Lost in love update Thursday 8 September 2022

Lost in love 8 September 2022: Virat locks Sai in a room. Sai fumes and thinks how dare Virat sir is to lock her in a room. She knocks door and says she will not forgive Virat for this act. In another room, Pakhi asks Samrat if he will take her to beauty parlor. He says he will drop her. She says it will take time, hence they will carry magazines to read. He asks how much time will she take there. She says 2-3 hours at least. He says then he can’t wait for so long. She says every husband does this, its normal. He says then he doesn’t come in that category as his thinking is different, he doesn’t fit in this definition and honestly he doesn’t like his wife wasting 2-3 hours in parlor and likes natural beauty, he doesn’t have any right though to tell her this.

She says they are starting a new relationship. He says it doesn’t mean he should change, he will drop her to parlor and will pick her up once she calls back. She says even Virat drops Sai to college and waits till she returns. He says he is not Virat, he is Samrat and has his own views, likes and dislikes, hence she cannot find Virat in him and if she means new beginning is this, then they will be back to square one; he feels she is not happy and is just acting. She says there is nothing like that. He says then she wouldn’t have taken Virat’s name now. She remembers Sai confronting her similarly and asks what is he saying. He asks why was she giving Virat’s example often, if she is sure that she wants to spend life with him.

She says there is nothing wrong in her mind, she took Virat’s name as he is his brother and he may like it. He says he is not Virat’s carbon copy and a different person, and if she is finding Virat in him, she is wrong. She says she would have taken someone else’s name. He says he doesn’t have energy to argue more. He says he cannot argue with her anymore, he will drop her parlor and will pick her up later; he can see a lot is going within her, but family will not identify her pain as its her own pain and only she can treat it. She says she can’t do it alone and needs his support to spend a happy life, she wants people to praise their jodi, but he is not ready for that. He asks why she wants to make people jealous, he wants people to idolize their relationship and not get jealous.

She says fate has given her happiness after a long time and she wants to be happy with his help. He says they will help each other, but he wants to clear that he doesn’t have any expectations from her; there was a time when he expected something from his wife and it increased when he saw her, but after realizing he is expecting wrongly, his dreams shattered; he will take care of her as a husband, but her happiness is not his responsibility. She says his happiness is her responsibility. He says he wants to keep her happy and not back off from his responsibility, but she doesn’t have to take her decisions based on his happiness, he will continue to include her in his life, etc. She thinks what did he say.

Bhavani orders Shivani, Sonali, and Karishma to make pooja arrangements and fumes that Ashwini fell ill and threw all responsibilities on her, is resting in room and making her work. Karishma starts her drama and badmouths about Sai. Shivani warns her not compare herself to Sai. Karishma yells that she is working here like a servant and Sai is studying peacefully in her room. Bhavani fumes that Sai usually forces herself in everything, but today she is acting as studying in room. Omkar says she wants to become a neurosurgeon and already started spoiling their brain. Mansi says Sai is capable of becoming a big neurosurgeon. Shivani says she is right. Sonali, Karishma, and Omkar continue to badmouth Sai and decide not to send her to college today. Omkar says he will make sure she doesn’t step out of house.

Virat enters and says he already made arrangements for that and locked Sai in his room to make sure she doesn’t go to college. Virat asks Karishma to play some religious music.Sai fumes seeing Virat taking away even her mobile and shouts that he is frustrated as he cannot be with Pakhi; if he thinks he can hold her and punish her like a kid, he is wrong and she will prove him wrong today She checks from balcony and seeing a drain pipe thinks she used to climb big trees in Gadchiroli, this is nothing, now she will show him what she can do. Bhavani asks Virat if he really locked Sai in a room. He says yes. Sonali yells that Sai mentally tortured Virat so much and forced him to lock her in a room. Shivani asks her to stop theory and tells Virat its not his police station to force his rules at home.

Virat says Sai doesn’t follow family rules or culture and does whatever she wants to, but they will not let her do that and be lenient; he explained it to Sai 1000 times, but when she doesn’t budge, he is forced to lock her in a room; Sai is stubborn and arrogant. Bhavani backs him followed by Sonali’s yelling. Virat asks them to start pooja, he will bring Sai when needed, asks Shivani not to worry as Sai is safe in room. Sai gets out of house via drain pipe and thanks god for getting her down safely. She runs out of Chavan Nivas and thinks Virat cannot captivate her and there is no cage till now which can capture her freedom; with Pakhi acting as returning to Samrat, Virat will live a lonely life like he deserves.

Bhavani says Virat did right by locking jungli mulgi Sai in a room or else she would have come here and spoilt pooja arrangement. Sonali says it all depends on upbringing, they are well cultured due to their good upbringing and Sai is uncultured. Karishma says she is right, Sai’s Aaba gave her too much lenience, but her parents bought her and her sisters with great discipline, she didn’t have permission to get out of house after 7 p.m. Shivani taunts that is why she eloped and married Mohit. Bhavani yells not to joke on Karishma as she married in a well-cultured family. Sonali says Shivani will only support Sai and taunt Karishma. Shivani asks if Karishma couldn’t get out of house after 7 p.m., when did she meet Mohit. Karishma stammers nervously. Sonali asks why is she questioning Karishma when they are talking about Sai.

Shivani says she doesn’t want to, but when someone is trying to pull others down, they should be shown a mirror. Sonali says they are not pull down anyone, they are just saying Virat did right by locking Sai. Bhavani tells Karishma that she should make today’s all arrangements and prove herself. Sonali asks her to make use of opportunity and show her worth. Virat thinks Sai didn’t lave him any other option than locking her in a room.Sai visits dean’s office. Dean welcomes here and says he got many complaints of late coming and skipping classes, he is very disappointed with his college’s one of best student.

She says she came with a different reason and requests him to transfer her from his college to some college in Gadchiroli. Dean says this college has given many talented doctors and students dream of getting admission in this college from Gadchiroli and all around India, why she wants transfer in a 1-year-old college. Sai says her fate has taken a different turn which she cannot explain. He says she is already married and her husband is IPS, if he got transfer there. She says no. He asks if she is missing her family. She says there was no one in her family except her Aaba, she cannot explain the reason. He asks her to submit her application, he will speak to higher authorities. She asks if she can visit tomorrow to remind him. He asks why is she in a hurry and asks her to meet him on Monday. Pulkit enters to meet dean and asks Sai what is she doing here.

Dean asks if Sai is his relative, he must be knowing why she wants a transfer to Gadchiroli, he cannot lose one of brightest student. Pulkit stands shocked.Panditji visits Chavan nivas. Bhavani greets him and tells Ninad and Omkar that today Samrat and Pakhi will perform pooja together. Samrat walks down followed by Pakhi. Bhavani and Sonali praise her that she is looking very beautiful. Karishma hopes even if someone had arranged pooja for her, she would have got ready similarly in a beauty parlor. Shivani also praises Pakhi and asks which parlor she goes as she also wants to visit same; she asks Samrat to get ready well to match Pakhi. He says getting ready is one’s personal choice. Pakhi comments. Bhavani says she is looking pretty like she looked on her wedding day.

Pakhi asks not to remind her of that day as she doesn’t want to remember it. Bhavani asks Karishma to bring Sai or else she will continue her studies being locked in a room. Pakhi thinks what must have happened. Pulkit asks why she want to go away from Virat when things are settling between them have solved. Sai says problems have increased instead and they fight often. He thinks Sai is finally thinking like a wife. Sai continues that Virat’s family behaves well only sometimes and most of the times misbehave with her, she just wants to get out of this system.

Devi visits Chavans. They get happy seeing her. Devi tells Samrat that she got ready especially for his pooja. He says beautiful as usual. Bhavani boasts Devi is her daughter. Devi says even Pakhi is looking very beautiful today. Pakhi taunts that she can’t believe Devi praised her for the first time. Samrat asks why is she taunting Devi. Devi says she always speaks truth and didn’t find anything in Pakhi before to be praised. Bhavani says Pakhi is really looking beautiful today and offers her jewelry. Omkar says Pakhi has a special brightness on her face because of Samrat. Pakhi asks where is younger bahu Sai. Shivani informs that she wanted to visit college skipping pooja, so Virat locked her in a room. Devi and Samrat get angry. Pakhi thinks Virat didn’t behave with Sai like this. Virat looks proud.

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