Lost in love update Friday 9 September 2022


Lost in love 9 September 2022: Sai tells Pulkit that he, Sunny, Mohit, and Shivani think that she loves Virat, but she doesn’t have anything for Virat in her heart and its wrong until Pakhi is there and hence she wants to end their marriage of understanding. Pulkit asks if Pakhi was not between them, had she loved Virat then. She says no as Virat is misbehaving with her and venting out his anger on her. He asks if Virat was behaving well after his accident. She says he was, but then he planned surprise anniversary trip and after Samrat’s return and Virat meeting Pakhi in a cafe, he is behaving very rude and not even informing what they spoke. He says he thought their issues sort out, but they are increasing.

She says some issues entangled, even this issue and its knot is Virat and Pakhi’s past; Virat is unable to tolerate Pakhi and Samrat’s togetherness and even Pakhi is purposefully showing off that she is very happy with Samrat, she even spoke same with Pakhi and she started drama, Virat fell for her tears and vented out his anger on Sai; she requested Samrat to stay back, but she is unable to tolerate Virat and Pakhi’s emotional drama. He asks what emotional drama. She says Virat told he really wants Samrat and Pakhi’s relationship revived again, but next day he saw Virat and Pakhi in a cafe holding each other’s hand. He asks what in a shock. She says even she was shocked similarly, she doesn’t know what to believe, but truth is Pakhi and Virat are continuing their romance and she wants to stay out of it.

He asks if she is taking transfer from college for the same reason. She says Virat did something unthinkable; Virat locked her in a room, she came out descending down via pipe.Samrat asks Virat why did he lock Sai in a room. Pakhi says he wanted Sai to attend pooja, but when Sai doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to put so much effort. Virat says whatever he is doing is for Sai’s goodness, she needs to learn something. Samrat asks what he wants to teach Sai. Virat justifies his act saying Sai was adamant to attend college even after his explanation, so forcefully he had to lock her in a room. Samrat asks how can he justify his ruthless act. Mansi says Samrat is right, she didn’t expect this form him.

Bhavani says says Virat didn’t do any mistake to give explanation and blames Sai that she is uncultured and doesn’t respect family traditions. Shivani says some traditions are better forgotten, Sai helped them get out of it instead and helped them to think freely. Mansi says Shivani is right, Bhavani is blaming a girl who gave this house so much. Shivani says one who didn’t do anything for family is kept as a queen. Virat comments she started now. Pakhi says she understood Shivani is taunting her. Shivani says if she had understood, she would have stood silently in a corner. Pakhi asks why she is taunting, if she thinks she didn’t do anything for this house, why they stopped her from going to her parent’s house.

Shivani asks if she wants to reveal what all she did. Ninad yells at Shivani to stop her fight and concentrate on Pakhi and Samrat. Samrat says his attention is still towards Sai and asks Virat if he has a valid reason why he locked Sai in a room.Sai explains Pulkit that she denied to attend Pakhi’s fake function, Virat insisted her to attend pooja and locking her in a room challenged to dare visit college, she accepted his challenge and came here, let her see what he will do. Pulkit says she can stay at his house and complete her studies. She says if she stays here, someone will try to get her back to Chavan nivas, maybe Virat will. He asks where will she stay till then. She says she will return to Chavan nivas; she cannot deny that Virat and Chavan family did a lot for her, she will stay there until she is in Napur, though she knows she will be bombarded with allegations; she will not let her studies affected because of this.

Samrat asks Virat how can he think Sai’s studies won’t be affected, she is studying medical on scholarship and even if she gets low marks, her scholarship will be taken away, so why shouldn’t Sai be serious for her studies; anyone cannot become a doctor just like that; if Virat wants to take up Sai’s responsibility by locking her in a room. Devi says everyone call her insensible, Virat did an insensible act, and if everyone thinks Virat is right, she doesn’t want to be sensible. She insists Virat to tell why did she lock Sai in a room. Bhavani pulls her away and scolds her not to interfere in these issues.

Samrat asks her to scold Virat instead for his heinous act and asks him to give room keys. Virat says sorry, he will not give keys as Sai has to learn a lesson. Samrat asks him to say sorry to Sai instead. Ashwini walks down hearing their voice and asks why are they shouting. Shivani informs that Virat locked Sai in a room. Ashwini worried asks what did Sai do. Bhavani yells they are wasting time instead of peacefully performing pooja. Ninad yells Sai should have attended pooja instead of creating drama. Sonali yells Sai is still immature and should be taught a lesson. Ninad yells again. Samrat asks them to stop and asks Virat to give him keys or else he will break the door. Devi holds Virat’s hands and asks Samrat to take out keys from Virat’s pocket. Samrat says they shouldn’t make a mistake to correct other’s mistake, so she should leave Virat.


Ashwini calms down Devi. Samrat insists Virat again to give him keys. Virat frowning gives him keys. Samrat says there are many other ways to explain people. Pakhi asks Samrat why he is interfering between Sai and Virat when she asked Sai not to interfere between her and Samrat. Samrat says he feels Sai is more connected to him than Virat, Sai is like his sister and he will not tolerate if anyone misbehaves with his sister, being a woman how can Pakhi support Virat’s act, he will go and bring Sai down and wants no one to argue with her.

Samrat opens Sai’s room door. Devi asks Sai not to worry as they have come and searches here, but doesn’t find her anywhere in room. Karishma rejoices and asks where Sai must have gone. Virat enters next, notices balcony door open and pipe paint off says Sai challenged him to get out of room when he locked her in room. Samrat asks if Sai really got out via balcony. Virat says there is no other way out than balcony and door. Shivani says Sai out not to win his challenge, but to save her dignity. Samar says Virat is wrong that she will wait till he returns, anyone who knows Sai knows that she can face any problem and not a kid that Virat can force her to obey him, Sai did right by getting out via balcony. Ashwini gets worried for Sai.

Pulkit asks Sai if she has made up her mind to return to Gadchiroli, Chavan family doesn’t know what they are losing and will realize their mistakes after she leaves. She says he is saying this as he cares for her, few people will celebrate her exit, Pakhi will be happy to be around her best friend and Virat will be happy to get rid off her; she cannot live a suffocated life and wants to become a big doctor and serve people, it can’t happen until she is associated with Chavans. She asks if he will help her fulfill her dreams. He says of course. She asks him not to stop her from returning to Chavan nivas temporarily as she considers him as her guru and brother. He agrees.

Back at Chavan Nivas, Virat informs elders that Sai got out of house via pipe. Bhavani and Sonali act surprised. Ninad says even Virat is at mistake and asks when will their fights end. Devi dances and sings that everyone are angry that Sai escaped. Bhavani tries to control her. Devi asks if she will lock her in a room, she will run away like Sai. She then confronts Virat that any sensible person would run away if he does wrong with him/her; how can he do this when he used to support her when Bhavani used to lock her in a room. Virat asks not to say that as she doesn’t know what is happening here. Devi says she doesn’t want to speak to him. Pakhi tells Devi that Sai herself didn’t want to attend pooja and does what she wants, nobody among us know when will she return; she starts crying saying it was her day today, but she is cornered like a furniture, etc.

Bhavani consoles her. Pakhi says she wanted a bit of happiness in life, things were getting right today but doesn’t look so, did she ask more than she deserves from life. Bhavani and Mansi wipe her tears. Vaishali enters and gets concerned seeing Pakhi crying. Bhavani says she got emotional remembering her. Vaishali offers her gifts. Pakhi asks about Shailesh. Vaishali says he got some important work, but sent his blessings for her. Bhavani says let us start pooja. Ashwini says Sai and Pulkit are yet to come. Bhavani yells whoever need to be present are here and asks panditji to start pooja.

Pakhi and Samrat sit for pooja. Panditji starts pooja. Bhavani gets worried for Sai and prays god. Devi says she will call Pulkit and asks him to bring Sai home. Pulkit driving car with Sai noticing Devi’s calls thinks Chavans found out that Sai is not at home, he tells Sai that pooja must have started and they need to reach Chavan nivas soon. He speeds up car. Sai asks not to be in a hurry as Pakhi is performing pooja with wrong intentions. He says he is worried for Devi and needs to reach there soon for her. Pandit continues pooja and asks everyone to pray god with closed eyes and folded hands. Pakhi remembers Virat saving her from fire once and thinks she will see if he will save her today or not; she puts her veil in havan fire.

Samrat notices it and sets off fire, leaving Pakhi frustrated that Virat didn’t come for her help and thinks Virat doesn’t value her feelings now. Pulkit hopes everything is fine there. Sai says Bhavani will scold her and mimics her. Bhavani asks Panditji if fire like this is abshagun/inauspicious. Panditji says Samrat proved his duty towards his life and they will love togeher for long like Narayan and Lakshmi, congratulates Bhavani that a Lakshmi has entered her house. Sai enters house just then. Devi asks Sai why did she go out of house. Pulkit says she is looking pretty to divert her attention. Karishma notices Sai and informs Virat that Sai has returned home with Pulkit.



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