Lost in love update Wednesday 7 September 2022

Lost in love 7 September 2022: Sonali tells Chavan ladies that they had a lot of fun during this years Janmashtami celebrations and they are elated to see Jiv Shiva’s jodi. Bhavani says they should start Satyanarayan pooja arrangements. Mansi says everything will happen peacefully. Samrat returns after shopping and gives gifts to everyone. Senior ladies like it. Karishma taunts that someone brought her gift at last or else Mohit never brings her gifts, Samrat brought gift to his wife and Virat does it regularly, but her husband doesn’t even take her to market. Sonali scolds her not to insult her husband in front of everyone and taunts that even Samrat doesn’t bring gifts to them and brings it to only his wife.

Bhavani asks Samrat why was the need for gifts. Samrat says some gifts are needed without necessity and these gifts are from him and Pakhi. Mansi asks why did give gifts alone then, where is Pakhi.Pakhi helps Virat wear his T-shirt. Without thinking its Sai and thanks him, but seeing her gets nervous and asks what is she doing here. She says she helped him seeing him needing help and asks about Sai. Virat asks why. Sai says she and Samrat brought gifts for everyone for graha shanti and Satyanarayan pooja and them kurat and sari. He asks her to give sari to Sai herself. She asks him to take kurta at least. Virat notices Sai coming. Pakhi says she came at the right time and offers her sari. Sai asks why did she bring gift for her.

Pakhi says she and Samrat brought gifts for everyone for pooja and asks if this kurta will look good on Virat. Virat says he will not wear it. Pakhi says everyone are wearing her gifts for poojas, so even he should and asks Sai if she will wear this sari. Sai asks why did she bring this gift to her, she has many new wedding sari left. Virat says why she brought gift for an ungrateful person. Sai remembers Pakhi insulting her for giving gift to her mother and Virat supporting Sai then. Pakhi tells Virat that each family member is equal to her in this house and she brought gift for Sai until she is in this house, she will not take back sari as she brought it for pooja, its up to Sai whether she wants to wear it or not. Sai says Pakhi is so dramebaz.

Virat warns her to stop. Sai says even she is asking them to stop their dual face, she is an outsider and doesn’t need a special treatment. Virat says then she should stop interfering in their family matters. Pakhi asks them to stop their fight as she started a new relationship with Samrat and doesn’t want any complications again. Sai asks then why did she come alone instead of coming with Samrat.Mansi asks Samrat where is Pakhi. Karishma taunts that Pakhi must have gone to give gift to Virat. Samrat says Karishma is right. Shivani says they have a big family and would have taken long time if they had gone together, so they divided the task.

Mansi says this sari is very nice and more importantly her son gifted it to her, she was thriving to spend these happy moments with her. Sai asks Pakhi why there is a need to show off her new relationship; if she was happy with Samrat, she wouldn’t have to show off; if she is happy with Samrat, why is she repeatedly showing it to Virat, its getting too much. Virat says she cannot speak to Sai like this. Pakhi thinks how did this jungli fool girl found out what is going in her mind and that she wanted to show Virat how much she is happy with Samrat. She acts and asks Virat if his wife cannot see her happy with Samrat, why can’t she see her happiness for 1 day.

Virat asks Pakhi to go from here. Sai says she is just worried for Samrat. Virat says there are many people to think of Samrat’s happiness, she should think of herself and stop interfering in their family issues. Sai says she is interfering in Samrat’s issue and not anyone else as she knows Samrat is cleared hearted and its her duty to think of his happiness.Pakhi yells if she is showing off now, though she brought Samrat home and whole family is thankful to her, does she need money for in return. Sai claps and says she is amazed to see a sanskari mature bahu speaking like this, a woman who was crying holding Virat’s hand in cafe suddenly got happy with her husband’s return and brought gifts for everyone.

Pakhi says god has given mouth to tell truth and not spill venom. Sai says usually liar feel truth as venom, she doesn’t need her advice what to speak and doesn’t need her sari, she should gift it when she is truly happy with her and Samrat’s relationship. Virat says Pakhi made a mistake by bringing a gift to a person who doesn’t deserve attention at all and is very arrogant. Sai asks him to speak to her directly. He asks if she thinks him as her puppet. She asks what he means. He asks how dare she is to visit DIG office and hold his transfer. She says she told him that she wanted him to stay back and take care of his family. He asks if he has to learn from her to take care of family, he has taken a decision to join duty when he gets a task which he deserves and where he is really needed, he will not tolerate his capability being judged by a fool girl.

She asks why is he punishing himself when he knows he is just angry on her. Pakhi asks to stop fighting and tells Virat that she had already warned him that Sai will ruin his life, she can’t believe Sai went to DIG’s office without his permission. Sai asks why is she repeating same words. Pakhi says she is right that she shouldn’t interfere between then, neither Sai should interfere between her and Samrat; it won’t be good if she speaks about her and Samrat. Sai asks if she is threatening her, she is not afraid of any threat and is mentally prepared to leave this house; she did everything for this house with good intentions and doesn’t need to explain it to anyone; Virat has lost his right on her her already, so Pakhi should stop threatening to her and instead of showing Virat how much she is happy with Samrat, she should think of really being happy with Samrat as Samrat is very kind hearted and deserves a happy life.

Samrat hears their conversation and thinks if Pakhi is really acting to show Virat that she is happy without Virat.Samrat in his room remembers Sai’s words. Pakhi returns and asks if aayi liked sari. He nods yes and asks what about Sai. Pakhi says Sai doesn’t like her or her talks, so she didn’t like her gift, let her see if Sai will wear their gifted sari during pooja tomorrow. He asks if Virat will wear her gifted kurta. She says their gifted kurta and as far as she knows Virat, he will wear it for sure. He says she knows Virat a lot. She asks what does he mean. He means they are in same house since more than a year and must be knowing each other well, what would be Virat’s reaction seeing them happy together. She thinks why is he questioning her like this.

Virat enters room apologizing him for entering room at this time, thanks him for gifting him a kurta and says he knew only he knows his choice. Samrat Pakhi chose this karta and asks not to misunderstand him as he is talking only about clothes as even he liked Pakhi’s choice of clothes. Pakhi nervously leaves. Virat asks Samrat not to misunderstand him. Samrat says he doesn’t and knows he considers Pakhi as only a friend, thinks he still doesn’t know what is in Pakhi’s heart and if Sai was right.

Sai prepares her bed on floor to sleep. Virat taunts he can’t understand how can someone sleep peacefully after creating so much drama. Sai replies just like a few people finding fault in everything and ignoring other’s favor. He asks what does she mean. She says he could revive his friendship with his Jiva as she stopped his transfer and he should acknowledge that. He says he doesn’t want to argue with her or else their voice will get high and disturb Samrat. She asks if Pakhi taught her this. He asks if she is really jealous of Pakhi and if Pakhi was right that she can’t see her happiness. Sai says she wants Pakhi to be really happy and not act, Virat cannot see that as Pakhi’s tears in cafe blurred his thinking. He asks her to continue.

She asks how would Samrat feel if he hears that Pakhi used to barged into our room anytime uniformed, he is doing the same and went to Samrat and Pakhi’s room at this time instead of morning, he and Pakhi are same and are acting. He asks what acting. She says acting that he is to see Pakhi with Samrat. He angrily walks away saying he doesn’t want to see her face. She thinks he will realize she was right later, but it would be too late.Next morning, Pakhi is busy studying when Shivani enters to show her sari and asks her to select matching earrings among two.

Says both are nice as she is very beautiful and asks her to let her study as her exams are on the way. Shivani asks if she will not attend pooja and asks her to show her sari and get ready soon. Sai says she is ready but for college. Shivani insists her to skip college and attend home pooja today. Sai also gets adamant. Shivani then sees Virat coming from outside holding pillow and blanket and asks what is happening. Sai and Virat’s argument starts blaming each other. Shivani asks them to stop fighting. They continue. Sai says if he has problem with her, she will leave his house as he wishes and packsher suitcase. He forcefully keeps her clothes back in cupboard roughly holding her hand.

She pleads to leave her hand as its hurting. He leaves her hand. She asks how dare he is to misbehave with her, why don’t he let her go when he wants her to go. He says he will show her that he is her husband and will using his rights will lock her in a room. Shivani warns him not to think of that. He says he is being soft till now, but Sai is continuing her misbehavior, so he needs to lock her in a room. Sai asks why is he misbehaving with her. He says she is jealous of Pakhi and family loves Pakhi as she follows all the traditions and obeys elders, but Sai does whatever she wants to and disrespects elders; when this family has given her so much respect, isn’t it her duty to respect them back.

Sai asks to give respect, should she be part of a pooja performed with bad intentions.Samrat speaks to orphanage children over phone. Pakhi asks Samrat to select a sari for pooja. He asks to select herself as she knows better. She says she wants to know from him as she wants to look most beautiful only for him. He asks what she means. She says he is her husband and she wants to get ready only for him. He selects sari and thinks why she showing as if his opinion matters to her. Shivani tells Sai that family is performing pooja with good intention and wants Samrat and Pakhi to lead a happy life. Sai asks what about Pakhi’s intentions. Virat says whatever it is, he will lock Sai in a room today. She says let her see how will he stop her to attend college.

Virat asks Shivani to go out. Shivani taunts that they want to reconcile alone and walks away smiling. Virat locks Sai in a room. She pleads to open the door. He says he already warned her. Sai asks to open the door or it would be bad for him. He asks what she can do and asks her to say sorry. She says she will not. He walks away. She continues knocking door.



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