Lost in Love update Sunday 12 June 2022


Lost in love 12 June 2022: Virat confronts Pakhhi for canceling the trip just because Sai is accompanying them. Pakhi says she is not doing anything wrong and he can go with Sai on a trip now, but she will not accompany them. Sai tells Virat that she already told her to inform Pakhi about her accompanying them, now he saw what Pakhi did. Virat says Sai is childish, but she asked him to inform Pakhi beforehand; he cannot believe Pakhi can act so immature and canceled the trip. Pakhi asks why she is always burdened with a tag of maturity and intelligence and Sai spared saying she is immature and childish. Saloni backs her and says Virat should have informed that he is taking Sai along. Ninad starts next and yells that Pakhi is expected to show her maturity, but where was Virat’s maturity when he hid that Sai is accompanying them. Pakhi says sometimes she feels her maturity is a curse for her; Virat told they are going on Samrat’s official work and not on a vacation, then how can Virat take his wife on a trip and make it a honeymoon trip in lieu of Samrat’s work.

Virat stands fuming. Sai asks what rubbish is this, where did honeymoon come here. Virat says if he and Sai had to go on honeymoon, they would have gone long ago, but they are going with her for Samrat’s work. Sai asks Pakhi what kind of trip she is going with my husband. Pakhi asks what does she mean, she should speak clearly. Virat asks what is wrong with her, he didn’t inform her beforehand for the same reason, she has considered Sai as her enemy and always tries to insult her, he knew she would cancel the trip if informs her beforehand, she canceled immediately after finding out Sai is accompanying them; he wanted to take them together to clear their misunderstanding and differences; he will give them swords to kill him and then kill themselves to end this drama; he is more surprised that she is behaving immaturely and didn’t expect this from her. Pakhi says even she didn’t expect that he would lie to her and even she is hurt, so she has decided not to go on this trip.

Ashwini asks if she has problem that Sai is accompanying them or something else. Pakhi says she is elder to her doesn’t mean that she can say anything.Virat says let us end this argument and go where they are going. She stops him and says she will send papers from here or herself will go with her father to Ladakh and is freeing Virat from Samrat’s work from hereon. Virat stands shocked while Bhavani and her puppets smirk. Pakhi says she was an independent woman before marriage and did all her work alone, only her and her MIL’s names are mentioned on the paper and not Virat or his wife’s, its her responsibility and she will handle it. Sai stops her and says she knew Pakhi wouldn’t like accompanying her, even then she wants to request her not to cancel this trip and go with Virat as planned as she never wanted to attend this trip. Bhavani yells that she didn’t expect that jungli mulgi Sai would speak right, but she did today, hence Pakhi should go with Virat as they are getting late to board a flight.

Pakhi says Virat wouldn’t like leaving his wife at home, so she will manage herself. She slips on luggage bag and is about to fall when Sai holds her. She yells at Sai to handle her husband and walks away freeing her hand. She returns to her room and cries thinking that Virat is habituated to betray her, she just wanted to spend time with him, but he.. She gets her father’s call who asks if they reached airport. She says he didn’t as Virat betrayed her and wants to take Sai along. He says there is no problem in it as Sai is his wife. Pakhi cries that she doesn’t know all that, she just knows that Virat betrayed her again.Sai and Virat return to their room. Ashwini walks in and says Pakhi canceled the trip and since they both took 2 days’ leave, they should go on a trip nearby.

Virat says its okay. Ashwini says they are not at fault. Sai says Bhavani is thinking her wrong and she doesn’t want any more tension at home, its better she returns to her college. Ashwini tells Virat what everyone yell that Sai fights always, but after so much happened today, Sai showed her maturity.Saloni with Karishma takes buttermilk for Pakhi. Pakhi picks her bag to unpack. Karishma suggests her to calm down having cold buttermilk. Pakhi says she doesn’t need it. They both provoke her against Sai and say she spoilt her trip. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to hear about Sai. Saloni says Sai fights with everyone and spoils whole house’s environment, etc. She winks at Karishma who acts as supporting Sai and she scolds her. Karishma suggests Pakhi to take her out to a mall where they can shop and relax. Bhavani enters and yelling at her sends her away. She tells Pakhi that she should have gone with Virat. Pakhi says she doesn’t want Sai to boast of doing a favor on her and anyways Virat is blind behind his wife and always praises her.

Bhavani says time will take its turn and soon Virat will start hating Sai with her one mistake.Sai informs Pulkit meets Sai in college and greeting her good morning asks if she had taken leave for 2-3 days to go on a trip. She says right, but it got canceled. He asks if she canceled the trip as she didn’t want to miss her studies. She says in-laws didn’t like her going on a vacation with her husband. He says he can understand as her in-laws have old thinking. She asks how does he know. He says he just sensed. She thinks if he is Devyani’s husband and whether she should ask him. He thinks if she should ask her about Devyani. She asks if he is married and he at the same time asks how is her nanad/SIL. A student passes by greeting him. He thinks this is not the right place to talk to her and says let us chat during lunch and invites her to his house some day, then asks about Devi again.


She thinks why he is worried about Devi and says she thinks about her husband a lot and is very ill. He gets concerned and thinks he should meet her for sure. He tells Sai that he liked her food a lot, so she should come to his house for lunch once and then he will come to her house for lunch, asks if her in-laws will allow her to invite her professor home. She says they may not, but she does what she likes. He says that is really good and leaves saying they will meet during lunch.At home in the evening, Virat apologizes Sai for forcing her for a trip and getting her insulted. Sai asks at least now if he believes that she cares for Pakhi and knew she would feel bad, she is happy that trip is canceled. He asks what does she mean. She says she didn’t want to go with them, but agreed on his insistence. He asks if she was accompany as he forced her and not on her own happily. She says no, why is he surprised, she said yes as she didn’t want to see him sad, they both are on opposite sides always and she agreed to stop their argument. He asks if she considers him as her enemy. She asks when did she say that, why he asks her questions which make them fight, its better they don’t talk at all. He asks if she knows how bad he is feeling hearing her words. She says he should have felt bad when he insisted to take her on trip, he shouldn’t insist her again and remember this day when she had to bear insult because of him.

He asks why she is so egoistic, the wall she has created with her ego and arrogance will not let her dear ones walk near her and she will be left alone. She says even today she is alone. He asks if she realized what she spoke, still there are people in this house who support and care for her, but she insults and shouts at them. She asks if he can see only her arrogance and ego, but not Pakhi’s and will consider her act as right even today. He asks her to stop. She asks why should she; she went to apologize Pakhi, but she insulted her again; nobody opposed Pakhi when she insulted her; Pakhi did not like her accompanying them; she doesn’t know if Samrat will return or not family is just using Virat as a toy to entertain Pakhi, etc. He shouts to stop and asks if she realized whom she is talking about. She shouts she is talking about a person who met Pakhi in yoga resort when Pakhi didn’t know Samrat and they both started loving each other. He says who is she to talk about him, she doesn’t even know the meaning of friendship. She shouts he and Pakhi have made a joke out of friendship, they are more than friends and wants to hide behind the friendship take; he should agree that he loves Pakhi; loving someone is not crime, at least Pakhi expresses her love for him, but he hides it maybe thinking she will feel bad, but she doesn’t feel bad as show their wedding is a deal; his behavior is like betraying Pakhi. He says she always tells she doesn’t lie, but whatever she told regarding him and Pakhi is a complete lie.

She asks then why did he tell her during marriage that their marriage is just a deal and he loves someone else; if some other girl would have been in her place, she would have cried, but she convinced her heart and didn’t expect any love from her husband. He says she is stretching the issue. She says he asked a wrong question and it would have been better if he had gone with Pakhi to Ladakh. He says if she thinks she is very intelligent by reading a few books, she is wrong as she doesn’t know to read or understand people’s feelings as she will get it with life’s experience. She asks who gave him right to question her intelligence. He says her Aaba. She says her Aaba give him this right but responsibility, which he took silently without telling him that he cannot follow it though as he loves someone else; she is not interfering in his personal issues and expects also others not to interfere in her personal issues. He thinks why she always thinks him wrong. She goes to bed and turns back back on him. Serial’s title track’s sad version plays in the background. Pakhi sitting in her room crying thinks why Virat does wrong only with her and reminisces today’s event.

Next morning, Virat gets out of bathroom after bathe and doesn’t find Sai there. He sees her studying on terrace and thinks how to talk to her now. Pakhi serves tea to Bhavani and her them. Bhavani praises her tea and says good she was not in emperor Shahjahan’s time or else he would have cut her hand for preparing such a tasty tea. Saloni backs her and says they were having really bad tea before she came. Virat walks to them. Pakhi offers him tea. He asks her to give one more cup. Ashwini gives him tea cup saying its for Sai. Pakhi stands jealous hearing that. Virat thanks Ashwini.Bhavani yells that wife is relaxing in room and husband is taking tea for her. Virat says Sai is studying since morning and what is wrong if he takes tea for her.

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