is developing differences with Pakhi, so he wants them both to clear their differences somehow. Sunny asks if he thinks Pakhi will agree. Virat says she will not deny if he informs her suddenly. Sunny asks if he doesn’t think he is taking a big risk. Virat says if he doesn’t, they will continue to fight whole life. Sunny wishes him best of luck.Pakhi packs her clothes and documents in bag and keeps her ID car in purse. Virat calls her and informs that he booked tickets and will send her flight details, she can make arrangements accordingly. She thanks him for doing so much for her. He says he didn’t do anything. She says she is going out of house after a long time because of her.

He says he wants her to enjoy the trip and not consider him wrong as whatever he is doing is for her good. She asks why is he saying this. He says she will understand at the right time and hopes that she is mature and understanding and her reaction would be same. She says he thinks so, but his wife doesn’t. He thinks he wants to clear these differences. Sai calls him. He asks her to hold and tells Pakhi that he will call her later. Pakhi stands jealous. He asks Sai why did she call. She says she wanted to know flight details to take college leave. He says she has to anyways. She says she is traveling in a flight for the first time. He asks if she really didn’t travel in a flight yet. She says Aaba promised to take her to Siddhivinayak temple, but couldn’t. He says if god wishes, they both will go one day. Pakhi passes by and gets more jealous seeing Sai talking to Virat. Sai asks Virat if she should pack anything else and disconnects call. Pakhi enters and asks if she is fine. Sai says yes. Pakhi says she was talking so respectfully with Virat, so she thought. Sai says she thinks a lot. Pakhi says she speaks a lot. Sai says its better than thinking wrong and her both her health and intention are right, so let her get back to her studies. Pakhi walks away smirking saying she can study well when Virat is not around for 3-4 days. Sai stands fuming.

Devi walks to Sai and asks her to get ready as Sai looks beautiful after getting ready, she needs to meet her husband. Sai says she is studying for test tomorrow and she can’t miss her favorite professor’s test. Devi says she will wait till she finishes her studies. Sai nods okay. Devi then asks if she has to study a lot to become a doctor. Sai says yes and her professor explains a lot in a short time, so she has to study to match his teaching. Devi says her husband used to study a lot to become a doctor and used to tell that he will get her a lots of gifts when he becomes a big doctor and earns well. Sai says even she will get her gifts when she becomes a doctor and earns well. Devi asks her to get her ready first as she is eager to meet her husband. Sai asks what is her husband’s name. Devi says she will not as they will harm him. Sai calms her down and starts braiding her hair. Pulkit reminiscing Sai telling that her nanad/SIL’s name is Devyani Chavan thinks of asking her about Devi and calls her. Devi notices phone ring and tries to pick it, but gets disconnected. She asks Sai to call back as Virat must have called.

Sai says her professor called and she will call him later as Pulkit sir is very good. Devi stands up shocked hearing Pulkit’s name and asks to repeat the name. Sai says Pulkit Deshpande. Devi panics pleading her not to harm him or her and runs away. Sai stands confused and reminisces Devi writing D loves P card on valentine’s day.Karishma serves Mohit his favorite food and asks him to go and have it in his room before Bhavani sees him. Mohit says Bhavani has gone to relative’s home. Karishma hopes she doesn’t return for 3-4 days. Bhavani returns and asks Mohit if he didn’t attend interview as he has only 5 days left. Mohit says he is not feeling well and has 2 interviews lined up, so he will clear one for sure. Bhavani yells that they are ill fated that he is born in Chavan family. Ninad yells if he is not ashamed to have free food, etc. Omkar warns him to earn first and then have food. Bhavani warns Karishma to get money for her expenses from her maika until her husband starts earning. Karishma cries and asks Mohit if he has a bit of shame left in him, can’t he see how his family insults her. Ninad yells that she is speaking like Sai. Saloni yells at her next. Bhavani yells that she sent Mohit to English school along with his 2 brothers, but he cannot even speak in English; he is a disgrace to their family. Saloni says Mohit is unwell today and will go for interview tomorrow. Bhavani yells at her and complains Omkar. Omkar stands silently. Mohit says he made a mistake of having food and asks Karishma not to give him food from hereon even if he requests. Bhavani says yells that he will not get food in this house from hereon.

Pakhi enters and requests Bhavani to calm down. Bhavani continues yelling and tries to take away plate. Sai enters and stops her holding her plate. Bhavani yells at her as usual followed by Ninad and others. Virat enters and asks what is happening. Bhavani says his wife is holding her hands. Sai says she is holding plate and shows him. Virat asks what happened exactly. Sai asks Mohit to explain. Mohit explains whole incident. Sai says Bhavani cannot stop anyone from having food like this. Karishma asks why is she showing sudden concern for Mohit. Virat says Sai is Mohit’s bhabhi and has right to show concern for him.Pakhi yells that Sai does opposite to whatever Bhavani says and insults her always. Sai says she has already stopped listening to Pakhi as she always speaks nonsense.

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