Lost in love update sunday 19 February 2023

Lost in love 19 February 2023: MLA Gulab Rao’s goons get ready with weapons to attack Sai. Gulab Rao thinks he will see who will save Sai now. Sai insists Hariya to let her in and perform his wife Gayatri’s delivery as her condition is critical. MLA’s aide provokes Hariya not to let Sai in. Midwife informs Hariya that his wife’s condition is very critical and both mother and child won’t survive. Sai fights with Hariya and aide and insists to let them in. Hariya tries to attack her with a wooden rod. Sai snatches it and says she will enter in at any cost. Aide says Sai would be responsible if something happens to mother and baby. Sai takes responsibility and walks in. Aide informs Gulab Rao that Sai nailed her own coffin and if she fails, villagers themselves will throw her out of village.

Sai examines Gayatri and finds the baby in breech position. Midwife mocks Sai. Sai recalls her own critical delivery where she herself signs consent form. Ashwini and Bhavani express their happiness that Virat and Pakhi are going on a honeymoon trip. Vinu/Vinayak walks to them and says they can go on a honeymoon trip first and then take him to Kankavil for his treatment. Virat explains Ashwini and Bhavani that they had decided to go on a honey, but when Vinayak’s doctor suggested them to get Vinayak treated by the doctor in Kanavli, they decided to take Vinayak to Kankavli first and then go on a honeymoon trip. Vinayak feels happy that he can meet Savi.

Sai notices Gayatri’s baby in a breech position and suggests delivery in a standing position. Midwife refuses and threatens her. Sai seeks neighbor ladies’ help and makes Gayatri stand with their help. Back to Chavan Nivas, Ashwini feels sad that Virat and Pakhi are not going on honeymoon first. Bhavani says Vinayak’s health is also important. She then starts her favorite past time of praising Pakhi and criticizing Sai and says Ashwini must have now realized how good Pakhi is and how bad Sai was. Ashwini blindly agrees and hopes for Virat’s happiness. Virat takes ice cream for Pakhi. Pakhi asks if its for her. Virat says there is no one else in the room, she was craving for ice cream during pregnancy and hence he thought its still her favorite. He thanks her for giving Vinayak to her and says he had shattered after Sai left, but Pakhi handled him and his family well. He says he saw positive changes in Vinu after a long time because of Savi’s mother. Pakhi agrees.

Sai encourages Gayatri to continue to push and describes how she felt after delivering Savi as if Savi is her whole world. Gayatri’s baby comes out. Sai shows baby to her. Gayatri kisses baby. Vinayak calls Savi and informs her that he is coming to get treatment via her mother. Savi feels happy hearing that. Vinayak asks if he needs appointment from her mother. Savi says he is free to walk in any time. Pakhi wishes to speak to Savi’s mother. Savi speaks and asks how is she. Pakhi feels happy speaking to her and asks her to give phone her mother. Savi says she is out on duty. Pakhi asks to give phone to elder in the house. Savi gives phone to Usha. Usha says she thinks she heard her voice before.

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