Lost in Love update Monday 20 February 2023

Lost in love 20 February 2023: Ashwini tells Pakhi that Virat is trying to forget Sai and as Virat’s wife, Pakhi should trust and support Virat. She says Virat knows how much she is supporting him and his family, especially when Virat adopted Vinayak. Pakhi calls Virat taking Pakhi to meet Vinayak at an orphage and her suggesting him to adopt Vinayak. Out of flashbacks, Pakhi feels skeptical that Virat really wants to accept her. Ashwini and Bhavani comfort her and say they got their legal heir because of her, Virat has to accept Pakhi. Virat and Vinayak head towards Sai’s house. Vinayak feels excited to meet Savi. Jagtap also heads towards Sai’s house to meet before leaving the city. His aide taunts him that he loves Sai.

Japtap says he has reformed himself and doesn’t get angry now unnecessarily. Virat reaches Sai’s house. Vinayak asks if they came here for treatment. Virat says yes. Vinayak gets happy and asks if he can meet Savi then. Virat says yes. Virat rushes towards Savi. Sai emotionally looks at Virat. Virat walks her and says he will take back Vinayak after some time and leaves in his car. Jagtap’s car passes by. He takes a diversion and tells his aide that he will meet Sai some other time.
Sai checks Vinayak and says his knees are weak and should need treatment. Vinayak says he wants to be strong like his baba. Sai thinks he will. She says she will take them to meet a small baby. Vinayak and Savi feel excited. She takes them in auto. MLA Gulab Rao thinks he shouldn’t let Sai ruin his dream of building a resort.

He notices Virat and stops his car. He walks to Virat and starts badmouthing about Sai that she is a characterless and he should stay away from her. Virat slaps him. Sai stops auto at a distance and watches the drama. At Chavan Nivas, Pakhi and Bhavani eagerly wait for a special guest. Ninad asks who is coming. Pulkit walks in. Ninad mocks if Pulkit is a special guest. Bhavani asks Pulkit where is their special guest. MLA continues to character assassinate Sai. Virat gets more angry and trashes MLA and his goons. Sai rushes to stop him. Savi encourages him to beat the goons. Sai stops him.

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