Close to my heart update Saturday 18 February 2023


Close to my heart 18 February 2023: Darji sits with Adi and says you are young now, you need a person to take care of you. He says why do you keep bringing up old wounds? You should give it a chance to Supreet. Adi says never, she was the reason why his mother died. If she didn’t come into Amber’s life then my mother wouldn’t have fought with him, wouldn’t run away, and got into an accident. I can’t forget all that. Darji hugs him.
In the morning, Ginni is cooking in the dhaba. Chachi and Gurleen arrive there. They are disgusted with the area. Ginni comes there. Chachi recalls seeing her in the house and saying you are a servant here? Armaan comes there and says she is the owner of this place.

Ginni says it’s my papa’s dhaba, we all run it together. Armaan says her daughter is getting married. Ginni thinks I have to impress her. She asks them to sit down. Gurleen says this place is not clean. Chachi says we are from high society, you all have to be well-dressed. Ginni says don’t worry at all, we will be clean and make delicious food. Goldie arrives there so Armaan takes him away and asks him to sign the papers. Goldie is about to sign the papers but Ginni comes to him and asks him to bring some items from the market. She asks about the papers, Armaan says this is for advance. He gives her 3 lacs as an advance. Ginni is happy and thanks him. Chachi leaves. Ginni goes to the kitchen. Armaan tells Goldie to get the papers signed, if anything wrong happens in the contract then you people will lose the dhaba. Goldi says I know. Goldie thinks he needs to get the papers signed by Gulabo. Ginni thanks God for getting an advance.

Goldie brings the papers to Gulabo and says this for the bank. She starts signing the bills and Goldie puts Armaan’s papers in the file. She is about to sign the papers but Ginni calls her so she leaves. Goldie gets Armaan’s call, he asks if the papers are signed? Goldi says I am trying. Armaan comes to meet Goldie and asks if he got the papers signed? Goldie says I am trying. Armaan says you know you will lose the contract if papers are not signed. In the morning, Chachi is selecting dresses for Gurleen. Supreet says you should select items with class. Chachi says I know what’s best for my daughter. Supreet says Amber owns everything here so let me decide. Ginni arrives there. Adi bumps into her, she is about to fall down but Adi holds her. Her papers fall down. Ginni says you are trouble. Ginni gives him a list of menus.


Adi gives her the list that they want. Ginni says these are foreign dishes, you should add desi dishes to the list. Adi says just do what we want, this is the finale. Ginni says I have to work hard so I should have a say. Adi drags her outside the house and asks her to sit in the car. Ginni says your tire is punctured. Adi says come with me, I will buy the veggies because I don’t trust you. Ginni says Darji trusts me so I won’t listen to you. Adi says you don’t have experience, come with me. He sits on his bike and asks her to sit down. Ginni says I won’t. Adi says why not? Ginni says if you want to go then go on my bike. He says never. Adi sees his bike punctured also. Ginni says we have to use my bike now.

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