I’m On the Edge update Thursday 8 September 2022

I’m on the edge 8 September 2022: Devika says to her rat that my parents call me blessing from God but I cant help them, father’s shoes are torn but I cant buy new shoes, where to get money from? she sees a man in car. She puts rat in his car. Man comes out of car and is scared. Devika asks what happened? he says there is a rat in my car, she says I can take out if you give me 1000rs, he says okay, and gives her money, she takes rat and leaves from there. She says to God that sorry I fooled him but we have some rights to take from rich people too, I will live like this.

Devika brings new shoes from markter and gives it to her father, he asks how you got money for it? She says you say that people who are clever, use mind can do anything so I used my mind, senses and determination to earn money, your shoes were torn and you were hurt so I bought them. Father says God made us Banjara but gave us daughter who gives us happiness. Devika says I will make permanent house for you one day. She makes safe in a box and makes home drawing on it, she puts 10rs in it and says when we will have enough money then we will buy house.

After 6 years, Devika runs off. Lajjo says she doesnt stop. Father says she must have gone to help me. Lajjo says dont make her work, she is God’s blessing.Young Devika is running kite in fields and playing with kids. She is 18 years old. She sees a snake near herbs. Devika runs around in fields. She catches a snake and turns around, she has same face like Devi. She says snake you cant scare me, no one can scare Devika, she leaves snake and takes some herbal.

Maasa is looking at Adhi and Devi’s picture. Jaggu says 18 years have passed so now wealth will go to trust. Maasa says I wont let money go easily, my Dhaani is my wealth.Dhaani is shown. She smiles at Maasa and says grandma here is your medicine and milk. Maasa says you didnt give me red tablet. dhani says its iron tablet and you cant take it with calcium, she tells her technical details but Maasa doesnt understand it. Dhani says I have to go class, please eat something, I made food. Maasa says okay. She takes her blessing and leaves. Jaggu says she is pretty. Maasa asks him to shut up, she is my grand daughter.

Jaggu asks why she loves her? Maasa says she is my way to money, she saves money in bank which Adhi’s funds send her every month, it must be a lot now. I am just thinking of a way to trap that lawyer, I have no chance and time to do it, you just see, I wont let money go.Devika sells herbs she found from snake’s den. Lajjo comes there and says you are saving money for house but rates are going up, Devika says we will soon have enough money to buy house, I have got another chance to earn money, I am leaving, she leaves. Father comes there and says she helps me a lot. Lajjo says dont have too much hopes from her, she will leave one day after getting married. Father says she is a lioness, she will soon find prince.

Hero’s entry is shown, he is shown acting in a movie as star, his fans, girls gather around him to take autograph.. suddenly water is thrown on him by his mother, he wakes up in his small house and says you cant even let me dream, mom says you wont get anything by dreaming. Hero wakes up in shorts only, he cleans his chiseled body, he starts body building for his packs. He uses social media too. Mom comes there and says you cant leave facebook for one minute? you people keep taking selfies. He says OMG, she asks did you get movie? He says Ranbir Singh wore mismatching socks, what a style. Mom says you dont earn and use my money to stare at heros. Hero says my dreams are big. Mom says start working Champo, if you dont start earning then I will get you married then you will have to work.

He says enough, I am super star, I have too much talent, you have given birth to talented person, I have heard that director is coming to cast for a new movie. Mom asks him to atleast wear clothes instead of just shorts, he says I will go dashingly in audition.Hero is going for audition, he says I will be hero in this movie. Hero stumbles and is about to fall but Devika sees him and catches him, he falls in her arms, they both share eyelock.

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